EDR remote radionic nodes

Due to an overwhelming amount of request and amazing response to our Pluto “experiment”, I have decided to implement a semi-automated EDR treatment system.

While we will continue to do dedicated one-on-one sessions for very special cases, I have found that radionic node-splicing works awesomely well and allows me to do several clients cases all at once. I invite you to visit our new semi-automated help-desk at http://www.ethericgrooves.com/helpdesk/
and register for an account, then open a radionic node detailling your case.

Ideally I would like to have all requests handled through the helpdesk rather than email as it is an most efficient radionic delivery method.

All EDR treatments are free of charge as usual, including remote radionic nodes.

With Love,

"http://www.ethericgrooves.com/ ;www.ethericgrooves.com

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Amazingly tonight we administered a series of dcc sessions and worked out on a total of 34 active nodes.

What this means is we treated 34 clients in roughly 5-6 hours of work.
This node thing is just a very amazing system.


It may be that one of last night’s nodes was directed at Langley (CIA headquarters) at our request during an unscheduled chat session which Dooney, Stevo, Carol and had I set up.

Steeve and Jacques showed up in the chatroom during that session (I think it immediately preceded their own Pluto session) and offered to help while we unravelled some more of the persistent CIA and ‘out-of-towner’ interference with our (we four) livlihoods.

I can say that we’ve been making good progress with this ever since we started, in early January, the midweek, semi-private sessions.

Pluto went to work on Langley while the psychics observed, then Pluto was set to boost the psychics, too, and they were quite impressed.

I was very pleased to hear that a whirlwind of chaotic energy enveloped the predators underground at Langley, apparently including George Bush Sr, whom Carol said has been furious that someone hasn’t just shot Carol, Dooney and Steve (our three psyhcics) by now. In fact, we initiated last night’s session a couple of days after Carol was accosted by a top CIA psychic as we were leaving a movie theatre. As soon as the old gal made eye contact with Carol I figured that we’d need to do something proactive and the psychics found that there are four top CIA psychic predators. lattely assigned to interfere with the three psychics and with one other person in the network, whose identity we’re not sure of. We gather that these freaks are the best of their best, which is probably an encouraging sign, since they weren’t very difficult to disable, later on.

I think it’s outstanding that more and more people are able to safely interfere with teh world odor’s predatory and parasitic hierarchies and it seems timely, to me, that Steeve has come up with a novel, apparently effective radionics approach. Radionics might not be an accurate term, by the way. A lot of what we’re all doing needs new terminology.

It’s been a month and a half since he announced the Pluto experiments and he’s gotten a lot of good, consistent feedback in terms of positive results, mainly in the form of new awarenesses and more energy among the participants. To me, these are the most important features of any healing exercise because we’re only going to recognize good opportunities and prospective friends and mates when we have a positive outlook and are physically active.

Seizing golden opportunities is easy, after that. Everything we do, here, concerns healing: ourselves, each other, strangers, the environment and more. Dealing effectively with murderous agencies and treasonous government officials is sort of like fighting an infection or cancer in one’s own body–not a job that appeals to many.

Energy is simply another term for ‘information,’ of course. It’s a lot of fun to learn about how those two words are interchangable.

When Dooney introduced the dodecahedron boosting concept, last year, I waited a couple of months to see if it was durable/unopposable, then I started experimenting with it, to my lasting satisfaction. An entire website and forum has grown up around her offerings and her coaching and I expect that Steeve’s ethericgrooves.com will also soon flower and grow beyond this forum’s capacity to host it.

Steeve, it’s perhaps too soon to see where the opposition will try to infiltrate and undermine your position but I’m confident that you can counter their moves, perhaps even anticipate some of them, and can keep clear of organizing, as we’ve been able to do, so far. They never attack from teh front, of course: they try to get our trust, then they try to pull the rug out from under us. That’s just the nature of this parasitic world odor, of course. I, too, am grateful for teh wonderful lessons that dealing with these parasites and predators have taught me over the years, ever conscious that we must never hate them.

In my view, it would be entirely honorable and a good idea to charge money for your assistance, as Dooney does for her coaching. I’m sure that Carol and I will be paying customers if you decide to turn this into a business.

Last night, you made the comment that much of what transpires during your sessions seems inappropriate to post about and that gave me a good chuckle, since we also rarely post the details of what transpires in the group sessions on EW–it would seem too bizarre to many of our readers, I think, at least for now. NObody can fathom the depths of degradation to which people who serve the world odor are capable of descending, nor can we comprehend the true nature of their affiliation with predators of other, much older sentient species. I’ve always felt that the only way to understand a parasite or predator is to be one and that doesn’t appeal to me.

Whenever I post those details, it’s just to have something in the public record, mainly for posterity, also to exercise my human right (obligation) to expose a previously hidden enemy of our world.

A lot of folks, including most of the members of my own forum, feel repulsed by our practice of hunting down and dealing with arch predators in governments, secret organizations and on other worlds. I never picked the members of this forum on the basis of their willingness to literally wage war back at the mass murderers, of course; I choose them because they have the potential or reputation for showing what one person can do to heal his/her part of the world. I’ve known from the beginning that only a few people will ever take an active interest in ‘correcting’ criminals in a lawful way. That’s certainly in order, since it only ever takes a few people. I don’t know a better way to develop cordial comeraderie and mutual help but, of course, this is what we few love doing. I’ve never felt like promoting this work to people who aren’t already inclined to do it.

It may be that your new approach to aggressive healing is simply more palatable to the sensibilities of the majority of people and, judging by what the psychics saw at the Langley hive, last night, it can really kick butt, too!

In real terms, when you help one person to have a happier, more productive and (grid-willing) service-oriented life you’re undermining the world odor because they base their secretive hegemony on hurting and subjugating literally everyone on the planet, then feeding on the mass-produced energy of misery, pain, isolation, warfare, cultism, xenophobia, paranoia, hopelessness, debt, death, sickness, enslavement, suicide and despair.

Well done! Keep the info and reports coming, okay? The more followup you can share, the solider your foundation will be, by the way, and the more your work will appeal to duly skeptical folks. Those are the ones I appeal to because they won’t be sycophants; they’re the self-starters who typify this grassroot network once they’ve seen or produced convincing evidence.

Their participation will also keep you out of the personality-cult identity trap. It’s easy for anyone who does magic for a living to fall into that trap, unfortunately, and the shortcut to a dead-end identity, these days, is the use of Theosophical terminology, I think. Theosophy is a tried and true system of mind control, posing as a religion. For that matter, espousing any single religion as a concommitant part of any technology is also a suicide career move because it automatically discourages people from other religions from accessing it. If any religion is ever a cause of discord, it should be discarded in that context.

In our business, we never put names with testimonials, though I’d love to do it. Years ago, we found out that putting strangers’ names out there for other strangers to question, especially in the healing trade, causes some un-needed problems for the testimonial-givers. If some of your experimentors will share their identities, though, and are willing to talk to enquirers about their experience with your technology, it would help your cause, I think. I gather that several of htem post on this board, for instance.

I’ve told several posters, here, that it’s inappropriate to hide one’s identity on a forum that has ‘warrior’ in its name, after all. The sewer rat agencies around the globe are actively surveilling all or most of the members here and nothing is hidden from them, so who else is there to hide from? Active surveillance is stalking, by the way, which is against anyone’s laws. If someone is posting, here, and is not under active surveillance, maybe it’s time for that one to get off his/her butt and start taking down the DOR matrix (healing our world) again!



Steeve, I’m sure you don’t mind if I mention one the circumstances of how you eventually named your device, ‘Pluto,’ and please correct me if I’m off track, okay?

It was during a particularly hectic chat session on EW, I think in early April, when Jacques popped in. YOu and You-Know-Who (he recently asked me to stop mentoining him, here) were on the phone with Jacques and you were unable to log into the chatroom, due to hacker infestation.

I was trying my best to accomodate you and our friend’s requests and I was certain that you made the statement, ‘Ask the psychics to see whether something relevant is happening on the planet, Pluto.’ You were then cut off, or Jacques was, by interference. A request like that is easy to accomodate in our chat sessions, by the way.

Later, you told me that you never mentioned ‘Pluto,’ and of course I believed you. Some of the more creative hackers are able to insert or delete entire phrases in our email correspondence. It doesn’t happen a lot, thankfully, so I gather that it either takes a huge amount of effort or a lot of skill to do it. Most of the CIA and MI6 hackers are dope addicts; Monarch-programmed, I think, and lack that kind of focus or commitment.

We didn’t get around to looking at Pluto that night, though I’m still curious about that. According to reputable biographers, Tesla felt a strong kinship with a race of beings whom he said live on Venus, by the way, and I’ve read enough convincing, consistent reports to assume that all the planets have sentient beings on and/or in them.

I don’t know how long it’s been since I posted the caveat that everything we talk about on this forum which can’t be directly backed up with evidence needs to be considered just our own subjective impressions and understanding. The reason Steeve is building up a large volume of empirical reports is because when empirical reports from reputable people are compiled and consistencies are obvious, it’s scientific evidence. It’s in the context of ‘reputable,’ that I suggested that as many of his participants as feasible ought to share their identities. Anyone can write a convincing testimonial, of course, but only reputable people will put their names behind theirs.

This will put him in an unassailable position, which is the only relevant position in this trade.


Speaking of surveillance, chances are that it has been going on for a longer time than may at first be realized.

Am reminded of a conversation in which a friend was highly upset that government agencies are listening in on people’s telephone calls and I replied that maybe it could be a good way to educate them on various topics since they probably have not been told such things like how Congressmen are not on the same Social Security System as everyone else, and that when that system goes bankrupt, they really do not have to worry about it. It begs the question how many agents know that and other tidbits of information.

Just a thought, but it also begs the question, Who is watching the watchers (stalking the stalkers!)? Then again, are they even capable of seriously considering such questions and ideas?

Thanks Don. I’d say you are right on!!! Again, thanks.

As I told you the other day in the chat, you feel to me like good ol’ grandpa! The Old Wise hihihihihi

It occured to me while we use the terms Underworld Hub and Love Hub, for exemple, you go with the labels DOr Matrix and POr Matrix [Image Can Not Be Found] Same thing. Different terminologies…

What I’m trying to do is come up with an initiatic system based on computer science knowledge and culture. Sorta like what they did with the Matrix Trilogy… 'cept we are living it [Image Can Not Be Found]

The name of the game is: trying to build solid fondational bases for Orgone and Concepts of Subtle Energies in Mass Consciousness.

The EASIEST way IN for the operators in is through the current youth’s cyber culture. Point blank. They built the bases, get them out of the way and let’s build the house all of us now!

Hip-hop, rap & rnb is a no go, Reggaeton was a nice attempt but not there yet, so all there is left is the electronic music / rave culture to hang on to, and I especially like the house, electro-tribal genre Electro tribe is another name for it…

Again Don, thanks. You and I are definitely on the same page now, no pun intended hihihihihihi


Kulwant, your question is amazingly pertinent! Please remind me by email tomorrow or tuesday to post that message I received last october which is an attempt at answering the question you just posed… I’ll add it to our website it’s a nice piece of writing in any case…