Earth Pipe Pyramids

Earth Pipe Pyramids
and other geometrically shaped devices are possible to make and they are easy to build.

Want Ambient Harmonic Healing Waveforms in your lives?

Don’t let these rather crude looking devices fool you, they are awesome, powerful and easy enough for ANYBODY to make. These buggers will disperse chemtrails and alot more! THEY ARE MADE WITH EARTH PIPES AND DUCT TAPE…

Quadruple X CHEMTRAIL (immediately over my home upon placing one of these on my roof) and yes it disappeared immediately!

Various shapes I have made.

It is now easy for anyone to quickly assemble a Super Harmonic Orgone Earth Pipe Device!

-A bucket of water inside the device in the photo above helped to bring flooding rainfall recently to our area that lasted for 9 days!

-My next experiment will to add a photo of a person in need of healing inside this device (along with a photo of the flower of life) and I will record the results shortly…

Within 20 minutes of putting the first pyramid on my roof (made with 8 each 2 foot long earth pipes) we received an X consisting of 4 intersecting lines instead of the usual 2 lines they have been making since the chemtrail spraying started and I instantly knew I was onto something POWERFUL

How to make a super powerful earth pipe. I use 1 and 2 foot long 3/4 inch diameter earth pipes out of emt metal pipes available at most hardware stores.
Here is the formulae!

We make awesome earth pipes by first pounding 1 or 2 foot pipes about 4 to 5 inches in the ground and then add a penny or copper shavings, a clear crystal (point down) a powerful magnet, a clear crystal (point up) then kyanite or selenite and a few pieces of amethyst or garnet (not in photo) and metal shavings before pouring in resin and packing the ingredients together.

Device in process

Giza Plateau on my roof?

We now have 3 pyramids on our roof and I know no one in my home slept under our roof for about a week before our body’s electrical fields adjusted to the new awesome energy!!!

Do I know what it was like to live in Ancient Egypt?

Maybe so I am not sure, but I think I know what it feels like to live inside a pyramid especially if you look at the trajectory of the 3 pyramidial shapes (on my roof). The energy pattern of the pyramid shape follows (downward) then my mobile would be completely covered from above and therefore it would be similar to living in a pyramid as above so below. You’ll have to see for yourselves and take the journey! Why do you think most of the elite’s buildings have pyramid or similar shaped roofs and buildings? Ambient Harmonic Waveforms. These devices are also easy to deploy any time and almost anywhere.


Earth Pipe Octahedron with orbs and more…

This is also an awesome meditation device


Hey Louis!

Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov

I feel very excited to hear about your ep polygons, just woke up that this could be also utilized in many configurations, and in antiG propulsion and for portals. You surely know the link on EW of the above scientist !


Thanks Silvio. I never heard of this scientist but I truly believe something beyond my present ability to comprehend is happening and I’ll have to check him out. My hopes are that this will eventually lead to more exciting things to come. (Orgone will help to unlock the secrets of the universe)

When I started working on this project I was trying to come up with an invention to help find a natural cure for people with alcohol and/or drug abuse problems.
Boy, wouldn’t the feds love to hear about this!
Afterall they are entering an altered state of consciousness when they abuse alcohol or drugs, so why not invent a device that would help them enter into an altered state of consciousness [u:1gqedgyf]naturally and safely [/u:1gqedgyf]call it meditation if you will. Then they might go this route instead and therefore a natural cure would take place.

Imagine an easy effective buzz without any chemicals!

Time will tell.


My intentions for these devices is not to sell them at this time, but to donate this CONFIGURATION to the world and show people how to make them along with the ingredients I am using as illustrated in the original post. This way others can make them and experience the wonderful results these devices produce.
Over and over again I have come to realize the role sacred geometry plays in our universe on every level.

During the past year I have the pleasure of meeting a few people from the state of Georgia who made beautiful, awesome, quantum leap sacred geometric devices using orgone generators that were nothing short of miraculous and I was able to make my own (easy to make and deploy anywhere) devices shortly after working with these remarkable folks.



it is an intersting device and it is good that is easy to make & assemble.
have you chosen to fill in the Ep´s half way or are they fully loaded?


I have made them both ways and both exceed my wildest imagination.
Some close friends of mine believe the crystal/magnet combination (1 crystal point up and the other point down with the magnet in between the two) put this idea ahead of many other things we have tried over the past several years. The other thing is these large spherical shaped magnets are available at Dollar General Stores 2 for a dollar and they are called "Sizzlers.’ which makes it easy for anybody to afford…