Dolphins Need A Boost

15 Jul 2008 14:00
Subject: Dolphins Need A Boost
While boosting Don’s business a bit, I asked the help of the dolphins as we often do in the chats. Sadly enough, they are in some kind of trouble themselves. It might be that some campaign has been initiated again. Please send a boost to our cetacean friends. Perhaps in the chats we can go deeper into the means whereby they are planning to sabotage the etheric help these creatures offer.


Don Croft
17 Jul 2008 17:23
Subject: Re: Dolphins Need A Boost
Thanks for your help, Doc, and for the mention of the dolphins. Let’s get into this in the next chat session, okay? There have been two mass murder events in as many months, so we’re probably late getting in the game, this time.

I’ve hesitated to ask for help with our biz because the psychics needed a good break. This is very hard work for them, after all, and the Dog Days are coming up; that’s when the world order usually does their worst, like blowing up Japanese cities with nukes.

I just found out that a box of 45 zapppers that I sent to a distributor was sabotaged en route and that only 12 of the zappers showed up in the molested box. This was the worst sabotage, ever. In recent months many smaller packages to wholesale distributors were stolen by the stinking FBI, even in one case after the customer had signed for the package.

A couple of years ago, half of the packages we sent to our Canadian distributors were either damaged or stolen. A single ‘reprisal’ chat session usually stops that sort of mischief but it’s gotten a lot more intense, lately–especially since Carol broke her arm, in fact.

I’m not whining; it’s just helpful to expose the criminal activities of the sewer rat agencies whenever possible becuase they can’t ultimately survive exposure, of course.

I’m sending the dolphins a big boost, right now, and I hope you will, too.

Remember that the world order hates the dolphins and whales even more than they hate us, okay?


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