Earthpipes Increasing Oilwell Production?

Don, thanks so much for the referral to dr VonPeters, my wife and I doing well by him. Question: have you heard of instances or theory that earthpipes could stimulate a latent oil field or precipitate abiotic oil…? I, in year or two ago, EPed my friends area now he has a successful oil well. Areas all around drilled before without success. Heard of instances EPs stimulate old fields out production? thanks allen j.

Googling “russian scientist pyramid oil,” there are also claims on the etherwebs that Pyramids increase oil production. Knowing this, are mountains natural pyramids?
So much cool stuff to learn its too bad academia doesn’t “take risks.” Who really has the time resources to investigate these phenom the best? One glorious dawn, me hopes, meantime hats off to the Etheric research team.