Easter Night Gifting Expedition

The following is an email I recently sent to Don that I have posted here for your enjoyment:

Hey, Don, I just thought I’d let you in on some interesting experiences I had gifting on Easter night.

I had mapped out the location of the last seven cell towers in the area of the county where I live. These were in more remote locations than the last few I’d gifted. Except for one that was slyly located behind a shopping center, the other six could only be reached by long, winding access roads. It was a very cloudy, windy night at about 12:30 am when I set out. A particularly nasty storm was rolling in, but it wasn’t raining yet. A heavy mugginess was in the air all evening, and I felt it was probably a HAARP related storm due to the heavy cloud cover but lack of rain for several hours straight. I hadn’t originally planned on gifting that night, but I wasn’t tired, and I felt a strange desire to go ahead and gift all those towers at once. Being the kind of person who trusts his instincts, and an adventurer, I wasn’t about to ignore that inclination, even as bad a night as it was. Looking back now, I’m very glad that I followed my intuition. There was hardly anyone on the road on a cloudy Easter Sunday night. I didn’t see one single cop car for the whole twenty five miles that I drove – compared to the legions of cop cars I normally see patrolling the area both day and night due to the close proximity of two major military bases. I have a feeling that had I attempted to do this on any other night or during the day, I probably would have been caught. Many thanks to the Operators for keeping me out of trouble and letting me know exactly when to gift!

The second tower I visited was on an access road next to a baseball field and a little behind a small Sheriff’s station. I took three tbs with me for this tower because I had a feeling beforehand that it was going to be a beast. I noticed right away that it was different from the other towers I had busted; it was giving out really strong negative energy, and it immediately gave me a headache when I got past the front access gate. When I was about fifteen feet from the tower, I could feel the three tbs in my right hand reacting pretty strongly to the overall energy field of the tower, and then the tower let out a loud electrical moaning sound for several seconds (I read on your boards before about this strange noise occasionally happening to other gifters, but it hadn’t happened to me yet on my other gifting expeditions). The two green lights on the side of the tower closest to me changed from green to red, which made it all the more creepy – appearing as if two demon eyes were staring at me in the darkness. The tower wasn’t a regular triangular shaped tower, like the previous ones I had gifted. It was in front of an electrical distribution station (or at least what appeared to be one), and both the station and the tower were outfitted with some heavy duty HAARP/radionics equipment. I quickly tossed two tbs into the bushes on two different sides of the tower and one into a water ditch nearby. I decided to go back the my car and get one more larger rectangular piece of orgonite to toss into the bushes on the side nearest to both the tower and the station. When I got to that side of the tower I noticed a surveillance camera directly above me. Luckily, it was really dark, and my hair obscures my face fairly well, so I don’t think it got a good shot of me. I turned my back to the camera and tossed the orgonite far into some bushes where the camera couldn’t see and where it would be hard to get to and completely unnoticeable. Having thoroughly busted that eerie place, I hurried back to my car and hauled it out of there to bust the five other towers.

The first, third, fourth and fifth towers all appeared to be turned off, and most were in remote wooded areas. The gates to the access roads were all mysteriously wide open, and I tossed two tbs in the vicinity of each of these towers. I saw a white rabbit dart into the bushes as I was pulling into the fifth tower, and at the fourth tower, the one adjacent to a shopping center, I saw the shadow of a person nearby as I pulled in, when there wasn’t really anyone there. It gave me the heebie jeebies for a bit, but luckily, having lived in really haunted places for most of my life, and being used to the paranormal, I just shrugged it off and kept going.

The rush and inertia I was experiencing after gifting all those towers back to back was absolutely incredible, but I hit a stumbling block when I got to the last two towers. The two towers were side by side on a major highway and immediately adjacent to cheap housing that was only leased out to military personnel (I guess the government really likes to keep their soldiers mentally unstable and cancer ridden). There were two different access roads going to both towers, but the gates were closed, and the access roads were only about eight feet from the edge of the road to the gate, so anybody driving by could see my car parked there and would probably surmise that I was trespassing, especially with the big yellow “No Trespassing” signs on both gates clearly visible from the road. I actually got back in my car and turned around to head back home, a little frustrated at the gates being closed. But then something came over me, and I suddenly said to myself, “Ah, the hell with it.” I pulled a quick U-turn, drove back to one of the access roads, got out of the car orgonite in hand, and jumped the fence, which was actually fairly low to the ground and shoddily constructed out of aluminum crossbars. I came all that way to gift those towers, and by God I was going to do it. I brought three tbs and a rectangular piece of orgonite with me to each tower and thoroughly busted both, even throwing two tbs into a drainage canal that ran under both access roads via two small bridges.

I arrived back home at 2:30 am. I had even stopped along the way to drop off an extra tb at two towers I had previously gifted just to be sure they were sufficiently busted. I drank one Red Stripe beer (I was in a Jamaican mood for some reason) in celebration and then fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and saw tornado warnings and reports for Alabama and to the immediate East of this county. There were tornado warnings Sunday night as well for the Pensacola area, and looking on the weather map the next morning an entire two county size blotch of red severe storms was over the area at the same time I was gifting and afterwards when it finally rained – only a few hours after I had finished gifting. As severe a storm as it was, I’m amazed it didn’t rain on me the whole two hours I was gifting – it didn’t even sprinkle. I don’t think there were any tornado touchdowns either, which is doubly odd, because even a cursory glance at weather patterns over the years around this area shows that mid April usually yields a few major tornado touchdowns each year. The world odor does seem to have an obsession with engineering tornadoes between the 12th and 19th of April. So perhaps the urge for me to gift that night had another purpose, and maybe I had something to do with preventing a major tornado outbreak in my county and the surrounding areas. There’s simply no telling when it comes to these things.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my gifting report. It sure was an adventure for me, and I’m certain I’ll have some other interesting gifting stories, observations, and experiments with orgonite in the future. I have just obtained survey maps of the county (being an archeologist for awhile helped quite a bit in this area), and I am looking for important energy vortexes and peculiar natural landmarks to place HHGs. I suspect some of the Indian mounds and old Spanish forts are built over at least a few vortexes. Also, there’s a mysterious circle of seven pines in the woods near where I’m staying and a 250 year old oak tree with a human like face on the trunk (a possible home for a dryad elemental?) at my dad’s house that is slowly dying due to damage from Hurricane Ivan. I’m hoping I can revive it with some orgonite placed at the base of it. I highly suspect my dad’s property might be home to its own energy vortex, with all its history, spirit activity and rare and unusual plant life. That would be an interesting non-coincidence wouldn’t it?

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