Dolphin/whale powerwand

I checked with Don first if what I had written below was ok, it’s his product and livelihood after all.
He is happy I’m doing this kind of research.

It’s been a month since I wrote what I’ve written below (with a few additions at the end with this posting).
I’ve since found that it is good to renew the intention once in a while, just like with a regular PW.
For instance, just now before posting this I was thinking about the interaction with Cetaceans and
immediately they were right there and Orcas moving through my body to help me rid myself of problems.
And that falls in line with what Don wrote to me in his reply:

“We’ve always felt that the PW is a good radionics device. You might not realize it but changing the battery every day causes
you to consciously interact with the PW at the time and this seems to be an essential requirement for radionics’ success.”

T-Rx zapper + PW (dolphin/whale powerwand)

Arising from the latest round of attacks (the last of which will throw me into misery),
something came a long that may be quite significant. Interestingly this another thing
coming from the Crofts, which I think is very appropriate. Another thing I find
appropriate is that this is something proprietary, since they already have given out
plenty of ideas freely. They deserve their prosperity (and what better caretakers for this).

Anyway, what happened here I got quite tired from having to deal with a number of attacks
from different sources (this was in relation to setting up my newest 108, and really bad
influences started getting kicked out of my energy field, which was intense. This was
mainly my chest and 3rd chakra, but I had been corded all over the place). Even though
the signs were there I’m being helped all along, I got very tired and
I said ‘please good forces, help me on this one, I feel quite alone’.

Some background info: For a time (half a year) I’ve been running the powerwand
I have on a previous T-Rx model Don Croft zapper, due to the original zapper that belong
to the PW no longer working (up until then I had been switching out the rechargeable
battery every day for a year, so it was basically wear and tear. First the wire came off,
and then later the circuit board stopped functioning. I think now it was meant to happen).
Running the PW on Don’s zapper was at first a makeshift solution. However when I got another
basic zapper I found that Don’s zapper with the orgonite block offered a qualitative
difference to the waves coming off the PW, compared to a zapper without it. So I kept using it.

So during these latest attacks I was running the PW like that. Shortly after sending out
my little prayer, I noticed that the battery was running low. And I thought to myself,
hey I have that latest T-Rx zapper that Don sent me, and the battery on that one is
newly charged (this is the T-Rx with the dolphin on the orgonite block). I will use that one instead.

I have the wires directly on the copper pads, and when taping them them on I had the
sense this combination could potentially offer a little more. As soon as the PW was
running on the T-Rx I could feel the protective energy of the dolphins and whales,
and it became much easier to deal with what I was going through. The waves and the
energy coming off the PW feels strong.

However I have a tendency to fight my own battles and I’m not all that good at asking
for help. So for a couple of days I only used this field as a passive protective support.
Eventually I took the hint and held the powerwand and meditated on asking for assistance
from the dolphins and whales. That’s when things came into full swing as a far as helping
me with the crap that was going on.

They work quite quickly, and my brain is quite fast at catching information, so even if
it only has been less than a week I already have a few things to share to inspire others
to test this out.

  • They’ve helped me with etheric cords and any bad effects and problems coming from outside
    influences, both from past and present attacks. Many problems I wasn’t even aware I had.
  • Personal problems and issues that is time to take care of, also many of which I wasn’t
    all that consciously aware of but needed to do something about. The way they work is
    not predictable, but highly appropriate at any given time. It happens by itself without
    any chore on my side. In fact it can be most profound when I’m not paying attention,
    occupied with other daily things, for instance.
  • ‘personal issues’ arising from cording (like complicated feelings of doubt,
    procrastination, mind fog and so on). As soon as the cords got yanked out I felt a lot a better.
  • Also any early issues with suddenly becoming reliant on them (the Cetaceans) to ‘fix things’
    for me, they cleared that out as soon as these things surfaced. Apparently they are not
    interested in a co-dependant relationship (that’s the parasitic way, after all).
    They are more interested in a collaboration.

Some things that may have been worked on here, are things THEY feel strongly about
(and I’m deathly scared to do anything wrong in the etheric realm, so I simply say
‘do as you wish’ and leave it to them).

The first thing, navy ships that like to cruise around and do ‘seismic testing’.
The term seismic testing is not something I’ve thought of much before, I don’t even
live in the US. But it has been worrying me from time to time.
I had to look it up to see if that was correct to what I was thinking about, and sure
enough it is a real term. So that is confirmation to me of the impressions I got.
I learned something new, I thought they were using radio frequencies, but this is related
to the use of blasts of air to create massive sound waves to penetrate the ocean floor.
Highly damaging to marine life. According to the US governments own estimates the deaths
of dolphin and whales may be up to 138 500 due to ‘testing’ for oil and gas reserves.
And that is the official activity, secret activity anywhere in the world is not taken
into account. Apparently the whales were interested in paying them a friendly visit.
Another problem coming up, the slaughter of Cetaceans for fin soup or sports or whatever.
Also the worst horrific animal abuse that is going on around in the world, either out of cruelty or ignorance.

Something that is really good to let them have permission to work on, is the wholesale
slaughter and satanic abuse of children. So basically the worst things that are going on at any given time.

(Distribution of orgonite is still essential of course. This idea is not meant to replace anything!)

So anyway, that’s my experience and impressions so far with the T-Rx PW combination. What this can do for others,
I don’t know (this is posted in Research and development, obviously). I’m careful not to make any claims for others.
I understand there has been work with the Cetaceans in more advanced group work with psychics for a number of years.
However this has the potential to bring this sort of cooperation and collaboration
to ‘every man and woman in the street’ so to speak.

So, yeah definitely try that out if you have the latest T-Rx and a powerwand. I understand there
are PW’s that have a detacheable zapper, so I would think an easy solution can be done to hook it up.

If you need to do modifications to your existing PW to do this, I can’t advocate that,
as that is your own responsibility. I trust you’ll know what you are doing. ;)

I will post some follow-up pictures of my current setup. It is fairly simple,
I have extended the original wires with some copper hifi speaker type cable,
and then the other ends are simply taped to the copper pads with some marine-blue tape. ;)

One thing that is worth exploring is if the position of the T-Rx in relation to the PW makes a difference.
I’ve found that having the T-Rx at the bottom with the hexagonal copper pads pointed up towards
the PW gives it a bit of extra punch. It seems to «power up» within one minute of turning the zapper on.

The difference between this combination and other orgonite that is simply functional, is
that we are dealing with living beings. Higher dimensional Cetaceans that know what to do at
any given time. It’s a totally different ball-game. And this could be one of
the reasons I’ve been hit so hard, bringing something like this out.

I know Don doesn’t promote his own products, but I’m not shackled by such convention,
so there ya go :) I think it is called the ‘T-Rx©’, Modified Terminator’, and you’ll find it on his site.

Additionally, I got the message to tape my name on top of the powerwand for added support when I’m away from home.
Also have my name on top of the big 108 I have for a continued boost. And I have written down an intention
and put on the PW for the Cetaceans to do whatever they wish and need to do.

Thanks for reporting this, Frode. i’ve enjoyed our correspondence for many years and always feel gratified when my friends will post about some of the things we discuss in email and in person Wink

The thing in the T-Rx that evidently produces phenomenal effects is the caduceus coil with 17 chakra gems on it that Carol conceived and I add to the orgonite block. Another boost is from making the mobius coil with laquered wire instead of plastic-coated wire, as is done in the Terminator model. Ben Morton discovered that and shared it with me, years ago. I also add more neodymium magnet to the T-Rx. The gold-leaf dolphin images add some more subtle energy. Several reputable orgonite makers are putting gold leaf in some of their fancy stuff.

We’re well past the threat of fancy orgonite eclipsing simple field orgonite by now but thanks for your concern, Frode. I think that most people realize, by now, that subtle energy elements are more or lest wasted on orgonite that is too far away from people for those orgonite-enhanced elements to interact with them. Exceptions are orgonite pieces that are put around copshops, masonic institutions, luciferic mainline and charismatic ‘non-denominational’ (read: CIA) churches, legislative buildings, courthouses, schools, satanic ritual sites, etc., because adding such elements as lapis lazuli (discourages lying), etc., creates an interactive dynamic for the buildings’ inhabitants.

Karl Welz is the fellow I learned about orgonite from, indirectly, in 1998 and he’s always used it as the basis for his radionics equipment so that’s orgonite’s radionics pedigree. Carol invented the Powerwand as a defensive weapon after the enemy had eventually figured out how to sidestep the Succor Punch. About a year after we started using Powerwands, though, the EW psychics began to figure out that the human heart is evidently the most powerful weapon imaginable for fighting against the tyranny of the Old Parasite’s minions who had been conducting an etheric siege against most orgonite flingers.

Focusing on the worst of this corporate syndicate’s crimes, the wholesale slaughter of children by agencies such as the CIA and Jesuits, has got to be the most productive path toward destroying this syndicate, in my opinion. Even the sleepwalking majority of our species will hold them accountable when it’s no longer possible for the enemy to hide this Babylonian agenda from public scrutiny. Yes, the Babylonian religion (which is the spiritual foundation of the corporate world order) has always been founded on wholesale slaughter of children. In earlier times this wasn’t even a hidden agenda and it wasn’t until churchianity was established that ‘the media’ started hiding this activity. ‘If you don’t believe me, look it up!’ But don’t expect Creepypedia to give an honest account of history, of course.

If anyone else wants to conduct these or similar experiments I’ll provide a couple of pennies with wires soldered to them, attached to a plug to put into the PW. Just email me if you intend to do that.

I might have a slight reputation as a curmudgeon regarding the use of simple field orgonite but Carol established the fancy orgonite industry in 2000 and our zappers have fancy orgonite in them, all of which have proprietary elements in order to keep the competition from steamrolling us Cool. Our motivation for keeping some stuff proprietary is our own survival in the market. There are lots of gifted people making orgonite and some of them are scoundrels; the vendors on the list on this forum’s homepage are solid, reliable folks. If you want to find scoundrels, just type ‘orgonite’ in any search engine and you’ll find a small crowd of them.

Thanks for reporting your impressions, by the way. I’ve always believed that empirical evidence from reputable people like you carries more weight than millions of dollars worth of funded research because it’s all personal and people can relate to it. The beauty of collecting everyone’s subjective impressions is that the consistency of these impressions becomes apparent and that passes well enough as proof for people who intend to commit to this effort and start gathering their own observations in the field.

I’m not denigrating hard science and, in fact, Tom in Canada has started experimenting with a tri-field meter and orgonite and immediately started getting encouraging data. Some engineers had sent me data many years ago but didn’t stay in touch after that so Tom may be the first person to use instruments to record orgonite research data. I mentioned that Dr Reich used a Geiger counter to measure the energy of his orgone accumulators so I think Tom will be looking for one of those. I don’t know if the newer radiation counters will work. There are some things that can be done with vacuum tubes, evidently, that can’t be accomplished with digital components.

I expect to see a synergy between hard data and subjective data in etheric research–another appointment with history for us all?