Does this help explain why Orgonite in water is so much more powerful?…Uqf71muwWc

Drawing attention to this video again in case some thought it was sick

British humor trying to make everyone look like Herman Munster having

a key stick out the side of Their heads lol. Anyone who re-creates this

experiment will find that it really works!

It seems any source of water can extend the range of a remote key

opener if the tip of the metal key is placed directly in water or pressed

firmly into the side of the 4 liter plastic jug I used … The Brit in the video

used the water in His Body by pressing the key firmly into His head …

To Me this goes a long way to help explain why Orgonite is so powerful

in water, does it not? Posted this thinking one of Us is

smart enough to figure out how Orgonite works?

Was very early in My Orgonite career that it became obvious that tossing

gifts into water was obviously the way to go and is always My first choice

of locations when Gifting any DOR source! Can’t explain how it works though

but that info has got to be right around the corner?

The amount of tbs We have tossed into oceans around the world is phenomenal

and I’m confidant that the redistribution of those Gifts by Our Cartesian Partners

is largely responsible for many of the positive changes the world has witnessed

over the last decade or so!

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