DOR Intentionally Wired Into My Home?

Hi Folks,

I’ve just had another interesting orgone experience and thought it’s one I should share in case others are having similar events. I’ve placed it here in the R & D category because the story is about an experimental device that was talked about for a while here on EW. I cannot remember the name of it though, it may have been the “BC” or “BCC,” but I’m really not sure. It’s funny how these things can somehow just be dropped from your consciousness, I wonder if it wasn’t somehow erased from mine because I actually made one of these devices and found it to be a great benefit, and now have reconstructed it after taking it apart to use the components for something else, and I still can’t remember for certain the name of it or who posted about it originally. Strange [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ll describe the device and please anyone who remembers what it’s called chime in and remind me. The device is simply any large piece of orgonite with a conical tip wrapped in an electrical cord with the male end of the cord plugged into a wall outlet and the female end connected to any electrical device like a television, lamp, radio, whatever. That’s it. This device seems to clean the electricty in your home wiring by drawing it through the cord wrapped around the orgonite. Very simple and I find it very effective. Some people also placed this device in a bucket of water, but I didn’t with mine and find that it works without the water. it’s simply sitting on the cement floor of my garage. Perhaps the cement floor is grounding like I think the water in the bucket is also supposed to do.

I’ve never been able to post pictures on EW, so I’ll forward some of the device to my sister and maybe she can post them in this thread. She’s much better with computers than I am [Image Can Not Be Found]

What prompted all this was the discovery of a single cell panel placed on a short telephone pole not 150 feet from my home. This single panel sits on a pole in a small park right beside my home, I could literally throw a tb at it from my backyard - it’s that close. I’m very familiar with this park and I’m always looking for cell towers and panels so I can say for certain that this single panel is new, it was not there a few days ago. It’s very suspiscous because it sits only about 12 feet in the air and is surrounded by tall trees and buildings and the pole itself sits in a shallow depression. There’s no way this little thing is tall enough to be helping with cell reception (cell service is fine anyway, this is downtown Toronto), so why on Earth is it there? Perhaps this is proof that these panels are not for cell phones. I took a picture of it too and will try to get it posted.

I also noticed that this panel is not facing towards my home, it faces the opposite direction on the other side of the pole. So I wondered why I was feeling a definite and sharp increase in negative energy in my normally energetically pristine home. I have a 108 here, a cb, and lots of orgonite everywhere and there’s even tb’s in the park the panel is in, so how was its energy invading my home? I think I figured it out and that’s why I reassembled the aforementioned device, and that action proved successful so it makes me think I was correct. I noticed that the wires coming from this pole are carrying the power that goes into my townhouse complex, and that the single panel was wired directly into those lines. So it looked to me like the panel was put there and hardwired into the elecricity feed of the complex in order to send large amounts of DOR into the wiring in our homes. Why else is it there and connected to our electricity feed? This idea lead me to reassmeble the device because it’s supposed to thoroughly clean your house wiring of DOR, and I found it did do this the first time I had it set up. So I set it up again and “presto,” the negative energy was gone and all was back to normal.

I wonder if any other gifters are being harrassed this way? If you’ve got some lingering DOR you can’t seem to get rid of I suggest trying this out, it certainly worked for me, and it took almost no time at all. If you’ve already got a large hunk of orgonite and a long enough cord you’re good to go. Just wrap it around the orgonite and plug something in (I wrapped mine clockwise from the bottom up, it’s just a simple winding of the cord, no fancy knots or braiding).

p.s. the orgonite I used is a large cylinder-shaped piece topped with a blue hhg as hopefully you’ll see in the pictures. the hhg is just resting on the cylinder, they are two seperate pieces functioning as one.

p.p.s - Sharon posted the pictures online for me and told me what to do, and it finally worked!