Don't Eat That Green Snow!

Don Croft
26 Feb 2008 16:36
Subject: Don’t Eat That Green Snow!
This winter, lots of people around here have remarked on teh curious, blue tone under the snow.

As I said, before, I think that effect is mainly due to the extensive water-gifting that Dooney, Stevo, Carol and I have done in the region aroudn the north border of MOntana and Idaho. The effects are seen at least 80 miles south of the gifted big lakes, by the way.

I sort of expected this blue orgone energy to go away as the snow condensed with the warmer weather but, in fact, it’s become ‘brighter.’

I think that’s why the snow turned green when I micturated into it, yesterday Cool

I checked, later, and found no evidence of a new federal poison that turns pee green; the blue in the snow was so intense that yellow pee turned green in that light. Pretty cool!

Science is grand!


27 Feb 2008 09:09
Subject: Re: Don’t Eat That Green Snow!
Re: 'don’t go where the huskies go…", the Zappa and Monty Python references were one of my earliest clues that Orgonite was legit, intuitively telling me the way was clear.