DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend Oreille

Andy Schwarm
09 Sep 2008 20:06
Subject: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend Oreille
I uploaded this clip to YouTube five times, it failed to upload. I have a feeling
YouTube is programmed to avoid these folks.

So, I put the clip up on Vimeo, here’s the low-bandwidth version for dial-up;


Folks with broadband might be able to play this higher-quality video:


See if you can spot the bad edit. :O)

I’m working on the full show. It’s tough because I made a rough edit,
went to burn it on a disc for Don to see and it’s 5.7 GB, which is one
GB too big for a DVD. So I have to cut some stuff out. Where to begin?
And we have more to shoot. We’ll figure it out.

Two disc set? It could happen.



Edit: I finally got it on YouTube!

10 Sep 2008 13:37
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle

I don’t know which is more awesome…the work that’s being done or your record of it! Great work!

I can’t wait to see and share the finished product. Keep up the good work.


10 Sep 2008 14:31
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle
packs a punch, my wife’s new PC laptop screen went dead after a few mins then the laptop! This computer is new but sound went dead last week

keeps stopping so look forward the the finished version

10 Sep 2008 14:45
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle
Brilliant stuff, Andy, can’t wait for the DVD(s). Name your price Mr. Orange


10 Sep 2008 15:21
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle
From one perspective it looks like people dumping trash in the lake – to me its gripping stuff! Great work – Looking forward for more Mr. Blue

Andy Schwarm
14 Sep 2008 12:35
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle
Here’s Don & Carol Croft DVD Preview #2



14 Sep 2008 13:06
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle


Thank you Andy !

You can download youtube videos by using the firefox browser with the download helper add on.
Try it. Then get the VLC media player to play it . Mr. Yellow

Don Croft
15 Sep 2008 14:29
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle
We had a lot of fun with Andy during the week he stayed with us. One of his parting comments to me was, ‘Boy, you sure can talk!’

Sometimes he has to turn off the ‘comments’ function of his YouTube films because the $#itbird agencies like to fill them up with poison, like the following, which he shared with me before deleting–thought some of our readers would get a kick out of it, since they mainly learned the difference between debilitating, saccharine disinfo poison and genuine, empowering info before finally seeking us out:

plutitor has made a comment on Don & Carol Croft DVD Preview #2:
Sorry Andy, its [Don Croft?] a polymorphic operator (shapeshifter). Human eyes dont have different colors, dont change colors, dont change shape and …. they have something called iris. Check out “ORGONITE ROMANIA” video channel at vuze (former azureus) and youll see lots of similar videos with polymorphic operators (shapeshifters).


I hope I didn’t make you want to wash your hands Cool but watch for further agency attempts to paint Carol and I as bizarre/unsavory/lethal characters. I know that our personal friends will all get a hoot from reading this one.

I’ve always told folks that the work we’re all doing is hard science. In the context of ruining the fun of the world order’s felons, I’ve got in the habit of saying that orgone dyamics is ‘hard, ruthless science,’ rather Wink

When Andy suggested doing a film of Carol and I, we reckoned that this might be ‘next level’ exposure for us and would invite some new forms of interference and slander. Considering how hard the agency hackers have tried to prevent me from getting any photos on the web I had a sense thast putting a movie up would really put their skidmarked panties in a twist and Andy’s initial difficulty sure confirmed that hunch.

Thanks, Andy! Carol and I hope to go down south in October and that would enable Andy to get some footage of Carol talkiing, probably about cool ways to use gems, crystals, coils and metals for personal efforts and to interact synergistically with our elemental and cetacean kissing cousins.

It took me five months to shift my shape from 260 to 210 pounds, last year (followed Andy’s NutriSystem sucdess in that case) and I need to shift off another twenty pounds so I can carry sufficientn orgonite into the air to drop on surveilled, guarded, inaccessible mountaintop death ray arrays from my Doodlebug, shortly Cool


Andy Schwarm
15 Sep 2008 15:59
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle
I bet you can drop at least fifteen Lbs. in a month with Nutrasystem. I’ll have kept-off
over fifty Lbs. for two years, come November.

OK, Nutrasystem ad is over.

I checked-out that guys YouTube channel and he’s got some really weird videos.

To posit that he can see Don’s eyes more clearly than I could, spending a week with him then staring
at his un-compressed images for hours in editing, is beyond laughable. It’s stupid!

Before you see my videos on YouTube, they are compressed at least twice. Once when I convert my
High Def files into much smaller Windows Media files, then again when it’s uploaded to YouTube. The
compression seriously messes with the imagery. Those ten minute YouTube videos start-out as
about 2.50 GB HD files and are shrunk to about 35 MB for YouTube. So do the math, it’s a wonder
you can tell what’s left.

On one of my YouTube tower-gifting videos it shows me, freeze-framed on the thumbnail and I looked
at it and I thought, wow, that guy looks reptilian! Damn compression! LOL!

Next guy to make comments like Plutitor has to pay for a Blu-Ray disc, so they can see how full
of s#$% they are.

I had a great time with the Crofts, if they are Reptilians, here’s to Reptilians! The most “suspicious”
thing about them is they don’t watch broadcast TV. I think that’s part of why they are so clear.
I mentioned to Don today the tanking Dow and I doubt if he knew what I was talking about. He
has better things to do than be a BS sponge like most of us. :O)



Don Croft
16 Sep 2008 12:08
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle
Thx, Andy–we, too, are not prejudiced against reptiles Wink

Speaking of which, Andy was with Carol and I at a Denny’s near his place in LA–I think it was five years ago–and the only other diner was an old guy, wearing a belt and suspenders, who faced us throughout our meal and stared at us without changing his expression. His eyes were all black, just like in the horror movies Wink … All of us saw that. It was kind of like the meal at an IHOP outside of Atlanta that Carol and I shared with Al Bielek during which three hours (mostly talking, not eating) an androgenous couple with very weird facial features and apparent wigs sat and stared at us the enttire time, without even ordering any food. It seems like the waitresses avoided the room for the whole time Wink

When DB and I were trying out the then-new Powerwand at his place in Pasadena he took me on a tour of the neighborhood to point out the wetworkers from the variouis agencies who had murdered the previous residents (heart attacks) and moved into their homes in order to be ready to murder DB and his wife and kids on a moment’s notice.

As we passed near the NSA ‘safe house’ across the street, a gal drove a big car out of the driveway, right past us, and she had green skin, no hair, no ears and a little stubby nose. I say ‘gal’ because she was wearing female clothing. Later that day, I went on an errand and took his boys along with me. When I got back, he reported that two ambulances had shown up at the NSA house, not long after I’d left my Powerwand pointed at it on the fence. Two bodies were taken away, in different directions, and one of the bodies was covered by a sheet–I always wondered if that one was Green Gal.

That was the weirdest year of my life, including box surveillance, an attempted drug sting operation by the local cops on DB and ourselves, each, lots of spaceship encounters, overt reptilian and draconian encounters, etc. I wonder if anyone can show me fiction or $#!+bird disinformation that is more bizarre or interesting. I doubt it.

I think these little film clips are going to excite the old cadre of CIA/MI6 $#!+slingers to a frenzy and that, too, will be fun to watch and experience. Fortunately for me, ‘trouble’ is just another word for ‘fun.’

Thanks, Andy!

By the way, I opted for NutriSystem’s vegetarian plan and I immediately got constipated from all that processed soy. If someone chooses that plan, he/she ought to stock up on Cascara Sagrada capsules in order to keep things moving, then expect a considerable period of time for the colon to come back to life after the weight target has been achieved and you can stop ingesting soy. I think the orientals figured soy out thousands or millions of years ago: only fermented soy products ought to be eaten, except for edamame (green) and black soy. I think the oil is fine but please let’s not start a food debate in this thread, okay? Cool

We went to the Raw Spirit Festival in order to observe people who live on raw food and to see whether anyone has figured out how to make that stuff taste good, finally, and we were very pleased with who and what we found Wink so the next 20 pounds will be a snap, I think, and the [email protected] federal felons will probably no longer be able treat us like one of their biological weapon petrie dishes any more. David Wolfe is a hoot, by the way, and is sticking it right up the @$$ of the food nazi ideologues who had been ruling the roost for decades. ‘A Theosophist/mason by any other name is still a blood sucker,’ to paraphrase a poet. Wolfe avoids ideology like genital warts–my kind of guy; otherwise he reminds Carol and I of DB.


Don Croft
16 Sep 2008 12:29
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend O’Rielle
I’m going to write an exhaustive (at least I hope it doesn’tt exhaust you) report on our experience in Sedona with the raw food folks. I think I’ll call it, ‘Wolfe-man Encountter in Sedona’

Not much time to write on our way home but I can say that about half the people there knew about orgonite and most of them knew our names from that. About a quarter of the people already had bought our zappers and during most of each day we had several people sitting at our booth, trying zappers. I called it ‘The Parasite Ward.’

Everybody apparently held onto their money until the last (third) day, when we sold a pile of stuff and paid for the trip, at least Wink but the main reason we went was for the networking, which was extensive and substantive. These folks are pretty progressive and some of them are going to start busting death towers and building/buying cloudbbusters.

The first time Carol and I went to Sedona (to heal some of those crazy vortices with orgonite) eight years ago, the energy was very erratic, apparently due to so many europoid ‘shamans,’ ‘practicing’ on the vortices. Our orgonite smoothed it all out considerably but I think it wasn’t until Kelly went there, later, that it reached its present vibrancy. This is Kelly’s specialty, of course. I heard of two cloudbusters in Sedona and there are probably a couple more. We started to see a Sylph form on the first day but the next morning, as I attempted to reach Oak Creek to toss in an Eighteen to invite more Sylphs, a security guard chased me away Wink


Don Croft
16 Sep 2008 12:37
Subject: Re: DVD Preview; Don And Carol Gift Lake Pend Oreille
Carol and I live in the Big Lakes With Funny Names part of North Idaho. ‘Pend Oreille’ means ‘ear pendant’ in Middle French; ‘Coeur d’Alene’ means ‘eye of the needle’ in the same language. Apparently, the first Europoids in this region were trappers from Quebec, who got along well with Indians, by the way, unlike missionaries and corporate settlers, masons/satanists & soldiers. The other big lake is Priest Lake, which isn’t as funny–they could as well have named it Lake Pedophile, I suppose. Homer and I gifted that one.

If Middle French is as funny as Middle English I wouldn’t be surprised. My senior year high school English teacher on Guam (1966/7) was Father Donan Hickey, who was a Rhodes scholar in Middle English. I was pretty lucky to have him. He told us that the meanings of words can change over time. ‘Hussy’ used to mean, ‘wife,’ for instance, and he had a lot of fun sharing Chaucer’s CANTERBURY TALES’ raunchier bits with us. Language really is fun, especially crazy, polymorphic English.


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