Don & Carol Croft DVD Vol. 1

We decided to put the entire dvd up on the intertubes.

Enjoy: … 1035&hl=en


Thank you Andy for making the Don and Carol Croft video and for releasing it to the public on the internet.
May the universe reward you with abundance and plenty of Orgonite orders from your website.

I’m anxious to see VOL 11 [Image Can Not Be Found]


Hey Readers,

Watch the video to learn what’s really going on up on and under the lake, plus so much good intel on Orgonite, Orgone Energy, Healing, Chemtrails, Death towers and the fantastic times we’re living in.

The subs in the lake are only models or so the Navy claims. [Image Can Not Be Found];

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint Idaho . Site of underwater military base and nearby where Don and Carol live.

Don, I’d like a copy of the Polaris Missile coming out of the lake that you show in the video, can you take a digital photo of it and post it or e-mail it to me ?

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