Easy Rain In The Arizona Desert

This is Don, using Carol’s computer:

We arrived in Quartzsite, Arizona, with Dooney and Dr STevo, three days ago, to hunt for crystal/gem bargains, especially for Lemurian seed crystals for CArol’s pyramids. Since the CIA apparently sabotaged the Lemu market a couple of years ago it’s been really tough to find them; before that they were cheap and abundant

On our first day in town I stuck our little boat cloudbuster up through the sun roof of our parked car, all day, and by mid afternoon clouds had started to gather in the previously clear sky—very Sylphy creations, by the way.

That night, it rained gently for several hours, only stopping around sunrise. You might know that it rarely rains around here.

The second day in town was marked with lots of healthy cumulus clouds overhead, which is also very untypical here. There was a thunderstorm in sight, over some distant mountains.

I’m very excited about this, mainly, because in the past it wasn’t so easy to make rain in the desert around here, which indicates to me that a lot of hard work, by a lot of people in this region over the years, is paying off, now.

On our way down here Carol apparently got a vision of a ‘black hole’ of draining energy in a huge area of central Nevada, also one south of Tucson in the Mexican desert. We’re pretty sure that some earthpipes in those areas, along with a couple hundred TBs, might stop that energy drain and finally reverse this enormous desert. If we can’t get to it on our way home we’ll surely come back in the springtime, though somebody else might need to get the one in Mexico.

There’s a lot of promotion of ‘new, improved tech’ on this website and it’s been a challenge for me to convince some of our readers that these new suggesytions, most of which aren’t thoroughly tested, don’t supercede the time-tested, basic devices that mos people continue to use successfully. The hell of it, for me, is that the well-meaning people who casually promote new notions are my good friends and might not understand that when I challenge them to more thoroughly research and prove their claims I’m not just ‘guarding turf,’ but am rather just asking them to abide by the same relentless standards that Dr Reich, himself, used when advancing claims. Also, the claims are usually spontaneous and based on good observations of sometimes-temporary, sometimes longer-lasting effects. These folks aren’t responsible for assuring that our readers won’t misinterpret their offerings but over the years I’ve seen a lot of unfortunate trends develop from such innocently offered claims by reputable people. Some of that stuff, like ‘magnets in cloudbusters,’ ‘mobius coils that are not connected to frequency devices,’ etc. simply mystify inexperienced readers and sidetrack them.

It’s kind of weird how the silly stuff takes on a life of its own in terms of being vigorously promoted by inexperienced folks and if someone won’t occasionally draw attention to this dynamic it will supercede more rational discussions pretty fast. I thimk it’s simply human nature to be magentically drawn to the arcane. irrational and bizarre.

When I found Gert Botha’s funky. cobbled-together little half scale cloudbuster in the Namib Desert in November, 2001, I was happy to see that something so unassuming had done such a miraculous job of consistently stopping HAARP-boosted sandstorms dead in their tracks. Really. the margin of success for simple orgonite devices is so enormous that there’s no need to mystify this process or to assume that proprietary offerings are somehow required in order to get grand results.

That said, there are some individuals, here, who do things that are so astonishing that we probably won’t understand them except with hindsight, perhaps much later on. Kelly’s one of them and after five years, Carol and I are seeing some encouraging patterns developing around his globetrotting that enable us to understand the intelligent nature of orgone, as it operates on a grand scale. If you. too, are feeling less and less threatened by un-busted death towers and, especially, chemtrail remnants, then you might be witnessing this curious aspect of constnatly improving ambience due to the accelerating shift of the energy matrix of our planet toward the positive side.

Meanwhile, the disinformation sites are making more noise than ever about chemtrails, martial law, banksters, arcane black ops weaponry, ad nauseum. I even get threatening emails from people who subscribe to the Chicken Little sites and refuse to consider that the world is actually getting better, now, and the bad guys are losing ground, finally. My response to those is to courteously challenge them to experimen with orgonite where they live and work and to observe the mind-boggling but subtle effects, then to consider spending less time on disinformation sites and more time improving our world.


Hi Don and Carol.

The Arizona Gem show is the grand daddy of all gemshows. It runs for a month and at several locations.

My wholesaler is there for the entire month and perhaps may have the seed crystals Carol is looking for.

Just let me know what size Carol is looking for and I will find them ! [Image Can Not Be Found] I have over a dozen right now that are from 3" to 10" long. Here’s one, that I think would make a nice succor punch. I can get back to you on where my wholesaler’s table is if you’re interested.