Dowsing Leylines At The Grebbeberg

My man and I did a dowsing excursion this weekend. Our guide showed us and some 30 other people around at the Grebbeberg in Rhenen, Holland, to find earth energies with those L-shaped copper dowsing rods. We had a lot of fun!!

The area is known for it’s steep hillside next to the river beds of the Rijn, which was shaped in the last Ice Age. Also there is this rare ancient site called a ‘ringburgwal’ – a sort of henge in the woods – which probably goes back some 4000 years when Beaker People lived there. During WWII about 400 allied soldiers were sacrificed at the Grebbeberg within the first 5 days of the German invasion. Our guide told us there are an exceptional 4 vortexes over there, at the meadow within the henge! As most of you know, often vortexes are intentionally corrupted by war sacrifices.

Photo’s are from the Internet, as I forgot to bring my camera!

After the dowsing rods were handed out, our guide asked us to simply focus our minds on finding leylines and start walking into the woods. He said we would find rod activity every couple of meters or so, because that’s a common density for earth energy lines. And so we did! As we set off in groups – walking very slowly – we soon noticed everyone’s dowsing rods moving at the very same spots. Soon people began to line up, for it was such fun to watch simultaneous activity walking next to others!

Everybody was exited about it and a lot of giggling was going on about the different ways in which the rods responded. The rods would turn inwards for one or outwards for someone else, or vice versa. Our guide gave us various assignments to focus on during the walk through the woods. Leylines, waterlines, energy directions…. They were all quite simple to find, it was just amazing how we all much had simultaneous results, without any skills in dowsing whatsoever. If you ever want to try this yourself, I’d recommend to bring some friends, to compare findings. You can make the L-shaped rods out of copper coated welding wire, which is more sturdy then all copper. Just hold the short ends loosely in your fists.

When we arrived at the ‘ringburgwal’ – the oval dike that surrounded the site – we found this entrance cut out from the earth wall. Walking through it, my man and I felt very nasty energies. Our guide said there would probably have been some hangings at the spot. But it felt like occult, ritual energy to me. And the entrance seemed to have been created recently anyway. Later that day, our guide taught us to find so called “magic circles” around the dike: magically created concentric energy walls, which had been put there by our ancestors to protect this site, which was probably holy to them. It was quite cool to see our dowsing rods point out the exact locations of this etheric defence! Especially for those who were sceptic about such things existing.

Most of the afternoon we spent on the meadow on top, where the vortexes were located. Again using our dowsing rods to try and find the contours of disappeared buildings, the grid of the energy lines and the spiral vortexes themselves. A couple of us tried standing in the spots for a while. At some spots you could become somewhat dizzy. I stood in a nice grounding one for some time, it was quite a thrill to feel the strong buzz of energy when I focussed on my feet! The confirmation of others feeling the same thing was special. I am sure I would have doubted my own impressions as being subjective, when I would have been there alone.

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Next to the meadow was a renovated folly on the highest point of the hill. Our guide told us this was a vortex site too and probably the strongest one (to the right on the photo). Inside I saw some graffiti which represented two huge spirals, one clockwise, the other counter clockwise. I recommend everyone to take notice of graffiti more often. They definitely hold clues. Recently the castle building had been private terrain, but now it was open for public again. Since the area of the Grebbeberg is still full of old unexploded ammunition from the shooting and bombings in WWII, you’re not allowed to dig anywhere, nor use metal detectors for a hobby.

I had brought some orgonite anyway, which I distributed during the day. As always, it began to drizzle drops of rain after hiding the first HHG. A flock of sparrows flew around after that, making happy noises. I actually could see the white sparkles of orgone energy dancing in the air this time, but somehow it seemed restricted to the woods. As if it didn’t expand to the meadow area where the vortexes were. Anyhow, a helicopter came checking out our group within half an hour. And when we left later that afternoon, I saw these two guys in the folly castle with an opened suitcase studying something that looked like equipment inside. That might not be related to the gifting done of course.

It was an educative excursion and we had great fun. At the end of the day we both were pooped from all the earth energies we had consumed. We’ll sure go back there to gift some more. It’s a special place.