Doc Kayiwa's Latest Exploits--Rwanda and Tanzania

I think this was a project the Doc was saving for Georg and Alex to participate in. With enough money, this tireless warrior would gift the entire continent and he somehow manages to keep the sewer rats off his back, too. He called last night, briefly, when he got home and it’s always good to hear his voice. Here’s his report:
I come back with victory and i am happy that the job is done. One thing i can
sense when the gifting is done in an area: you feel peace at heart and the
people in the area, their faces change in their look. They get easy faces rather than
goofie faces, as if from tension.
The area that i gifted they have problems with foot and mouth desease which i
know it is engineered by the feds but i hope it is going to cure soon.
i gifted the river Kagera both areas Tanzania and Rwanda and that river
that is the one believed to be the Nile headwaters. It is disputed that River Nile is
not orignating from Uganda which is true though.
and i gifted the border area from Uganda side to Rwanda on that side of
frontier and cross from Rwanda to Tanzania doing the same thing, the
government of Ugand had a litle conflict with Tanzania for the cattle keepers
on both side they had misunderstanding but i believe it is going to end
after the gifting. i have seen that happening in the north [Uganda/Sudan] and since i gifted
again in the noth, no more wars. they on negotiating table now, that is what i
can tell you; that gifting has the power to change things.
i am ready at the end of the month to go to Egypt and Ethiopia,i have booked
on 28th this month and i go by ethiopian airline and i will make my
matetrials and mail it to a secret friends in both coutries, if i get the money i would buy the materials and make orgone and tower busters and mail
it to those secret friends and i will just take few to toss on my way, in any
way i can find fit.
send the terminators for the big guys [in Ethiopia and Egypt] i am going to meet. even here
terminators are raising questions. people are reading you website in the way
it has never been before.
i will be happy to hear from you.
nice time greetings to Carol
your friend
Dr Rushidie

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