Dog Days In Beijing--False Flag Terrorism Event?

Don Croft
28 Jul 2008 10:22

Subject: Dog Days in Beijing–False Flag Terrorism Event?

I guess the EW chat-blast group will be looking at the Olympic Games in Beijing as a possible target for planned mass murder. Here’s some ideas of particular things to look out for.

Most importantly:

  1. The opening ceremony is scheduled to start at 8:08 PM on the 8th of August (08/08/08). That time and date were chosen because 8 is considered a lucky number in Chinese numerology. From the Illuminati’s obsession with numerology, it probably follows that the day (and maybe the moment) of the opening is the most likely time for anything nasty to be planned.

  2. Consider the possiblity that there might be things planned for elsewhere in China on the opening day. There’s possibly a precedent for that: the Sichuan earthquake in May happened 88 days before the planned opening of the Olympics. If it’s true, as you said shortly afterwards, that it was caused artificially and done by the London-centered ‘old world order’ because they’re bitter at China for usurping ‘their’ power… then it looks like they were trying to turn the Chinese lucky number into an unlucky number. If that’s true then obviously they might want to do something on the ‘lucky’ day itself, though not necessarily as big. Perhaps they might hope to evade the attention of psychic groups like EW by doing something away from Beijing where they expect the psychics will be focusing.

More in the realm of speculation:
3. There are groups of disenchanted people – most obviously Falun Dafa practitioners, Tibetans and Uighurs – who will certainly try to use the opportunity to air their grievances to an international audience. The Chinese authorities obviously would prefer that protesters not be seen or heard – most likely they will just try to keep these ‘troublemakers’ out of the way. I have to wonder though whether they might stage anything and blame it on one of those groups to discredit them – for example in 2001 there was the ‘self-immolation incident’ where 3 alleged Falun Dafa practitioners set themselves on fire in Tiananmen Square. Uighurs are Muslims – suicide bombings??? There was also a Tibetan suicide bombing in Chengdu a few years ago. I think it’s quite unlikely that they would try such a thing – it would probably backfire and end up draw more foreigners’ attention to those groups in a positive way… but I figure it’s better to mention things than not!



Thanks a lot! This is hte sort of speculation that is often productive! I’m CCing your email to the psychics, now. As often as not, this is how we’ve found some really good targets in a timely way. The beginning of our group psi efforts was July 3, 2002, when a gifter who lives north of Chicago got a hunch, during meditation, that the CIA had deployed a nuclear device near Chicago’s waterfront that was set to detonate during the crowded fireworks display, there.

Carol and DB looked at the situation psychicly and immediately confirmed it and we four apparently succeeded in causing that device to fail to detonate. Note that this was ten months after the feds blew up the World Trade Center and that they’ve consistently failed to succeed with any subsequent false flag attempts since 9/11/01 Cool

It’s been almost seven years that this treasonous government has been bleating about ‘the terrorism threat’ and even the PJ folks are starting to yawn and to cast a jaundiced eye at the Fatherland Sekurity Commisariat, so we expect that the feds are feeling a need to $#!+ or get off the pot in terms of declaring martial law. These $#itbird agencies are between a rock and a hard place, which is certainly appropriate but it also makes them kind of dangerous in the short term because these armed terrorists are terrified of exposure.


Don Croft
28 Jul 2008 10:39
Subject: Re: Dog Days in Beijing–False Flag Terrorism Event?
For the past year or so, every time the psychics have found MI6, CIA, NSA, FBI, KGB, Jesuit and Mossadomite® activities to harm anyone they’ve been seeing the Chinese orchestrating it. The Chinese apparently own and operate all of these $#!+bird agencies, now, but the Chinese relationship to the Vryal seems to be in the form of partnership, still.

The Chinese parasites and the Vryal share the dragon as their core symbol and they both connect with the draconians as their primary DOR ‘energy’ source. By now, the source is offworld but we still want to neutralize a few remaining draconian bases, including one under the Gobi and one under the Everglades National Park in Florida. I’m fairly itching to get waterborn in the Everglades with a boatload of earthpipes but we’ll have to see if that’s in the cards, this winter Cool

The upside of China having taken direct control of all the $hitbird agencies is that those agencies have ‘lost heart.’ They all know, by now, that they’re not going to be the bosses. If you’ve held your nose long enough to research all the popular cults in the world you know that each one of them labor under the false hope that they, alone, will rule the world one day. It’s got to be a rude awakening for them to recognize that they’ve only been puppets and chumps, all along Wink

The ultimate chumps might be the ancient Triads, who finally inherited the world odor, because it looks like the London rats jumped ship because they know that exposure is imminent but the slicker Chinese parasites, in spite of millenia of psi mastery, are actually a step or two behind on that learning curve. Carol says that we (the two international chatgroups) are the only ones who are onto them at the moment but that can change in a heartbeat and the Triads know it, by now. They’re apparently feeling kind of frantic about that Cool

Carol mentioned to me, yesterday, that the Triads are past masters at destroying their enemies by throwing dirty magic but that they’ve never feared exposure until very recently and they’ve never encountered anyone, before us, who can shrug off their assaults.

The Triads are apparently the hiding dark masters’ last line of defense, but of course we can’t harm the dark masters. Even though they’re merely parasites their position is secure as long as the PJ folks remain unaware of the world order. As soon as the PJ folks understand that the world is run by parasites, the parasites will be exposed and economic and political power will mainly return to localities, which means we’ll have peace and prosperity in the world. That makes sense, don’t you agree?

Orgonite wakes up the PJ folks in a non-traumatic way, so this may ultimately be decided by how much simple orgonite gets tossed out by relatively few gifters in coming months. It all helps.

The world order desperately wants to traumatize the PJ folks with false flag terrorism events because when the herd instinct is successfully ignited by the What To Think Network (‘Sieg, Heil!’ and ‘I like Ike!’ for instance Cool ), the terrorized PJ folks are then efficently weaponized against genuine activists and healers like ourselves, who are always a small but othewise effective minority.

I think we’ll continue to quietly win this war.

I found out, some years ago, that the dark masters’ direct link to the new age movement was an old, now deceased guy named Torkum Sassarian, who personally trained all of the stable of popular, Theosophy-spewing gurus whose names you probabl know. He oversaw the engineering of the scam you know as the ‘Harmonic Convergence’ of the late 1980s.

In those days, Benjamin Creme, who had long berfore painted the portrait of ‘Count Ste Germaine’ that you’ve no doubt seen by now, was still giving public talks in the masonic temples around the US and Europe, presuming to herald ‘Maitreya,’ who was supposed to have been trotted out as a ‘Youthful World Savior,’ by the early 1980s. Maitreya, whose birth name was probably something like ‘Melvin Lipschitz,’ is in his late forties, now, and you can probaly see that the world odor has gotten so far behind in their parasitic and genocidal agendae that they can’t possibly catch up Wink especially now that they’ve foisted it all off on the unsuspecting Chinese


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