Dr Kayiwa Takes on the CIA's Burundi Genocide Agenda

(Don Croft) #1

Rushidie Kayiwa has outdone himself, again.

Some time ago, one of his political mentors in Uganda was approached by the US State Department (CIA) to take over the government of nearly anarchic Burundi and Kayiwa was offered a choice between ‘Minister of Health’ or ‘Minister of Defense.’ Both he and his sponsor suspected that that dealing with the CIA is the kiss of death but they met with the officials, at least, and told them, ‘No, thanks.’ I personally think his well-meaning sponsor might have taken the bait if not for Kayiwa’s advice.

The CIA has been setting up a new genocide campaign there, involving the Tutsis and Hutus, just like they and the Brits did in Rwanda in the early '90s, so Kayiwa braced himself and took some orgonite there a couple of weeks ago. Rwanda and Burundi are small countries, southwest of Uganda, so it was easy for him to drive there with a load of resin and metal.

With the help of his contacts the most troublesome areas, where wholesale murder was already taking place under CIA sponsorship, were thoroughly gifted. He stuck his neck out even farther, this time.

There’s a good article about how the CIA and MI6 used technology similar to the death towers to keep the killers in Rwanda in bloodlust. They used two C-130s, loaded with generators and death transmitters, in that case, which flew back and forth across the slaughter areas all day long, every day, broadcasting DOR-inducing frequencies toward the people on the ground. I had posted that article’s URL on one of the former orgonite forums so it was disappeared along with all the other substantive posts on that board, which is just as well.

He’ll be going back to Burundi for some more gifting and some followup, pretty soon, and will send me a report. Folks, this is the proper way to get it done! Bare bones gifting reports are marvellous but it’s the followup reports that give us the meat here on EW, as Dr K and a few others have been demonstrating so well.

If we may think of ‘gifting’ as sex and ‘followup’ as the proper ending [Image Can Not Be Found] then please don’t cheat your readers and the public record out of the ending, here, by not sharing your confirmation followups, okay?


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think that was Vialls on Rwanda

http://www.vialls.com/subliminalsuggestion/mindcontrol.html "

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Great news that. We are planning to pass through Burundi on our trip too and maybe we can do that together with Dr. K. I will link up with him shortly.