East african orgonite


Those are the pictures of Orgonite we make.And are one of those we take to Somalins . As we goes on we are now making the powerful ones,
Mrs O .

Mrs O, I asked Carol to look at photos of your original orgonite and the newer orgonite and she feels that the new stuff is about fifty percent stronger, also that the older stuff is more than adequate for any job.

I’ve felt a little anxious, before now, that you will be able to keep to the front of the inevitable competitive business aspect of this work but now I feel assured that you’ll all do this very well. Carol and I have managed to remain relatively successful by constantly adding innovative features to our products, after sufficient field testing of course. In our case, most of the international competition is friendly and there are many ways to add features to orgonite to create the same effects, after all.

Greetings to Fatuma while you and Benedict are in Somalia, again! Benedict has told me that many East Africans are now reading the reports on ethericwarriors.com and that they want more information, here, in Kiswahili so I encouraged him to translate and post as much material in Kiswahili as he’s able. This is also a good indication that it’s time for you all to have at least one website.

I’m very glad to see that Billy is handling the business at home admirably well in your absence, especially since the demand for orgonite is growing and people are arriving from Tanzania to learn more about it from him.

In the future, universities around the planet will be studying the progress of your pioneering enterprise that has the potential to revolutionize the fortunes of that continent and beyond. I feel like I’m standing in your shadow, now


Now we have come to a new done where industrialization goes together with the practical gifting in the areas that had been severely hit by different problems as draught famine among others misfortunes.Our factory where we do make the the orgonite now we have started making the new modern orgonites,and i believe soon all the best of orgonite will come from our plant in East Africa [Image Can Not Be Found];
Now Billy and some of our counterparts are busy at work even when i m away.For that reason i hope a greater success will be on our side.Fatuma and Benedict have seen that you greeted them in the EW and they are very happy.
It’s my experience every time that we make the orgonites many people normally have the interest of coming to learn on how to make them i do allow them to see and this has also increased the awareness of the business [Image Can Not Be Found]
Chris and Nicholas in the Musoma area in Tanzania there are some people whom they want to go and teach how to make the orgonites,from that i trust that orgonite will spread abroad and cover a wider areas of Tanzania.
Really website will be of a greater advantage to us for we will be able to post our findings in Swahili a language that most of our East Africa will understand better
Mrs O