Ecological architecture

Hi there! :long time since I last posted here, login was hacked… So you’ll excuse me if this post is long.

I have been testing beeswax to make orgonite with in the last few months, and the results have been interesting. My idea was to substitute the plastic resin with beeswax, hoping to create ‘organic orgonite’. This failed, and I’ll talk about it further down. First I want to elaborate on a subject that seems important to me.

Because I have a girlfriend that is sensitive to atmospheres, in houses and other buildings, I have found myself looking into ecological architecture a few years ago. I lived in France, then, and ‘architecture ecologique’ is quite big there, as it apparently is in Germany and Austria and maybe some other countries as well. I have not come across the subject in dutch or english literature, although I have not really searched hard. The subject is quite old, and a lot of basic principles have been established over the years apparently. On wich materials (not) to use, on where to build a house, its form, …. Principles from Feng Shui, domotherapy, geobiology, kinesiology, have been incorporated into a whole new field. But one doesn’t need elaborate theories -except maybe for complicated issues such as isolation or brick wall construction- and common sense quickly takes over, once one has understood the basic principles. If you were to come across a new type of antenna, strange in form or placement,… you wouldn’t start explorating all over again the way you did when you first started gifting, you’ld just gift.

So from the looks of it, I might just have fooled around a bit with beeswax, and changed aluminium for metals that don’t test negative on feable arguments, but the logic for wanting to take this step has been prepared years ago.

The moment I read David Icke, and came into contact with The Way Things Really Are, I immediately understood the role of architecture in this as well. In Belgium, where I come from, there are a few professions that have ‘Orders’. Once you get your diploma, you have to subscribe or else you cannot even exerce your professions legally. Of course, you have to follow their strict set of rules, and the moment you stride too much astray from the desired course, you get banished from your profession altogether. They are: MD’s, apothecaries, lawyers, and… architects. For MD’s, I think in every country in Europe they have quota, so there are no unempolyed or underworked MD’s looking for unwanted answers… I don’t need to talk about laywers I think. Studying architecture in Belgium seems to be very harsh in every sense, and few survive the whims of the learned professors with their questioning personality intact…

This is no coincidence: the way houses are built influences enormously the way people live . You know how how lives can change seemingly miraculously when living with orgonite. But orgonite cannot change a concrete parking lot into a cosy bungalow either… The basic materials and construction plans (all those angles!!!) are VERY important, and according to me, one of the best kept secrets of the NWO. I dare to say that it is at least as important to health in the general sense as keeping away from medical drugs/doctors save a broken leg… The way houses/buildings interact with almost every aspect of our being is considerable, and the gap between the present and an ideal situation is still very large. In the transition phase between the actual situation and what should be, orgonite will play a large role: the placement of the orgonite in your home is important, and shifting its place with even a few inches can make quite a difference.

And of course, you have all those architects that are under the influence of Black Magic through there freemason rites or other, and that are (un)willingly responsible for all the landmarks that influence earth’s field symbolically/energetically. And in the early years of the NWO, they only had architecture and rituals to influence earth’s creatures, as electricity was not yet around…

My post is a bit unorganized perhaps, but I have to copy and paste, because I melted away half of my keyboard the other day.

Back to the ‘organic orgonite’ I was intending on selling. Check out my unused website if you like…

My creations seem to accumulate DOR, not change it back into POR, so it saturates after a while with DOR , not good. (It makes me wonder about sugar orgonite, which I haven’t tested.)

The reason I did not notice that was because there is orgonite all over the house, which prevents the accumulation of DOR as you know. I was charmed by the energy of my creations, and still am. Other energy sensitives have been less impressed, sad to say. They make a nice meditative object, and my girlfriend that is not really into orgonite claims it does exude something soft.

So of course I have been disappointed, but I still use my creations in the chatblasts. When chatting, I allways have a few crystals and minerals before me, and pick them intuitively depending on the target.

Last saturday we worked on a board member that had a ship in his space… but we had trouble getting rid of it. Stevo saw it ‘in another dimension’, and that’s when I reached immediately to my Beeswax creation… and noticed it was usefull.

Bees are very sensitive to subtle energies, which suggests that beeswax might have some interesting properties for future exploration.

Don did not report on the results of my experiments, because he prefers focussing on positive things. Still I think it is important to know that plastic cannot simply be substituted by anything.

Hope this post was of any interest…


organic orgonite has been something I’ve been interested in for a while, so far the brightest hope I have is in hemp resin, which I hear is basically identical to the resin we are using now but I have only heard of one person who makes it themselves and uses it to make surfboards, I can’t even find it on the internet, but apparently in ireland that’s what they used to use to to patch their boat hulls. it seems in our modern anti hemp industrial age we have completely let this product go unproduced, at least commercially. just thought I’d let you know it’s out there in case you ever run into it or happen to know some old timer irish boater.

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for this info on organic orgonite. I have one question, if you allow me …

  • What do you do with the orgonite when it is charge with DOR?

as for nice buildings, do you know this company in France: they make a beautiful “igloo type” house in wood called domespace

here is the link :


Don’t call it orgnoite, didier, it is an accumulator, but it doesn’t seems to accumulate DOR when in the vicinity of plastic (orgonite)

and thanks very much for the link.


Hi Dirk,
I feel compelled to take that call as I’m one of these guys, called architects. I’ve never been too keen on most of the “alternative” stuff though, I must admit.
I believe a positive energy in architecture can be expressed in many ways and surely in many materials. I’ve always liked to work with colour.
I have never been asked to join any secret society, but maybe if I had, my architectural career might have turned out more successful. As it were, I won quite a few competitions and got my stuff published in some magazines and books, but never got to build the big stuff.
It is easy to incorporate certain principles like passive solar energy optimisation and also Feng Shui into any “Style” of architecture, if there is such a thing.
I have always been interested in architecture as an art form, one of the most powerful ones as it sets the stage for our lives.
There is a specific joy in creating and refining something in your mind and then seing it go up in real 3D. I haven’t done much lately (been 100% orgonise africa) but some of my older stuff is on if you’re interested. Forget the text there, that’s a bit dated.

Hi Georg and thanks for your contribution, I hope this thread can motivate people to be on the lookout for ecologically constructed buildings. Once you’ve been inside, you’ll never forget the feeling anymore.

Ecological architecture is NOT about putting solar energy on your roof or reutilizing your toilet water, it is more about the negative effects on a house’s subtle energy if you construct only straight angles and walls, use glass wool as an isolation, and put a synthetic carpet on the floor.

Maybe you can check the internet in german, it seems to be bigger in deutschland



Just to say that since having orgonite in my room and all around my home, there is a better feeling and atmosphere. i am experimenting with putting orgonite in different parts of my room to see the effects. in Ireland most homes are built with concrete and part of my room wall has mouldy spots and other rooms. will see if placing orgonite near same has any effects.

– Cornelius

Just to clarify: passive solar energy does not mean to put a collector on the roof but to design a building so that it works like a collector, getting most of the needed heating in winter from the sun while being well shaded in summer.

That is an integrated “ecological design” if you will.


Not sure if this could be really useful or directly related , but Roberto Zamperini wrote an excellent book on the subject of the various things that give home a bad energy or influence it’s good circulation ; materials , geometry , radiation etc. , I think Dirk knows him already and because Zamperini invented a device called “cleanenergy” who , I thinks , works in a similar way as orgonite does , the book is entitled “home theraphy” , not sure it’s available in English but I bet it is.

This cleanergy apparently works like orgonite, only the price is different. Prices are from 150 Dollars.

Zamperini’s website is:

There is a section in English, been a while since I read though. I very much liked his book on ‘domotherapy’, in french at the time


dears, i don’t know about mr. Zamperini’s work, but i remember that mr. zamperini was very critical about orgonite in an Italian board, maybe he fears that people did not buy more its product knowing one economic alternative.I think that its job on the thin energies in the rooms is valid, but business of its (not cheap) cleanenergy are more important for him, till to detract orgonite effects.


I think that the “cleanenergy” is just a simple piece of orgonite hidden in plastic so people don´t know what is inside. He says that his device is based on ORAC and seems like a solid object, so my guess is that its nothing more than orgonite, sold at ridiculous prices. I don´t think that Mr. Zamperini should worry so much though, there will always be people that think that more expensive is better.

Ale, you are probably absolutely right about these devices. Took at look at his site, and yes, there is an English version. There is an oil advertised on there, and you could get the same thing by setting a bottle of oil of your preference on a charging disk.

Hi there,

I think you do Mr Zamperini unjustice here. I don’t know wether he has tested orgonite by now, but I think he had not when he wrote his ‘critic’ on his website. He left it in the middle wether orgonite would do the same thing as his cleanergy. He obviously has done some honest investigation, and had tested a lot of ‘solutions’ that did not turn out to be solutions (DOR accumulating instead of transmuting) before he made his own device. Hence his doubts about orgonite.

His device is NOT orgonite hidden in a disc, and anyone who is sensitive enough can check it’s working as he explains the principle in his books, and gives away a big part of his ‘secret’. He might be afraid of making less money perhaps. If you’re interested i can mail the design to you, and you can feel it out for yourself. I had scanned the design to include it in one of my previous posts on Zamperini, but never managed to post it. I actually incorporated it into TB’s and they were stronger than regular ones. I sent some to Don/carol for psychic checkup, as it is a cheap way to make TB’s stronger, but did not get a hurray response. I was not as confident then in my own psychic abilities as I am now however. They DO improve the orgonite, but it is quite a lot of extra work, especially if you make TB’s by the dozens/hundreds.

Note that there are several different DOR transmuting devices on the market. None of them is as cheap as orgonite.


To be fair, I have to say that I have not tested any of his products, but the oil did catch my eye since one of my cousins is a massage practitioner, and is always looking for the best oils.

It’s true that there are now a number of items on the market to improve the environment and really the only way to check them all out would be to get a sample of each type and systematically test them in a standardized format.

I want to publicly apologise to Mr. Zamperini for my ealier comment, I am not very energy sensitive, as you all may have noticed. Not much info is avaliable on his devices, unless you buy his books, so I was talking out of ignorance. In any case I think that keeping tactical orgonite simple, like TB’s is more important than enchancing them due to the cost and time involved, Its always better to cover a larger area. Dirk, if you could send me those plans it would be very nice, as I’m always interested in improving my personal devices.

anyone whos is interested will have to email me, since PMíng me on EW is impossible technically

drverelst at hotmail