Dolphin hyperdimensional physics displays

Someone sent me this article the other day:

I hope you’ll take the time to read it and study the picture of the dolphin’s creation. It’s not a long article.

Did you notice that the scientists felt compelled to explain it all away with mundane jibberjabber? See how that tactic resembles the Theosophical practice of explaining everything while answering nothing? This is one of the schizophrenic aspect of Western neo-civilization that we should call attention to whenever we notice it. I think it’s the only way for us to break away from the What To Think Network.

It seems obvious to me that many dolphins, now, are trying their best to educate us about hyperdimnsional physics, including time and space manipulation,and that the ones in tanks who are doing this are the ‘point men,’ because they ultimately get media exposure; this enlightening article, for example.

It may be that the dolphins are aiming to get others’ (including our) attention rather than the alleged scientists’ attention. Notice that Scripps is mentioned favorably in the article. Scripps is apprently set up to study dolphins and the ocean in general in order to understand better how to destroy them and their environment. Governor Jeb Bush is an enthusiastic sponsor of that corporation: 'nuff said.

How myopic would you need to be to get a paycheck from Scripps as a marine biologist without feeling pangs of conscience? Most scientists have no social conscience, of course, once they leave college and face the realities of institutional employment. One is unlikely to pursue a career in any science without corporate or academic (they’re the same thing) sponsorship, of course, unless one is exceptionally ambitious and resourceful.

Most of the free energy device inventors have little or no science training, by the way. Being educated in any of the physical sciences is more like training for the priesthood than training to unlock the secrets of the universe, of course. Western neo-science is a false religion on par with Theosophy and Jehovah’s Witnesses. My hat’s off to anyone who can go through six or eight years of institutional science training and still have genuine discernment or even curiosity, in fact. The vast majority of scientists remain voluntarily institutionalized until their last, bitter breaths.

Jeff shut down a huge Scripps construction site near us with a few earthpipes, by the way, and Jeb Bush, himself, was vigorouslya pushing that project. He literally runs this state according to the whims of the occult/corporate order. If Scripps were a legitimate organization that orgonite would have speeded up the construction, rather.

One of the gifters in the Seattle area is a construction supervisor who manages a half dozen, large commercial sites at a time. Before he started gifting he had to spend a lot of time troubleshooting at the sites but, now, he simply gifts the areas thoroughly before construction begins and is rarely needed after that because things run smoothly. The workers show up more regularly, get along with each other and their bosses better and everyone can maintain their concentration and energy levels more easily, thanks to the orgonite.

I was given the design for the mobius coil by Gentry Smith, who got it from Flanagan when
Gentry was his research assistant in Tucson. At the time, Flanagan was involved in a US Navy ‘dolphin-communication’ study, seven storeys underground in the desert.

Nearly every time our psychics get intel concensus on who has murdered or exploited dolphins in specific episodes they find US Navy personnel and ships. Gentry suddenly left that job one day, no longer able to stay there. It happened when he was feeding a dolphin. I wrote about this before, of course, but its’ worth repeating:

The dolphin began swimming very fast around the tank, then swam suddenly toward Gentry, came out of the water and held his hand in her teeth while looking into his eyes. He was overwhelmed with a dark future vision in that instant and was suspended in time while a vision of the self-destruction of humanity played out. Then she let go, dropped back into the water and swam away from him.

In the next moment, he left the facility and didn’t look back. That was more than ten years ago and I think it’s clear to most of us, by now, that the vision isn’t going to be realized, thank God.

We know that the dolphins have changed their ‘education’ strategies recently in conjunction with the new interface between them and the human orgonite tossers and predator hunters. The wholesale murder of dolphins near Zanzibar a few days ago was apparently a reprisal by the occult/corporate order (with the willing participation of the US Navy, we believe, for the cetaceans’ new, more active interest in human affairs.

We’ll start hunting for would-be dolphin mass murderers in the Sunday EW predator safaris, in additoin to hunting for the predators who plan to mass murder humans. We know we’re on track with these expeditions when the cetaceans join in, by the way.


this ( i took the hot bar out, it was a picture of a dolphin ring i made. the photo site it was on had security issues and pop=ups. sorry)was my quaint

idea of why the dolphins were showing us rings a year and a half

ago. it has turned out though ,that an orgonite ring wasn’t

the point and that the human/ dolphin relationship would develop

according to how THEY understood it should unfold. teacher becomes

student. my highly limited human expectations were rather an

obstacle than a plan of action. so far they have healed me, shown

us where to gift, encouraged us by their acknowledgement and

distributed our orgonite it needed to be. they are presently available

to us because it is critical that we get new information and that it is

TIME for us to step up.

400 (maybe) more dolphins leaving earth because of the war

against humanity drives us on to more powerful and effective

action against the hidden/satanic/corporate war machine. we have

recently observed that regular pj military types don’t even want to do

this heinous work any longer and must be drugged or zombified

to carry out the orders from the commanding vril and drac

subspecies. how pathetic to be a protoplasmic sack of those orders

who are mere nonspiritual violent characterless mental programs of

a decayed line of dark masters such as fubbi quantz (fu man chew)

whose time is now over. we keep telling the carrion shapes that it’s

over and they keep acting out instead of leaving. infantile!

 i can now say that the carrion-beings should expect  a new level

of magnitude from we who are speedily ushering you to your

mathematically certain demise, like finally having had enough.