Eclipse - this is an email i got recently

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as it may have been mentioned in previous blue posts, total eclipses of the sun, shut down certain areas of the holographic system which earth is built on
the areas where the eclipse touch is where the leylines and the energy grids where light manifests as matter and memory are shut down
now this can be regarded as a good or bad thing, as it enables upgrades and maintenance work to be done at this points onthe grid network
much likened to that of a fileserver that needs to be shutdown for maintenance or upgrades
this is why some religions or cultures regard eclipses as holy or significant signs
preceding eclipses, you may generally find a hive of activity, tension at those points as certain groups fight it out to secure those areas as they only have 4 minutes approx to get in, do the maintenance or the upgrade, perhaps install some nasty programs into the grid system or maybe bypass, remove some nasty virus in the grid system … depending which side can secure the grid points …
since the eclipse runs thru several countries, different sides will access different parts of the grids … these eclipses give you indication as to some of the reasons why skirmishes, outbreaks or wars are fought … lands invaded etc etc …
also be aware that to a lessor degree it is an opportune time to focus, heal, patch up ones own self, as the grid shuts down, some of the programs don’t run and may allow one to perhaps see more clearly, or sense more clearly within and without unabated by programs been run

this is an email i got recently and thought it should be looked at. we have been finding and reversing wheels. i wonder if there is

a relationship to any of this and might it be an opportune time to

do wheel work along the line of this eclipse which will happen this wednesday 3/29. more to follow. i just wanted to get this up

quick tonight. sorry for messiness ps if this seems like hooey, ok. i seek others opinions .

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To: jackson
Date Sent: March 27, 2006 02:19

“do wheel work along the line of this eclipse which will happen this wednesday 3/29.”

I’d like to suggest that we agree on 3 or 4 sites. ( Maybe T can see where it will be best to focus)

My suggestions; Rio-- southern Turkey ( Cappudocia?)— Russia We could have time coordinated using this:

or any other good clock. Lets strategize before the event.


(jackson) #3

here is the list of places under shadow with the exact times. note the times of maximum blackout in planning for blasting.

(jackson) #4

here is a page that shows the picture of the overall path and also more detailed maps

of the exact areas impacted superimposed on maps

(jackson) #5

here is the area of greatest eclipse

(jackson) #6

the nasa long/lat positions with a very lousy chart, almost like they don’t want you to bother.

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ceed sent me a pm which appears up in the thread. i feel much the same way about handling it.

i was originally inspired to concentrate on brazil, the glass desert in libya/egypt, the sinai ,soddom, the takla-makan in nw china and tha gobi. the desert theme was related to areas where nuclear blasts or comet strikes may have occurred in the ancient past.

i also like the spot of maximum eclipse shown.

the question is: where are the wheel locations along its path or earth grid locations along the path?

tracey anne or carol may see where to concentrate as may anyone else here. please help decide what targets.

(jackson) #8

the entire event lasts from 8:36 to 11:46 universal time. the blasting times are four minute windows at the locations chosen. we could concievably blast 48 places in the time parameters. of course we will be reasonable

and just really nail some juicy spots. surgical, i say.

(Ceed) #9

Jeff those are great links and the maximum shadow view is particularly good.

Since we have limited specific time to work, I’d suggest we anticipate and do what can be done in advance. Perhaps we can request operator’s assistance. We might look to see the location. We could prioritize sites along the umbra path as being most critical to near future events.

Having looked at the URL’s you put up, my sense of the area above Antalya in southern Turkey says this is a key spot. I’d also like to focus around Natal in Brazil at the moment of sunrise. I’d use this initial moment to set the stage for ALL the wheels which fall under the shadow of this eclipse, and with that thought firmly established proceed in a coordinated time line to other designated locations. I too “like the spot of maximum eclipse shows”- the area under the circled portion of path in Libya.

Since you started this thread I’ll leave it up to you and I know we can coordinate with success.


(jackson) #10

ok, doc, i really like your ideas. i would like to add one spot to that, which is

lake bosumtwi, ghana. its a meteor crater and a sacred site to the locals.

i was looking at trying to overlap, the earth grid lines on the umbral path, too.

(Ceed) #11

Hope this is not too difficult to read. Formatting is messed up on the board, me thinks.

BRAZIL—-Recife SUNRISE, MAXIMUM 08:34, END 09:33 ;;;;

Ghana —Accra BEGINS 08:01, MAXIMUM09:11 , END10:30 ;;;

Libya —Tripoli BEGINS 09:09, MAXIMUM10:23, END11:41 ;;;

Turkey —Ankara BEGINS 09:45, MAXIMU11:02, END12:17 ;;;



(Anonymous) #12

Hello there,

I have just looked at the map of the globe with the sweep of the eclipse’s
path marked on in grey… two points seemed to jump out at me…

  1. The first point is situated in the Atlantic ocean, and is two thirds of
    the way from Brazil to Africa/one third of the way out from the African
  2. The second point is where the grey path of the eclipse, travelling North,
    is about to make contact with the Black Sea.

Apart from these two points, I’m very very happy to trust your hunches,