Do You Feel Like Boosting Today?

Hi all,

For more than a year I have been working in my spare time on a translation from a french book written by a now deceased MD. It’s about a food regime than can work wonders to motivated people. I’m not gonna discuss the contents of the book, but I think everyone here will agree that more attention is needed from the medical professionals to the daily food we ingest. This book can do a whole lot, as it is written by someone that has worked at the University of Montpellier (France) all his life. It is a high-standard book that will open many eyes indeed in the dutch-speaking countries when it will be published.

I have already contacted one publishing house that backed out after initial interest. A second one now is looking at the manuscript, but I’m suspecting (and seeing) interference. I’ve been boosting, but now my hotmail account is acting funny as well, cannot log in for some unknown reason. A french site about the food regime ( suddenly has a link to a dutch speaking page about some insurance (it’s been hacked), doesn’t make any sense, unless you know what is going on of course.
This one still is operational:

The MD that wrote the book died from an exacerbation of an old disease. Those who are familiar with the psychic attacks we undergo, won’t find this strange… I’m sure his death has been hastened by etheric ‘voodoo’.

I’m asking for your compassion-like boost towards those who try to withold us from regaining a better health.

I will keep you informed on the progress…

Many thanks,


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