Dodi's Daddy Wants to Nuke London's Financial District?

We had a kind of wild ride in Sunday’s international chat session. At first, Carol (the only psychic present, this time) couldn’t find any mass murder plots. I’d asked her to go hunting while the rest of us boosted her because the world odor usually chooses the Dog Days (early to mid August) to commit mass murder. Hamburg’s firebombing occured then, for instance, as did the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think MI6 bombed London’s subways a couple of years ago during the dog days and, last August, didn’t Mossad rocket-bomb Northern Israel in yet another false-flag attack?

Since nothing turned up and since Judy Lubulwa expressed some concern over the current spate of pre-election, gratuitous beheadings in Kenya we got busy with the presidential candidates, there, some of whom are pretty grisly and most of whom employ nasty juju-mongers. Carol said that Judy’s dodecahedrons around all those were in good shape but that more progress might be made if Judy invited the whales to move the worse ones out of our dimension, so that got done.

The MI6 connection to the beheadings was apparent and that led to some helpful suggestions from Andy and Carolien, which Carol parlayed into finding a lot of uncharacteristic activity in Saudi Arabia.

Apparently, Dodi Hawass’ dad, who is a high mason and close to the Whore of Babylon (QEII) harbors a lot of anger toward London, after all, about the murder of his son, who apparently had impregnated Princess Di before their murder.

Carol saw this powerful guy working with Al Qaeda to arrange to nuke the world odor’s headquarters, in London’s financial district, otherwise known as The City. A reprisal. She saw lots of little nukes in Arabia, some of which were being prepared for the assault. The whales apparently took an active interest in neutralizing all of these and going after the would-be mass murderers.

Since it’s been in vogue for the past couple of decades to base all the false-flag mass murder events on Muslims I was pretty astonished that Carol found an actual Arab candidate for mass murder, this time. Al Qaeda are CIA and MI6 assets, after all, but an old Mideast axiom clearly states, ‘My brother and I against my cousin; my cousin and I against the foreigner.’ I doubt the guy ever sets foot in a temple, though, since freemasonry is diametrically opposed to all monotheistic religions. I personally don’t believe that freemasonry’s draconian-image deity, ‘Baphomet, the Hermaphroditic She-goat,’ rates God status <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” border=“0” alt=“Cool” title=“Cool” /> but the world odor is founded on irrationalism and infantile, secretive lucifer-worship, after all–all fueled by deadly orgone radiation.

Lots of reputable psychics have predicted the destruction of The City (along with Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Paris in a very short war) by a nuclear bomb but I always assumed that, if it were to happen at all, it would come from the Russians and/or Chinese, impatient with their silly, paper subservience to the International Monetary Fund and other urban-based fascist artifacts. There’s some irony in an Arab actually attempting it, since The City created and oversees all those MidEast governments and murder agencies, after all–much more intimately than they control Russia or China.

Next weekend we’ll do some followup, in case the world odor is hiding some deeper plots for the Dog Days. The potentially good news, though, is that the world odor is now apparently worried about its own survival in the face of a wounded man of means and influence, Dodi’s Daddy, who was once one of them, after all. Maybe you saw, as I did, that photo of him in 33d degree Scottish Rite regalia. Judging from teh $#!±eating grin on his face in that photo, it was shot before his friends murdered his son. The similar photo of King Hussein of Jordan had been more publicized. Muslims, generally, disdain masonry because it’s rotten and duplicitous, also the primary agency of Britain’s espionage, historically.

Good job, Madam Carol!


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