Dusting Boise Idaho

This evening beginning around 8pm in Boise Idaho USA we had a heavy chemtrail laid over another man’s house in
Boise who has a very powerful cb and a very large Succor Punch.
At that time the huge SP was running on a constant 2 Amp signal coming from a battery charger. He was on his way home and noticed this…
I noticed a small white aircraft simultaneously fly at low altitude directly over his part of town. Then he stopped by my place and we visited. He had stopped by his house and had turned the battery charger up to 12 Amp and then drove over to visit me.
We then watched another very heavy chemtrail being sprayed going directly over my place.
This chemtrail extended westward until it spread out over the Meridian area and on westward.
Both chemtrails disappeared very quickly from the east part of Boise but further west it spread ever wider for hours. until the sun went down and was no longer visible from my house.
The spraying has been invisible due to darkness for approx 1 hour at this point and I’ve been out pouring resin in a new design.
So I’m sitting there, waiting for resin to harden and I notice a vast amount of clear particulates just showering me in the porch light.
I covered my nose and mouth with my shirt and walked around, not seeing any chemtrails, and developing a headache.
I’m running the zapper from Don and noticing a headache starting. Nice. Thanks Nato DORknobs.

Be careful Ben, I have a bad feeling that they are cooking the environment to introduce something truly awful. The atmosphere where I am had darkened as of late which corresponds with a radical spike in temperature. Something is cooking and I hope our seer friends can dive in deeper to locate what it is. I might go for an etheric walkabout and see what trouble I can stir up. I get spanked every now and then but it is worth it and I never go so far as to allow them permission to directly harm me. Looking forward to your package buddy!

[Image Can Not Be Found]; I’ll be careful to make a few more CBs for further west. There were already half a dozen at least but I haven’t kept tabs on all of them.
I know one cb came down but another was built in the meantime. I’m going to regift Boise I think.