East Coast 2 West Coast Giting

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Can you spot the Tower Buster ? [Image Can Not Be Found];

If you think cell towers are not weaponry against the mind and planet, think again.

The death towers are everywhere, really everywhere and cell phone transmissions are done by
satellites [Image Can Not Be Found] . Debunkers can debunk all day long, but it doesn’t take more than a few brain cells to see the obvious.

I just drove from Massachusetts to California and back again and I can tell you there are thousands
of death towers along the highways I traveled.
Obviously, I didn’t have the thousands of orgonite towers busters to gift them all, but I got a few .
[Image Can Not Be Found]

I took photos and will post later of some of the towers I gifted.

Do you live along Interstate 80 or Interstate 70 ?

If you do you need to get busy and either buy some tb’s or make some and get out and bust them.



[Image Can Not Be Found]

Gotcha ! I think this is a Doppler Death Tower south of Chico California .
Stay tuned more photos coming.

Hi All

I watched the excellent and still timely film by John Carpenter ‘They Live’ last night and a thought I’d been playing with for some time solidified:

are these things being used to terraform?


[Image Can Not Be Found]

I got this e-mail yesterday from a non poster, but Orgonite gifter just the same.

I love positive feedback bty, not to toot my own horn either. Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]

hi eric,

XXXXX here… i wanted to say “thank you” again for gifting out here! i was tee totally delighted to see that tower south of chico that you gifted. probably at about the same time you were gifting that, i was gifting all of the towers i could find in chico. i left about 30 tbs in the city and another 10 or so in the surrounding area. it’s a start… the air there is horrible and it needs much more. the air here in northeastern california has cleared up considerably in the last two weeks. something seems to have shifted, and if it was your gifting that tipped the scales, i am profoundly grateful!

also, i wanted to tell that i appreciate your putting in a word about all the gifting that still needs to be done. the sheer # of towers along interstates is staggering…. the towers are everywhere, as you say, coast to coast.

one more thing… : ) some of your aluminum shavings went into orgonite that i sent to my sister in virginia to do some gifting with. she was dubious, to say the least, but did it anyway… she took a tb to a tower that she had to hike to, and once she’d left the tb and turned around to start the walk back home she said that it felt like the quality of the light around her changed dramatically. she said she felt like it was getting dark behind her… so she turned around and everything between her and the tower was a brilliant blue – the trees, the sky, the grass, the tower, everything. she thought she was either losing her mind or her eyesight, so she quickly walked away. a few minutes later she turned around again to see if it was still the same, and it had all returned to normal… needless to say she’s become a believer in orgonite! also i told her to put a tb in a small, murky fishpond on a neighbor’s property, which she did. she says the water is unbelievably clear now! yea!!

okay, that’s it! thank you again…

all the best,


Death Tower Photos, just a sampling of the Gifted Towers I was able to get too. [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Fair weather Clouds over Nevada

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Wind Farm off RT 6 East of Provo.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Why are these 3 Clouds moving through the sky like UFO’s East of Provo Utah ?

[Image Can Not Be Found]

RT 80 Doppler in nowhere Nevada. Got it !

[Image Can Not Be Found]

RT 70 Death Tower East of Moab Utah. Got it !

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Colfax CA just off RT 70 . I had to hike uphill to this Gift these two Death Towers ! 6 Firemen were at the top of the hill when I got there
standing around. I didn’t want to ask them what they were doing though. [Image Can Not Be Found]
They asked me what I was doing though. [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Klamuth River Death Tower just West of RT 5. No cell reception next to this one though . [Image Can Not Be Found];

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Death Tower South of Chico CA

[Image Can Not Be Found]

West of St.Louis on RT 70 Gifted !

[Image Can Not Be Found]

East of Kansas City on RT 70. Gifted !

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