Edinburgh - looks to be some interesting underground stuff under Edinburgh

12 Apr 2008 16:32
Subject: Edinburgh
looks to be some interesting underground stuff under Edinburgh:


Rosslyn Castle and chapel are sited on a cavern system that extends many miles north and east to Cousland and to Goblin Halls at Gifford.
Edinburgh and the Lothians appear to be situated on a tunnel and cavern network and ancient underground constructions that were built in another epoch of this planet.

The new Scottish parliament that looks somewhat like an alien ant hive is built on top of the tunnels, as is Holyrood palace and Edinburgh castle and this underworld can be accessed in various parts of the town. Next to the site of the Palace and the new parliament building is an old 19th century architectural folly or ornament of a miniature faerie palace to honour and placate the beings that traditionally stay in the immediately adjacent Calton and Abbey hills.

An entrance to the tunnel and cavern system formerly used by 19th century witches in Edinburgh’s central hill, the extinct volcano called Arthur’s Seat was sealed up by order of the town council nearly 200 years ago to stop people entering these places never to return.

Two construction tradesmen in 1980 witnessed and were chased by a green and glowing reptilian apparition whilst conducting repairs inside the caverns of the castle rock. A Scottish Tour Guide who was employed to show tourists the three levels underneath the Royal Mile between the castle and the palace took the night off and went exploring. Finding himself off the map at level 4, he went down to a sixth level with what looked like many more to find, when he decided to turn back.

Even Hitler with his occult dreams of a coming race had made plans to buy a mansion in Edinburgh that is now Donaldsons School for the Deaf near the town center.

Edinburgh appears to be one of the most important places for the global illuminati as it is full of secret societies and their HQ’s.

14 Apr 2008 13:34
Subject: Re: Edinburgh
I buried about 12 Toilet Roll Earth Pipes and a HHg around the grounds of Rosslyn Chapel a few years back.

Could do with many thousands more, intelligently placed gifts, around the area.

It’s worth going to the city to gift, just for the amazing vegetarian restaurant there, David Bann’s. I certainly would like to go back for both reasons!



15 Apr 2008 08:47
Subject: Re: Edinburgh
Those would only be like HHGs, I guess, although pointing down may do something

You can see what he means about being like a hive




he has redone his chapter 5 on Monkeys http://whale.to/b/eden5.html
see also http://whale.to/b/dj.html


“Here’s another good page, a blog entry written by someone who went on
one of the organised ‘ghost tours’ – so it doesn’t go into anything
about Illuminati or aliens, but there’s still some interesting information.”


haven’t seen the telepathy thing from anyone else

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