Doc Kayiwa--volcano buster

The Doc has been in Goma, which is a city on the eastern border of Congo, next to Rwanda. That’s in the small region where there are still a lot of gorillas. Secret Supporter took Georg and I and a new cloudbuster to his district in SE Uganda, which is nearby, and as we approached his home village we went through rain forest. The village is in a pretty big valley with grand, smoking volcanoes around it and farmers, over countless generations, have terraced the sides of those mountains up to and beyond the level of the lovely cumulus clouds that pass by.

The cloudbuster quickly cleared away some dark lenticular clouds from the tops of a couple of volcanoes the day we arrived and the HAARPish haziness above the clouds also cleared. I’ve never seen atmosphere more pristine than Africa’s can be, sometimes with just a little help.

So I was surprised to get a note last week from the Doc that the area just south of there is a desert, now, due to Nyiragongo’s very recent eruption. I learned today that he’s already been on the mountain and apparently the threat of another eruption has subsided after he gifted around it. It’s been raining again, too, thanks to his gifting. Lots of people perished in the eruption and countless thousands would be threatened by starvation if it weren’t for the rain.

He’s building up an impressive portfolio as a grand-scale gifter and will be returning to the East, North and West African countries where he took a thousand towerbusters, each, this year. This will provide us with his followup observations of the effects of his gifting. His Ugandan army colonel friend has received his orgonite pyramid to take to the peace talks in Sudan, by the way, and we should be getting some feedback from that experiment before long. Talks like that are conducted so that Africans can do what they can to keep the CIA and MI6 from acting as legbreakers by sponsoring terror campaigns, by the way. The sponsored terrorists drive the populations from areas which the corporations wish to mine and Georg told me that the area in question is rich in uranium. The European and American corporations can then do their mining without having to pay for it. The only real terrorism in the world is corporate, facilitated by the sewer rat agencies, of course.

We shouldn’t underestimate the influence that a mere website like this one can have on the sewer rats’ secret wars against humanity. They need the silence of people of conscience, after all, to succeed in the long run. The fact that the Doc has thoroughly gifted the regions in Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan and Eastern Congo where the sponsored mass murderers operated also works in the Africans’ favor, of course


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