Drop By Drop, Great Oceans Are Formed

26 Aug 2008 15:33
Subject: Drop By Drop, Great Oceans Are Formed
Altough I’ve been rather quiet on the board of late, I’ve still been expanding the strength of the local orgone envelope, drip by drip, someone said to me once ‘drop by drop, great oceans are made’ which I guess is quite apt.

In the past few weeks I’ve gifted maybe another 50tb’s, filling in some minor gaps I had in and around Bournemouth/Poole and the districts outwards from there. Whilst travelling past I gifted the biggest towers I noticed in both Shaftesbury and Salisbury, plus some smaller masts on the way there from Stourpaine. I will be gifting further in these two rather nice towns (Shaftesbury and Salisbury) in the coming weeks, when life permits a trip or two out that way.

The recent flurry of sylph activity continues here unabaited, not every day, although most days there has been cloud cover making it difficult to tell. However, it seems almost every day that is clear, our joyous cohorts are out making light work of the misguided fools muckraking efforts.

Best Wishes


27 Aug 2008 03:32
Subject: Re: Drop By Drop, Great Oceans Are Formed
Nice work, we are getting there slowly.

Second 44 galls of resin just gone to Scotland with swarf. Not just Paddy up there.

I have to buy it at £1 kilo (gone up from 75p). I worked out 1kg does 50 TBs (5 litres). Anyone want some let me know.

Also another 50kg swarf to South Wales this week. Getting the Valleys finished at last by the look of it. Aim to do 50-100 Tbs there on my delivery run.

Reports from 2 gifters saying the 2 balls in Devon and Cornwall have been done and the one NW of London.

PS: 44 galls cost £526.11 inc vat (not delivered)–18% more than I paid last time. Which is what I pay for small amounts cash.

28 Aug 2008 16:04
Subject: Re: Drop By Drop, Great Oceans Are Formed
Brilliant stuff, guys! We know there are more people out there gifting than report on this board and it’s great to have it confirmed like that. Onwards and upwards, I say Cool

Vot, I am not ze only one in Skotland?! (cue dramatic music, ego in nose dive, crash, nations rejoice Very Happy )


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