Does pieces of glass may increase positively NRG of TB's?

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A few days ago I was “cooking” several TB’s using as moulds tube glasses. When unmoulding I accidentaly broke one into pieces, which upset me a little “bit”, so and as I was preparing more TB’s I took all the glass pieces and I mixed them with the normal ingredients: metal shavings, pieces of copper coil and the quarz piece. I did not know what to do with broken glasses and I did the first came into my mind: put them into a TB mould. Unfortunately, very often first I do and later I wonder whether it was OK or not.

Anyway, I’ve got a surprise today while checking my TB’s with my personal “tester” (my wife). She has asked me what was different in those ones because they (TB’s) “tickle” more than others.

Curious, isn’t it??

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Pedro, can you post a photo of one of those TBs with the glass bits, and perhaps also one without?

Hi! laozu:
Here are pics:

Images missing

These next are the not so nice looking appearance made with oily & dusty metal shavings:

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Thanks for the rapid response Pedro!

I believe the ones without glass are better than the ones with the glass bits.

Also the flat crunched aluminum pieces, while not apparently doing any harm, don’t do much good either. The metal seems to require some curvature for it to make a good TB. Metal shavings usually have that curvature. Small metal balls, such as BBs work too, but they normally are not easy to come by.

I think both TB’s look very nice and attractive! Nice work 13th level. I think it’s always nice to hear the observations of an energy psychic when experimenting with new grounds. As goes with many, sometimes to hit nothing, sometimes you hit gold… Better to try something else new 13th level! Why don’t you make a pattern with 6 tb’s as shown in another topic overhere. it does great results while gifting hard targets. I myself, put 6 tb’s around the needle of waterloo, they had the 2/3 margin carved right around the monument so i did not even had to measure! It worked great, i cannot see energy’s and such but i did see dimensions open above it and it went so fast that i had to laugh!

You seem very resourcefull 13th level. I wanted you to know that when i started producing orgonite, i used to cut aluminium household paper with a paper dispenser. It made really poor quality orgonite and even that did the job. I was soo happy with it, i didn’t care much (or knew) about the quality because it was the best i could do with the resources available. So thank you for that.

I think the tubes are melted quartz, which recrystallizes during the final manufacturing process in which it’s heated to incandescence after

molding and forming. This is also how they make the quartz ‘singing’ bowls and all other ‘crystal ware.’ I use broken bits of quartz in each

TB. Whether that is suitable or not for gifting, Pedro, is still an open question, I think.

We already know that regular glass adds nothing to orgonite, of course, but you haven’t mentioned, Pedro, whether the tube was crystal or just


I don’t disagree with Kelly’s assessment of flat metal and Carol’s also seen that very finely ground metal is less suitable than optimal metal form

for personal orgonite but I have to say that when I was gifting the war-torn area of Northern Uganda with Dr Batiibwe, three years ago, we got

astonishingly good results with his orgonite, which was made from almost powdered metal that he gets in large quantity from a company in

Kampala that turns brake drums. I think there’s even a lot of asbestos in that metal.

It’s likely that what feels good or bad to a particular energy sensitive is sometimes, but certainly not always, no more significant than what

tastes bad or good to him or her. Can you imagine basing a judgement about the taste of olives or beer, for instance, on what an individual

says about that? All feelings are basically subjective, after all. This is why I always seek consensus among the psychics before I back

anyone’s specific claims or advance my own. Once in awhile they disagree, since they’re human, and maybe not all the facts are in play yet in

that case.

He’s the first Black African to have made a cloudbuster, which he did in June, 2003, and he produced such phenomenal atmospheric effects, then,

that they were reported in the media in Uganda, where there had been a HAARP-induced drought for a long time before that. As far as I know, he

used the same brake drum turnings for that cloudbuster that we used, a few months later in N Uganda.

My point is that for field work, any metal at all is more than adequate. Kelly’s a fine-tuned instrument and this has been invaluable in the research

he does and in his international-scale, very specific field work. He’s improved the quality of energy in major vortices where gifting, before, had at

least neutralized the death transmitters and basically restored the proper spin and vitality of the vortices. In that case, he used

charged-water-enhanced orgonite and I personally witnessed one of the dramatic, short term confirmations in the form of a very anomalous


Here, again, is seen the fine balance that has to be maintained between supporting virtuosi like Kelly but not delegating ‘final authority’ to any

individual, no matter how gifted he or she is. Orgonite that might feel repugnant to him, personally, is certainly more than adequate for gifting.

I don’t think much of what I make would be considered acceptable according to his standard but there’s no doubt, at least based on the results

we’ve seen, about what we’ve accomplished with that simple, crude orgonite.

Maybe the rule can be that we ought to use whatever metal for orgonite that we can conveniently find. We personally haven’t seen much

difference in terms of visual and other sensory confirmations between teh very nice aluminum turnings we get in Idaho, the funky stuff we got in

Namibia from a boatyard, the funkier stuff we got for our very first cloudbuster in Florida from a farm equipment machine shop or Doc Batiibwe’s drum

turnings. It may well be that how orgonite feels when it’s in our hand has not much bearing on what it can accomplish when it’s out in the field as long

as there’s enough metal and resin for it to be called, ‘orgonite.’

We established early on that the only function of crystals is to enable us to use less orgonite to accomplish a task. Due to the dynamics of human

nature, many assumed that crystals were the main component, perhaps because people werre already using crystals but nobody had heard of orgonite.

I stopped counting the number of times we had to put irrational claims to rest with substantive discussion after a few people started trumpeting

unsubstantiated claims among the network. In fact, Kelly was instrumental in stopping a lot of that before it did any major damage.

I know that the African gifters, who are consistently reporting the biggest confirmations, are getting it done with the least fancy components–they

mostly make field orgonite like I do, in fact, and this is also the stuff they hand out to villagers, etc., who immediately recognize the potential and

nature of the energy. That makes me wish that we Westerners were as practical. Can you see how much wheel spinning can be caused by an

innocent statement by a reputable energy sensitive? That’s sure not the sensitive’s responsibility. Then I"m in a position to look like a hard@$$ if

I offer these observations, which compounds the challenge to reach clarity in the discussion.

I hope this helps. It’s very hard not to create misunderstandings with the aficionados over this issue. DB and I used to go round and round about

this one. My point to him was that if everyone felt it was necessary to put as much fancy stuff in orgonite as he did not much gifting would get done.

He just didn’t care about this issue and I guess I can’t blame him or anyone who’s psychic for ignoring it. They just get a lot of personal pleasure

from making it that way, obviously. If I were energy sensitive I’d feel the same way, I"m sure, but I’d still repeat the simple truth that humble, even

crude orgonite is what consistently gets the big jobs done because it can be made cheaply and in large quantities at one sitting, therefore more

ground is covered, afterward. Doc Kayiwa initiates each of his gifting expeditions with at least a thousand towerbusters on hand, for instance, or ships

them to his destinations in other countries beforehand. I don’t think any of us–not even me-- have his international networking capability, yet.

More and more folks are recognizing that the arena in which the aficionados like Kelly, Carol, Ryan, DB, Cesco and a handful of others will always shine

is in designing, using and sharing customized personal orgonite. Now that more of us are spontaneously giving orgonite to our friends, family and

coworkers, the confirmations for adding fancy stuff to orgonite to achieve personal effects are probably going to come into play more and more.

Ryan McGginty has posted a lot of good advice for what stones to use for personal stuff and Cesco’s coil form has been a solid addition to the other

forms we’ve been using for this. Carol’s promised to post about some of the basic stone combinations anyone who is not sufficiently energy sensitive can

use to boost their personal orgonite, too.

Having restated all of that, I’m aware that there’s some ‘crossover’ going on. For instance, on our last visit to Yellowstone, two years ago, it seemed

appropriate to add Cesco’s coils to most of the earhpipes that we put around the huge caldera to prevent an eruption. The only fancy orgonite we

tossed in our HAARPicane busting efforts around the Florida peninsula, though, were the dolphin balls we tossed out when we met dolphins. That was

our personal gift to them. Sure, we tossed a few other fancy devices where it seemed appropriate but those were not typical. It’s the funky TBs that

Jeff and I made which accomplished the feat of stopping the HAARPicanes, in addition to whatever Dave Emmett was tossing in the sea from the other

end of the Caribbean at the time.

The few creepy people who have apparently intentionally made and sold orgonite that makes you feel a little crummy did it by specifically achieving

disharmony thru stone combinations. I’ve advised the few people who contacted me about having bought some of this stuff that Carol and I feel it’s

appropriate to toss it at death towers because the improper stone combos won’t be ‘activated’ by mixing their fields with people’s energy fields up close,

so the orgonite will just do what it’s supposed to do in the field. You might feel just as crummy if you had the stones in your

pocket, I think but it’s likely that orgonite simply enhances that energy dynamic a bit.

Remember, too, that psychics and energy sensitives feel these things more acutely, so have less tolerance for disruptivve energy than the rest of us do.

Carol and I have gifted in places that felt so horrendous to her that she couldn’t even drive the car but at the time I just felt a little ‘off,’ so we were able

to get it done. It’s been a few years since we encountered that level of DOR, though.

I think the danger of creating dogma or superstition around the claims of reputable, energy sensitive individuals, including Kelly, is almost past and

when Cesco starts posting about his latest creations, pretty soon, there will likely be another round of me posting the usual caveats but I accept the fact

that human nature includes some irrational urges such as treating individuals as though they had final authority and I hasten to repeat that these

wonderful aficionados are not responsible for those unfortunate responses to their candid statements. If/when DB starts posting here again there will

likely be another passionate round or two on this subject. If his strongly opined comments are received, here, in an irrational way I’ll celebrate our progress.

The person who urges balanced, critical thinking and dispassionate discernment has never gained favor for that in recorded history but I think that’s changing

now. I hope it is. In this new paradigm our specie have been experiencing for a few years, the entire definition of authority is undergoing a revolution and the

sudden expansion of this unorganized, global network is evidence of that. What you might not have considered is that you and I are each responsible for not

bending the knee when someone who has perceived authority makes a claim. Look at how the Depression Babies are experiencing suicide by installments at the

hands of the serial killers (MDs) just because those freaks wear white coats and have letters behind their names. We know better than to be anyone’s peanut gallery,

of course, and if I were seeking popularity I wouldn’t bring this touchy subject up in the first place.


Those are pretty small, Pedro. I hope you know that you’ll need at least two of them to bust an average death tower.

Years ago, some folks tried to disable towers with TBs that size and they had to go back and add more in order to achieve the



I need to reassure everyone who posted in this thread that I consider the contributions of the aficionados, including Kelly, to be essential to the

consolidation of this network and to keeping interest alive in exploring the potential of all this and related technology. I’m aware that if this were the

‘Don Croft Show,’ not much would get done because, frankly, I’m not that interesting or charismatic and, aside from a few inventions, I haven’t added much

the volume of new discoveries, much of which came from the efforts of the aficionados. For that matter, there are at least a half dozen gifters, by now, who

have vastly exceeded my accomplishments in that area, too.

Even though responding to the irrational responses to the explorers’ innocent statements is a lot like getting a root canal I wouldn’t trade that for an easy time.

If something feels good to me, I consider that it IS good for me. How else can we get confidence in our creations? The Crystal Skull Succor Punches feel

wonderful to me and I’ve gotten abundant confirmations of their special kind of assistance but they put every psychic’s teeth on edge. All of this should rather

encourage us to be even more diligent about pursuing our instinctive urgings. Nobody here is likely to run naked through the streets or drink himself to oblivion on

the basis of a comment like this, of course. I think anyone reading this understands the context.

Dear All:

[This one is a multipurpose post]

Thx a lot to all for your comments Do not forget I hardly have started to bust DT’s; all I’m doing first is building up a DT’s

emplacements map (I’ve counted till now 40) while making TB’s (my ammo.). Only exception about busting are the 3, different

in shape and target purposes, I presume, placed in the small town I’m living. Well, there are 5 more I gifted but it was

at my very beginning activity. So, any comment, absolutely any comment focused to how to make working the best possible my

TB’s will be more than welcome, because within very few days I’ll be starting. So, I shall try to answer some points

on which you’ve put some comment & questions and giving you detailed dades about my TB’s.

First of all, thx, Don, for your extended post, really, it helps. Certainly there are levels of sensitivity, levels of effectiveness (for TB’s),

levels of quality, so on & so forth; and all, except for exceptions, are good. But your ability and skills with words to make people

feel OK in their respective “level” while evolutioning towards what they can be is, … as we say by here ‘chapeau’. Hummmmm!

By the way, … it has been you or your wife
I’m not able of that sort of answers, what it does not mean you are; but guess what,
my wife is … … Anyway, OK, leaving jokes aside!!!

Before I start, bits and pieces of glass in above shown TB are ‘‘duralex®’’ and, May I say it again? They are accidental TB’s. The last thing

I’d do is breaking all glasses in the kitchen, for my TB’s. On the other hand I started with only one type of TB made with aluminium muffin

moulds tins because it was the cheapest I could find; later, as I had (and have) to break moulds to take out TB’s and I did not want to

waste them I just reutilized them. I had the impression flats and squares may be were not as good after having read a couple tutorials about

TB’s . Here is pic with sizes and weigh (weigh vary depending on metal) of my main TB:

This next are a happy consequence of bad finished TB’s using a 12 holes muffin mould metal tray (previously oiled) . By

some reason, once and again, bottom TB’s went out extremely porosity. So, after I made about 50 +/- I had the idea to

“recoat” them again and surprisingly I got double coated TB’s for water targets.

These next is more of the same. Taht day it was late, I was tired and I poured my last resin into aluminum tin moulds
catalyst. Funny, isn’t it. So, to make a silly and long story short, happy result was again these double coated TB’s. Another
result from “desperation”.

Finally I’m nearly ending with my first rough HHG while purifying my technics before to use double terminated. So, these huge things

you see next seem HHG; what you do not see is instead of 5 double terminated, I’ve added 5 quartz crystals. These are for big DT’s.

Ending with … … (I can not find smaller sizes. I’ve tried to break them but it produces dangerous sharp bits. So, if this size it’s not

a problem for TB’s, I shall continue using them because it is quite cheap)

Truly, I promis, the truth, believe me, after this I’ll try not to provoque you more headaches

Warmest Regards

P.S.: I really expect measures will be ok and undestable. I’ve used an online unit converter

Hey Pedro, it’s great to see another contibution on the board! I’m happy and honoured to see your enthusiasm. I can see by your pictures that you are skilled with photoshop, i think it’s great to see your contributions in the future. When i think about something or something new, I always ask myself, what am I trying to accomplish? I think you want to make the best working TB’s ever to deploy them on the field! Let me tell you about my experiments in this field.

First i started with broken quartz crystal which i got from orgonise africa. These where good TB’s that did almost every job.

After that i immediatly added positive minerals and gemstones (tiny pieces just like the fingernail of your pink) like amethist and rose quartz I also used a tiny piece of tumbled hematite in tb’s for the field. I also experimented with SBB coils , just to get the hang for it (fun to make). After that i experimented with HHG pyramids and HHG’s and it was really fun to do. It was timeconsuming though, because i was still buildinging up experience with the devices.

Meanwhile i made about 100 tb’s with shattered aluminum foil because i just could not grasp the idea that i could obtain the best aluminum metal shavings ever just a few hunderd meters from my home at a metal recycling company. I distributed the TB’s in my home town and I was happy with the effects, the air seemed more clear but the main confirmation i had was that the perspective of the town shifted.

After that i started making most tb’s for the field with just quartz and hematite, and a little rose quartz and more ingredients for inhome orgonite. It improves the speed of creating orgonite and the fancy stuff is better inhome anyway.

After a while i read that you could clean and “energize” crystals with cold water and sunlight. What i did, i put funky, white crystals under cold running water. After that i’d put them in sunlight. The crystals looked far more clear and seemed to have more energie. I noted after a while that i could also visualize energie and put them in the crystals, it made them alot stronger and i wanted to see if they could be “charged” even more stronger.

I lived in Zaandam at that moment and my friend and owner of the house Dirk Verelst always enjoyed our quality time at our orgonite cloudbuster. He was very active on the forums and he read on some forum that crystals could be charged on a cloudbuster. We did it with distelled water, we bought 4 cans of 1 litre at the local supermarket. The page said to leave it on the CB for 2 hours but we put it on top of the CB for the whole night. The next day we took a looked at the crystals and not only did they all were clear, they were really loaded with joyfull strong and highpitched energy. Dirk and i were very happy and we instantly started making TB’s this was and so far it’s the best and strongest ever measured way to produce orgonite, as far as i know. We also added a bit charged water to the orgonite mixture before it cured, as was stated in the topic. The effects of the orgonite were outstanding and made Dirk and me very happy and excited!

It’s easy to do . Note that the bottle is capped. You’re experiments with pieces of glass are ofcourse, very appreciated by myself and i’m sure the others on the board, if you’re trying to make the best and most charged Tower Busters, use CB charged crystals and water! Easy and effective.

Pieces of broken glass -cough- may or may not work. What i find particularly intresting is why would you want to experiment with this? What are you trying to accomplish? The best orgonite? The most effective way? Most people who distrute and create orgonite have been doing so for more then 5 years, and some of them even are considered the be the very best psychics in the world, without prejudices and acting out of selfless effort, supporting and building the grass root gifting movement. Believe me, they tried to make the best orgonite and they have come a very long way too! Something to support indeed!
Maybe it’s possible for you to build a ter or during gifting your home town and make the orgonite that you really want to make? I have a hunch that your enthusiasm will even improve(!) if you start making orgonite this way. Ofcourse, it’s possible. The other way is trying to “invent” better orgonite and like most inventors, check your competition first.
You are not provoking or causing any headaches btw, anyone has the natural desire to experiment and i hope my post will guide you in finding and realizing what you truly want to achieve.

Hi Satish,

Ive learned a lot from your posts and constantly do.
From what Pedro has written on this posts, I rather get
that he curiously added glass(¿?) to the towerbuster
because he broke something accidentaly, and his wife
which I asume is energy sensitive, felt the energy
different from the regular towerbusters. Maybe
it is not the best/right thing to talk on behalf of Pedro,
but I think he made sure that all of us understand
that this was accdientaly and simply reported what
he got.

Am not expert on this, and am sure learning lots of
stuff with you guys and your posts, and am happy
about it. By the way, am not liying (?) when I say
that these forums messages make me happier
and lifts me up.


Hi! Satish:

… And Thx a lot JBaztan for your comment since I only did those two TB’s with glass bit because they filled just 2 moulds.
What I’m still doing are the original model ones TB’s shown above; those are my M4.

SAtish, I’m not using PhotoShop, that soft is for genius I’m using my old and humble PaintShopPro v.6.

And, … … Satish, you’ve posted so many and precious details in your last post that I’m ready to work on them.
My first CB and further TB’s were made with quartz glasses carefully cleaned and dried under sunlight; though at the end I
became a little bit lazy and I did not clean them anymore, I’m going to re-start that smart procedure.

So, I still have a couple of doubts and, if possible I’d appeciate some directions. With all the TB’s I’ve ready to use on field, … …
You know? You’ve told me something Don suggested sometime ago (so, twice same observation) about “gridding” my town.
And I do not know which point to start with: The aprox. 40 DT’s I have till now contabilized or “gridding” my town. ¿¿¿??? Which one
of those two targets you would start with?

I made my CB middle Aug. and while preparing it I was getting nuts because I did not know how to fix double terminated to bottom pipes.
Tutorials about it were not clear enough for me to understand. So, I was crunching my few neurones and finally I was able associte
2 things (–audience–> clap, clap, clap, clap, … --me–> copper coil and spirals. And this is what I put at CB pipes bottom;
the only way I imagined to safely place double terminated:

Unfortunately, next 200 of my posts will be focused in trying to demonstrate this just happened.

Warmest Regards for you all



You should be careful placing two crystals above each other like that as they need to be combined correctly for them to be positive, adding a coil complicates it even further.
This requires that you KNOW what you are doing, not guessing yourself ahead from theory.

Energy fields are delicate and should be treated with insight and respect.

Keep it simple.