Eboli And Sant'Arsenio

Hello everyone,

our gifting trip to Sarno was a success according to my observations and the ones of the CB owner there: he enthusiastically reports natural rainfalls and the same beautiful cumuli that I witnessed and photographed yesterday. Strange enough, the day before yesterday a warm wind probably coming from Northern Africa brought sand with it – this is a phenomenon that happens few times a year caused by a wind called “sciroccoâ€?- so the sky was really gloomy; then, late in the evening, a natural rain started to fall down cleaning everything so well that it was just nice to watch all that. Thanks to the rain which fell also overnight, yesterday the sky was deep blue with puffy and healthy clouds especially over Sarno and Montevergine that is not so far. We gifted that big array months ago with great undeniable results. The photo shows the sky yesterday over Montevergine, on the right, and Sarno on the left:


Isn’t that nice? It’s obvious that we made a real change gifting almost all of the mountain top arrays in our province with simple orgonite.

I took one over my CB:


Last Monday I happened to be closer to the Sarno river so I tossed other TBs into it from S. Maria la Carità to Scafati and gifted some minor towers on the way there so I believe this will help a lot. This satellite image shows the Sarno river debouchment so you can figure out how much it is polluted:

https://maps.google.it/maps?ll=40.729802 … &t=h&hl=it

Actually, there is another big antenna that we gifted last Sunday near Eboli: I wanted to gift it because it is the last important one that was still ungifted for a hundred kilometres so it needed a visit. In the rain, as it seems to be the rule lately, we reached the town after busting some towers by the motorway and tried to get to the place where the antenna was from one side of the hill but without success: it was too far to gift it and too rainy to go on foot so we decided to go back to the town and try from the other side. At last, after asking the right direction, we found ourselves in front a gate and a long fence protecting a psychotherapeutic centre for addicts that had the array in its farm. We could have walked to gift it but it was still too rainy so, as a last resource, we phoned the centre saying that we were two journalists doing a survey on electromagnetic pollution and wanted to take photos of the antenna. A man came to the gate by car so we told him the same thing and showed him a fake credible card that we had found in our wallets. Luckily, he was going home so he let us in and closed the gate. A few minutes later we drove past the centre, headed to the array and busted it with a nice “necklace” of TBs:


After that, we stopped at the centre and said that we were done with our survey and wanted to leave. Another man took us to the gate and thanked us for taking care of the environment. I replied that the waves of the array were bad for the young people living there and thanked him for letting us enter [Image Can Not Be Found];

Before going back home we stopped to bust another antenna that overlooks Battipaglia, a few kilometres from Eboli:


I guess this report is the right place to post about another gifting trip we made some time ago to Sant’Arsenio, a village 40 kms far from Eboli, at the back of the beautiful Monti Alburni in our province.
I knew about this installation so we took the chance to gift it accompained by an old friend who lives in a town nearby. It was a nice gifting because it was snowing when we got there:




The installation overlooks the Vallo di Diano which once was a lake:


We also busted that antenna in the medieval Teggiano:


I think it’s all for now.

Ciao ,

The Vittorious [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks a lot, Vittorio for the successful gifting of south Italy.
improving good climate with abundant rain is the bigger confirmation of your great work. [Image Can Not Be Found];

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