Don Croft--official 'Enemy of the State'

I made the grade a few weeks ago, apparently. For the past five years the feds have tried to murder Carol and I more times than we care to count and for a couple of those years the FBI was telling people in Idaho that I was ‘Idaho’s Number One Terrorist,’ though there was no official state list like that.

In March, I sent a little cash via MoneyGram to DAvid Ochieng in Kenya and David was unable to pick it up, so I asked a MoneyGram clerk over the phone about that. She told me that my name was flagged by the Homeland Security Administration as one of 50,000 people whom they’ve forbidden to send money via wire.

Shortly after that, our very beloved six month old dog was murdered with poison and a heart attack. I know that poison was used because Carol was brought down with an odd sickness at the same time and she and the dog exuded the same strange smell through their skin. I used a zapper on the dog but the heart attack had progressed too far and we took her to a vet. She was dead within another half hour.

Two evenings before that we were accosted in the parking lot across the road while we were walking over to drop a movie off at the rental place at about ten PM. Carol nearly fell down in pain but we stood there and blasted people in four vehicles which Carol identified as fedmobiles. The two closer ones had observers in them and two larger ones, farther away, apparently had electronic weaponry which got her in a scalar crossbeam in an effort to stop her heart. We made all of them leave but one, which had a blacked out windshield and, Carol said, was being driven by an android who was immune from our blasting.

Dooney and STevo got into the chat with us the next day to help heal Carol and Dooney saw what looked like a shotgun blast in Carol’s etheric field behind her heart. The Harmonic Protector apparently stopped the attack from killing her and she might try also hanging an HP in back next time she feels an event like this is imminent–good experiment! She wasn’t incapacitated until a couple days later, when she and the dog were poisoned. The DT (Russian electromedicine device) we got from Doc von Peters helped mend her heart that time.

Carol was right as rain in a couple of days, thanks to the DT, the zapper and to some nifty stuff that Dr Stevo had sent her–a new chelation product that’s sprayed in the mouth a couple of times a day. I’d tell you what it is but she’s on the left coast again this week and has it with her. She’s getting our stored stuff ready for shipment. I’ll post thoroughly about it but if Doc Steve reads this, I hope he’ll cover the subject in this thread and add whatever insights aznd comments he feels are appropriate.

I think his affordable ‘poison remedy’ package may be something that all of the front row folks in this network would be well advised to keep on hand, since the assassin agencies here and abroad have been poisoning some of us a lot, lately. I don’t think those schmucks can wrap their brains around how zappers essentially neutralize their poisons but their more recent attempts show some adaptability, at least, hence the need to get more help than just the zapper to resolve these problems fast…

Carol had not yet recovered from another poison assault, which was apparently done right before she left Hawaii. She and her friend, Linda, were poisoned at the same time with an aerosol, causing them to cough, painfully, a lot for weeks. Carol got the Doc’s remedy in the mail after the more recednt assault and the cough was gone in a couple of days but Linda’s cough persisted long after that, so the experiment had a good control factor. Both of these gals are quite healthy and refrain from destructive habits so their coughs were definitely caused by malific external agents.

By the way, we’re aware of all the standard alternative remedies, so if you’re reading this, aren’t named Steven Smith, and feel compelled to list any of those for our edification, please refrain just this time, okay? I only want Stevo to add to this thread because the new chelation remedy he’s offering is brand new and is apparently quite effective in cases of secret police poison assaults. I’d like for some more folks to get and try this when they’re poisoned by the feds, then give us some feedback in posts here.

Since Carol has gotten severely poisoned every single time (except this one; knock on wood) she’s taken a trip in the past eight months, I asked Dooney and Stevo to join me in the chat the day after Carol left this time so we could run some interference for her. She was under active surveillance but the sewer rats were apparently told not to harm her this time–maybe because I’ve been talking about this a lot. I’m posting so that these criminals will feel even more inspired not to assault her but, really, the heat is increasing for us lately and we’ll leave the US pretty soon for our own survival. We did smack those Homeland Security Abomination tagalongs silly, just for good measure, and also burned their boss, ‘Fu Manchu,’ again.

Every time, since last fall, that the pshychics have gathered intel about who is planning mayhem in the world or is harrassing people in this network the top of the food chain have been Chinese military guys and, in our case, one of the resilient but vulnerable dark masters (he looks like Fu Manchu to the psychics–no kidding!). Right after the apparent transfer of the Federal Reserve Corporation’s gold assets (the former US Treasury) from New York to Beijing in late October Greenspan seemed to suddenly deflate and BushSr’s ebullience and physical appearance went into fast decline–remember? He might be dying of cancer now, in fact. I wouldn’t sell him a zapper unless he stood trial for mass murder.

Dooney felt a lot of raw hatred coming at us from that quasi-comical dark master, apprently because he’s not supposed to be that vulnerable to insignificant folks like us. The last time Carol and I burned him he apparently screamed. I want to see what Dr Dirk’s fire elemental friends can do with this mass murderer today in the chat.Fu Manchu seems to be afraid of fire.

So, either MalWart has taken over the US military, espionage and secret police communities or China now owns the US Government, at least on paper (which means nothing, really, except maybe as a big joke on China). We rather believe the latter is true and we’re acting on that these days.

Thank grid, Carol and I have a portable business and some good friends to help us keep safe from these sewer rats for now [Image Can Not Be Found] . We can get online anywhere in the world, any time. We’ll be sure not to miss a beat but we might take a break from email for a couple of weeks while el Jeffe takes care of our business here. We’ll likely be on the bounding main most of that time, anyway. I think I’m on the ‘no-fly’ list now but I’m too cheap to buy an airplane ticket to find out. I don’t think they made up a ‘no float’ list yet.


I have been searching extensively for an effective chelation protocol to use with my patients to remove not only heavy metals (such as mercury, lead, thallium, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic etc), but one that also removes chemicals that are so prevalent in these modern times. Well, my perserverence seems to have been amply rewarded. It is called PCA-Rx.

I have found an oral (sublingually absorbed) spray that is used twice a day. Not only does it help with the above issues, it also helps to reduce cardiovascular and cerebral placque that clogs arteries, rids the body of mycoplasmas, lowers elevated enzyme counts, decreases effects of environmental illnesses, yet does not strip beneficial minerals from the body, as does EDTA chelation therapy. It apparently can cross the blood brain barrier to heal the nerve tissues of toxins, as well as the blood, lymph fulids and tissues supplied by these avenues. Here’s some info from the company:

“Clathration Therapy, exclusive to PCA-Rx is a unique form of natural, non-invasive chelation in which specially sequenced peptides seek out and encapsulate toxins in a three dimensional cage-like inclusion (also known as a lattice structure or matrix) using three different types of irreversible bonds (ionic, covalent, and hydrogen). These bonds attach to and completely envelop the toxin, thus neutralizing it which then prevents it from coming into contact with and reattaching to other tissues or organs as it is excreted from the body.”

“The clathration process gains access to the mitochondria (energy generation sites) of the cells where it gets to the heart of its detoxification action. Its pico-sized components bind to cell receptor sites with greater effectiveness than the heavy metals or other toxins, thereby releasing them from cell receptors. A companion molecule then clathrates the toxin, literally wrapping around and holding it until it is eliminated from the body through the stool, urine, skin, and breath.”

“The clathration process does not attach to or remove any of the body’s beneficial minerals, because those belonging in the body are solidly bound and shielded by their own natural enzymes. Heavy metals and toxins do not have natural enzymes to protect them.”

Suggested use. Shake well. 1 to 8 sprays under the tongue (best if held in mouth 1-2 minutes without swallowing to allow for sublingual absorption). I usually start people out with two sprays, twice a day to avoid healing crisis of too many toxins trying to leave the body and overwhelming the system. Cost is US$125.00 per bottle which lasts two months at two sprays, twice a day dosage. Shipping varies by your location.

A companion product I use with this is a montmorillinite clay that binds toxins to it. This is in the form of tablets and 4 are taken 15 min. before meals with a full glass of water. Clays have a very long history of use for detoxing the body and cleansing the intestinal tract. Cost is US$12.00 per bottle of 90 tablets. Here are prices including shipping to US addresses:

1 bottle PCA-RX only = $135

1 bottle PCA-RX and 1 bottle clay tablets = $147

If you are outside the US, contact me for shipping prices. If you have any other questions, please contact me at: [email protected]

You may pay by sending a USPostal money order made out to: Quantum Healing. It can be mailed to: Quantum Healing, P.O. Box 398, Stevensville, Montana, 59870. provides for credit card purchaces to send moneygrams. Click on eMoney transfers and process your transaction. You will get a reference number that you then e-mail to me with your full name, address and phone number. As soon as we receive this we will ship out your product, provided its not on back order.

Hope this answers your questions regarding the comments Don made in his post about Carols recovery from her apparent poisoning.