Ede Leylines


Last week I set off to gift Ede, a town in Holland. Ede is supposed to have several leyline centres, according to Dutch earth grid investigators. For gifting, I used this map made by the people who dowsed the energy lines. I pasted the EMF transmitter locations (red dots) in it, as well as an energy company’s site (blue dots), the main graveyard (green dot) and some monuments (purple dots).

Leyline map
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I started my gifting tour at “Huize Kernhemâ€? (Kernhem manor house). It is said to be haunted by ghosts and the estate itself is a protected environment for bats. Didn’t encounter any of them (…ha ha…), thought the atmosphere was oppressive and dark. No problem with a little orgonite here and there. Though I couldn’t feel an immediate effect, like the tb’s were ploughing through thick DOR too. Behind the house I felt dizzy and disorientated. I had a spinning sensation above my head, rather unpleasant, which stuck with me during the day. I buried my HHG in the woods nearby. Within ten minutes the sky darkened and it gently but shortly started to rain. While having a cup of coffee at the garden-restaurant, I watched the cows in the meadow stop grazing and bowing their heads in a relaxed posture.

Kernhem estate
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After my break I followed the path called “Doolhof� (: labyrinth, see picture above) to the eastern leyline crossing. There are local stories about processions in underground tunnels beneath this path, following the exact leyline route connecting the centres. I passed an obscure scout shed along the way. Before long, the sky cleared up and even the sun broke through the clouds.

At the end of the path I crossed a railroad. To my astonishment I found a Nuon site (Dutch energy company) for high voltage transformation amidst the forest. It was located at the very heart of the eastern leyline centre. The site was split in two by the path I was following and I noticed the huge plant to my left was built in an enormous pit. Leylines are known to seek cavities, I’ve read. I wonder how Nuon benefits from this knowledge? Since the site doesn’t generate energy, it only transforms the above 100.000 Volts electricity wires to 10.000 Volts underground wires to be further distributed. Guess there’s more to it.

https://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z128 … 0_0734.jpg

The atmosphere in the forest was pleasant though. Following my path further, a buzzard startled me, flying off a branch in slow-motion above my head. In the distance straight ahead I could see a grave-mound or barrow between the trees. One of many in this prehistoric area. The yellow-blue municipality flag of Ede looks like a grave-mound symbol to me. Or an energy dome if you wish. Anyway, not the freeman’s hat and bible it is supposed to resemble. It is interesting to look into municipality flags, by the way, when you want to find energy places of importance as a non-psychic like me. The symbols confirm a lot of etheric information, I think.

Flag of Ede municipality
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Still at the second leyline centre location, I took a right turn, to enter the main cemetery of Ede. Remember the leylines seeking cavities? Fresh dug graves are holes as well. It is very common to find graveyards at vortexes. Dolmen sites combine the two.

Heading south to the city centre for the third leyline centre, I got lost in a suburb. This is where my story becomes obscure. For when I asked a local for directions – a sympathetic looking man – I looked into his eyes and saw these narrow, diamond shaped pupils ◊ ◊ !! He told me to use the viaduct under the road to reach the city centre and I wandered off, thinking about what I just saw. At the end of the viaduct, a few minutes later, he awaited me hanging over the guard-rail, loudly repeating his directions to me. Either my imagination had been playing tricks with me and he just kindly followed to help. Or he somehow knew what I had noticed and curiously prolonged our acquaintance. Last month I experienced something alike at a headhunter agency. I only observed briefly and didn’t mention my thoughts. But the lady involved immediately closed the shutters and turned out the lights, mumbling excuses about her sore eyes.

Walking south straight ahead to the inner city, I saw the old church where the third leyline centre should be. At bookstore “Pel, actually. There was an annual lumber-market at the churches place and too many people around to toss orgonite unseen. So I decided to only gift the city death towers and not the vortex ground itself. Not that it mattered, for the transmitters were intelligently placed, surrounding the leyline centre. When gifted, they would generate orgone energy anyhow. I couldn’t tell what the atmosphere was like. The crowd distracted my observations. Instead, I tried to find the haunted bookstore “Pel�, where the exact spot of the vortex should be, but couldn’t find it. Locals told me the bookstore had departed years ago.

After gifting the local transmitters at the city centre, I went southeast and climbed the nearby hill called “De Paasberg� (Easter hill). I had read there was a vortex too, though the map doesn’t show any leyline crossing over there. The atmosphere on top felt kind of frozen in time, like holding your breath. In the past Easter bonfires were lid on the hill, to be seen from great distance. Now there were three monuments. One grave of the lady who managed the former boarding-school at Kernhem manor house. A huge mausoleum for local resistance fighters of WWII. And a silver pyramid in remembrance of allied troops. Silver pyramids or cones are regular features at vortexes, it seems. Another hint for the non-psychics among us. Since this leyline centre was supposed to be in between the three monuments triangle, I gifted accordingly. Thus ended my gifting tour at Ede.

https://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z128 … 0_0742.jpg

Days after, I can still feel a spinning sensation above my head. I asked Dooney about it in tonight’s chat. She says this is probably the change in energy, which is quite common when you gift a big target. Carol added she usually feels a little dizzy when a backwards vortex comes to a start and turns clockwise again after gifting. To me, it feels rather uncomfortable. But I do like the way gifted vortexes sort of “stay with you� energetically. Like making friends.