Earthpipes Around Mount Fuji

> Dear Mr. Don Croft,

> My name is Ayumi Sasaki and I live in Sapporo, Japan. I have been a
> friend
> of Hugh Lovel for the past 8 , 9 years and have been promoting the use of
> Hugh’s Field Broadcaster here in Japan. I can not thank you enough for
> your work for the world and for introducing the technologies to so many
> people on the planet.

> Your friend Tetsuzi gave me your e-mail address. Tetsuji(Tetsuzi ) and I
> are
> working together now to subdue the seimic activities that are going on
> around Mt. Fuji in Japan. Tetsuji will make several Earth Pipes and we
> will
> put them in the ground around the mountain. I think that will stop the
> mountain from erupting. I would like you to assure us of this also.

> About your Chembusters. Could you please let me know of some cases where
> you saw most remarkable effects of the device on the environment? I know
> what happened in the Namib Desert after Gert made one. I’d like to know
> similar stories concerning Chembusters.

> Thank you very much ! I will await your response.
> Best wishes,
> Ayumi


It’s good to hear from you again, Ayumi! I remember you, of course, and I"m very happy that you and Tesuji-san will be coordinating efforts around Mount Fuji. He emailed me about this last week. I’m going to ask our psychics for advice on specific locations for earthpipes and I’ll send you and Tetsuji the information. It’s usually adequate to put the devices in the vicinity of a location rather than on an exact coordinate but I’m sure that you both will know what to do.

Hugh, whom I was very priveleged to meet, four years ago, is making and selling orgonite cloudbusters in Australia, as you know, but I haven’t heard from him since he moved there, three years ago. What he might not realize is that in order to draw rainfall to Australia’s interior it’s probably necessary to first disable the weather warfare transmitters along the coast. This has been done along North America’s coasts and Georg did it on the Indian Ocean coast of Southern Africa, which is why there’s been consistent and abundant rainfall across the Kalahari Desert since early 2004, along with all of the farmland. A famine had been predicted for that region, before, and a score of orgonite cloudbusters in the Kalahari had failed to achieve rain until those coastal weather warfare transmitter arrays were disabled .

If you want some very concise, dated information about specific effects of cloudbusters in very inhospitable region I hope you’ll read Georg Ritschl’s accounts on Please note that it’s usually essential to also disable the ‘death towers’ and weather warfare transmitters in any area before regular, balanced weather patterns can be re-established. This is something that I was simply unable to demonstrate for Hugh before his departure to Australia–I only spent an afternoon with him, after all, but as you can see, the little cloudbuster we left with him produced some good, observable results. He calls his orgonite cloudbusters by another name, by the way.

Those accounts from Southern Africa, along with many, many similar ones, are also on but gleaning all that from the latter would requre a lot of time and effort for you to compile. Georg’s reports are all together on his site and are arranged chronologically. He got started right after Carol and I visited Gert Botha in Namibia in late 2001. Georg lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We’ve never called our invention ‘chembuster’ because disabling chemtrails is only a minor aspect of what this simple device is capable of. YOu will see the chemtrails dissipate above Sapporo, though, if someone else hasn’t already set up an orgonite cloudbuster, there.

There are apparently many orgonite cloudbusters throughout Japan, according to observations we’ve gotten from English-speaking visitors and residents in your country.

It’s the only sure way to get rid of smog, by the way, so if you’ll set one up in a very smoggy area you’ll get immediate and profound observable confirmation, in addition to restoring healthy clouds to the sky and diminishing chemtrails.

I’m glad that you seek confirmation, by the way, but only personal experience/experimentation will convince you, please understand.

Very shortly, I’ll confer with Carol, Dooney and Dr Steve and I’ll send you a list of suggested locations for the earthpipes around Mt Fuji, perhaps also some other locations in Japan that may be set to dislocate or erupt.