'Don, About Your Credibility...'

Don Croft
27 Aug 2008 10:35
Subject: ‘Don, About Your Credibility…’

Although I really enjoy viewing Etheric Warriors…(there is so much to learn) … I still ocassionally get email from The-Unveiling.

This string of emails came through my email today. These are terrible accusations being made against you.

I was half tempted to ask this man how he can promote such misleading information about you, but decided to stay out of that energy. I have no idea who they are or what is going on here, but it is not a good thing.

At any rate, I thought you might want to know this as a heads up.

~ M****

27 Aug 2008 16:15
Subject: Re: ‘Don, About Your Credibility…’
YAWN Laughing

If that’s the best they can come up with I’m having another giant laugh on them.

It’s like the the shills can still pull off questioning chemtrails in forums, blogs and websites, NOT !

Give me a break already. How many years can they keep making themselves more obvious than they already are ?

Chemtrails exist for the 900th time and that debate has been closed for years. If you must, look up in the sky on any given day and see them for yourselves, but to question them, well you got shill all over your face then Very Happy

Thanks for posting the e-mail, Don .

If you all want another laugh, my youtube videos are constantly getting agent provectuer responses to them and it is quite funny when you know that most of the profiles are phony and that some mkid in a cubicle at Langley has to spend his day dreaming up lame commentary to post on my site and others exposing chemtrails and death towers. I delete them of course within minutes or hours, but now I’m thinking that since they are so incredibly transparent to being AGENCY maybe I should just keep them up for folks to laugh at. Smile

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