E.W. Was Down, Again, Due To Sabotage

Don Croft
23 Oct 2008 05:18
Subject: E.W. was down, again, due to sabotage
That happened for a few hours, yesterday (Oct 21) when the entire server in Santiago, Chile, went down. Our business site, worldwithoutparasites.com , is also on that server.

Alejandro, our administrator, sent me the following:

Hi guys, the miserver.cl server which hosts EW and WWP is down, for some hours now. Probably sewer rat interference. I think it would be a good idea to look into this and expedite a quick solution to the problem.



I’m posting this for the record, also notifying the $#!+birds who may have been responsible that we’re coming for them tomorrow in the EW chatblastroom Cool . We had already scheduled a minisession, then, for Carolien in The Netherlands, whose orgonite.eu is being hit pretty hard by the government felons. When an orgonite vendor’s site is attacked by the sewer rat agencies it’s an endorsement–cheap advertising, really, but we also want to stay in business, so we few fight back on a regular basis.

I’ll post about it, afterward.


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