Easter Giving :)

Easter Sunday I had the pleasure of going into the Dorchester section of Boston and

gifting the death towers that have been concealed on rooftops and church steeples.

I also gifted a huge illuminati cemetary, 2 hospitals, a zoo and a couple of parks and of course a few streams which snake through that part of the city.

Dorchester has sort of had a revival over the last 10 years, but it still is economically challenged and has a high crime rate, so much so that the crooked mayor mumbles

menino, locals call him mubles, because he mumbles when he speaks, plus it fits with his last name has declared war on Dorchester by hiring more cops to shake down and incarcerate the local colored folks.

Menino is so crooked the hiring of more cops is just a way to get his cronies on the payroll and has nothing to do with stopping crime and certainly the locals don’t believe that more cops stop crime. Believing that b.s. went out in the 70’s.

Boston is bankrupt in case you don’t know, so adding 300 more cops isn’t going to stretch the coffers anymore than they are stretched already,not.

What more deserving place is there than Dorchester MA for my orgonite ?

The deather towers are everywhere, block after block on roof tops and in the church steeples and I believe they are cranked up as much as possible given the

increase in crime and general hightened stress of the area.

Dorchester doesn’t have to have high crime or exist with everyday life living in a microwave set on high anymore than

your town does, not when Orgonite is present.

So, Easter Sunday was my opportunity to heal Dorchester and the poor folks that have no idea that the ubiquitious death towers are cooking them alive.

Gifting was rather easy with the streets almost deserted in observance of Easter.

I don’t have the exact number of tb’s tossed , but it was substantial.

I even got 2 helicopters to fly over my head while driving and looking for towers(coincidence?).

The helicopters were my confermation that the DOR levels were being reduced from all the orgonite I had been tossing.

I managed to regift a few towers that grew since the last time I gifted them over 3 years ago. I’m glad that I went back to get them [Image Can Not Be Found]

I gifted a monstorous tower located at the comcast headquarters in Roslindale.

I posted a pic of that one. The energy around that one was especially bad.

It’s located right behind a shopping plaza too, just so everyone who shops there gets blasted everytime they go to the pharmacy or to dunkin donuts.

I’m especially thankful to the generous people who have sent me cash to help

pay for my orgonite supplies and to keep me going and going and going

while I close in on 20,000 tb’s made over the last 5 years !

I’m not there yet, but I’m closer to 20,000 than to 10,000 !

This one especially nasty, besides the generators at the base of it , it had 3

transformers leading to it and then across the street the lines go to another

generator sitting by a metal shop. This is the first time I’ve seen 3 transformers

leading up to a tower and then an offsite generator on top the huge ones in the bunker at it’s base . If you enlarge this photo it almost looks like the camera has picked up the energy signature of the tower. There are waves coming off the top

of the mast. This would be a first if a digital camera can pick up DOR energy .

You saw it first here, if that’s the case [Image Can Not Be Found]

This tower is less than a mile from the one above in Roslindale . They really want to

cook this neighborhood good with these 2.

This one is located at the Comcast headquarters for the area.

I’ve got more than one tb here, so if you find one LOSERS, you still have more to

go looking for [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m putting together a HUGE photo site of gifted towers at flikr.com and invite you all to see some of the 100’s of gifted towers that I’ve photographed over the years.

I’ll post the link shortly, Cool