Earthpipes And European Battlefields

14 May 2008 19:09
Subject: Earthpipes And European Battlefields
14 May 2008
I have added earth pipe plugs as a new product to my web shop,
but I like to tell you something about my inspiration to do so.

During many of our past boosting sessions, the psychics found – time and again -
important vortexes located at battlefield area’s. My most vivid memory is the
Verdun vortex in France, where we actually freed hundreds of souls in the process
of healing the vortex……

Surely, these numerous deaths are a huge source of DOR, which apparently can stop
a vortex from spinning. But consider the impact of this: the vortex was there BEFORE
the Verdun battle took place. Could it be that the war was meant to escalate at that location?

Now look at the picture below of the Battle of The Scheldt – Holland 1944 (13.000 deaths).
And compare it with the location of huge transmitters (in red) on the composed map.
Do you see any similarities?



What kind of DOR are they transmitting? These are the only “television and radio� towers
in the whole province of Sealand, Holland. And the Dutch population over there is very low.

The Scheldt Battle was led by Montgomery, the same general that led the Battle of Arnhem
and “accidentally� dropped the paratroopers too far away for a swift allied rescue action then.
Operation Market Garden costed 13.000 lives too. I happen to grow up in that area.

I think European soil can do with A LOT of earth pipes!



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15 May 2008 02:13
Subject: Re: Earthpipes And European Battlefields
Nice post Carolien. One of the things we are proven time and again is there are no coincidences, right?
The placement of transmitters is often awkward from a “normal” point of view but once you start looking at factors concerning energy (the location of battles, churches, cemeteries, power plants, etc and how often they overlap the Earth Grid and each other) it all becomes very simple to understand.
Great addition to the shop!


15 May 2008 03:07
Subject: Re: Earthpipes And European Battlefields
Do you have to find the vortex?

Have a village nearby, Grosmont, whose Castle was sacked by Cromwell, I think. Even some locals say there is a nasty undercurrent, don’t know if that is an earth line or the est 1,000 deaths during a battle during Glendower’s time, plus what Cromwell did. You can see Castle on right. Have put 2 HHgs there.

15 May 2008 03:19
Subject: Re: Earthpipes And European Battlefields
John, I don’t think you need to find a vortex… if we had to rely on that kind of skills this gifting movement would never have left off the ground.
The basic feeling of nastiness one gets from cemeteries, hospitals and old battlefields is more than enough confirmation that something needs to be done and that kind of feeling anyone can get. The trapped souls will be much grateful.


18 May 2008 16:11
Subject: Re: Earthpipes And European Battlefields
The Shelt was stormed by the Calgary Highlanders on “all hallowes eve” with great loss from all people involved. It was a blood sacrifice of huge proportion.

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