EDR Testimonials

Hello Everyone,

I’m creating this thread to group all user testimonials here and from now on will be posting new testimonials in here too.


Yesterday night, we had a “pluto” session to pump up our business and to free it from the sewer rat’s radionics. We had a an order during the session. Today we have three other orders. So we are pretty busy. (…)

Made us feel like we were in a spaceship or something.It gave me a glimpse of what orgonite devices will be like in the future. Thanks… We had 2 more potential orders today. I´ll let you know how it keeps up (…)


What can i even begin to say ? The Music was on, i pulled up the pic of the DJ booth and a pic of a Dodec and we all went some where.That mix was amazing and the tracks were seamless beautiful fades .Thank You so much , I am ready to go there.Been up 18 hours so fara dn only just a little sleepy. I am sitting here in such a Peaceful state.
Please let me know how I can donate to the Cause.This is huge Brother.Sent several Dodec grattitude boost to you guys too., I did not get this email until today,seems gmail held it.
Thank you for the session, you’re very accurate in your assessment of
the problem. I woke up today wondering if the session had happened,
because I now have a lighter feeling in my stomach/second chakra.
I’ve been stuck with a black feeling that I would fall off the edge
if I ran out of money, now the worst of that blockage is gone…
I feel this will allow me to heal much easier and open up to abundance.
I’d be happy to give you a progress report later on.

The problem area also felt lighter in the days before the session,
like the process already had started.

Looking forward to listening to the session.
Thank you very much. I was grateful to see your e-mail this morning with your account of the session. I look forward to receiving the mp3 file.
Very observant, yes, I do have (…) --edited out of personnal consideration, basically the client is confirming that the message received from the Operator is accurate in regards with the situation-- Please advise me as to how and what is important that I relate to you regarding this experiment, for efficiency and clarity of purpose. Regards, wishing you much success in this endeavor, and in all that is important to you. Oh thanks for managing to get my session done last night! I will most assuredly be willing to let go the rental remodel project immediately, about letting go of the place we live in – would that mean moving again? I am so excited for positive changes coming so our family can be together and family business & finances can really prosper.

Just wanted to let you guys know that good things are happening for me at a
high rate. I see much clearer today. Also, after Saturday night’s session
things cleared up remarkably here in Toronto and we had a beautiful day on
Sunday…absolutely gorgeous with almost no spraying. I’m not sure exactly
how your device works but it obviously does. I learned that we have to
constantly be putting our Love and good intentions outwardly on a bigger
scale. Also, by re-connecting with all orgonite devices in and around the
GTA on saturday night, and by helping to re-establish a connection to higher
energy, I think absolutely amazing and unexplainable things happened here in
the city. I will continue this work on my own and let you know of
advancements as they happen.

> Well…I Definitely could feel a new energy with me today…
> To put it in Reichian terms, I think some of my armor had been worked
> through…

> I felt a very light energy (especially around my forearms)…I seem to be
> having some sort of hang up with my jaw though, as I keep wanting to make
> stupid faces for no reason

> At one point in the day, at work, I felt as though my energy was lighting up
> the room, so to speak…
> I haven’t felt that way since I was a child. I just felt positive…


> I’ve had 1 “boosting” session before, and honestly, I did not feel much…I
> DEFINITLY felt something this morning, and all through the day today…That
seems to be quite a machine you’ve got there.

<font face=“Times New Roman” size=“3”>The situation has been descending fast and badly around here since last Fri. Bad fight out of nowhere yesterday. The dad “pulling” on us hard.

Now look at today:
Fellow artist and designer friends (whom I’ve helped out tremendously) urged, guided me today to look into a Mac system, so I can return to graphic design (support myself and be stay home mother), they will supply all programs and help me along. And mom promised to fund the mac, and a working car. This is unprecedented. My 14 yr old decided to be lighter, and smiled. I could execute some decisive imagery maneuvers to distance my ex, and cut connections and hooks once again, this time by myself (instead of having it done by a healer friend for me). I am falling into my sacred mantras effortlessly (a first) throughout the day. And dear friends called to meet about advice from me (usually I’m the one needing a talk) about wisdom, experience on childrearing matters and electronic media takeover of a teenager’s mind. I will recommend your program. This is also new, people recognizing and respecting me for certain experiences.</font>

Thank you so much. I just returned home from work. I had a rough night with little sleep under my belt yet for some reason I did not curse and moan about how exhausted I’ve been. I simply kept in mind that it won’t be that way forever. On the way home, instead of worrying I made a mental list of things I like to do and the people I love. Very unusual.</div><div>I don’t know if you had started the remote session by this time but it seems I am feeling and thinking in a more positive vein. Something seems to be happening already.


Also, I’ve had detoxing and headaches and such since the session. This seems to be more powerful than I thought. A “reset button was pressed” on me, and I must now adjust my habits.


Oh, wow, Thank you all and Pluto and Operators–I most certainly got
confirmation! The whole house shifted! I heard and felt a big THUMP as if
someone had caused a really big piece of furniture to fall! Most amazing!
I was washing my hair in the shower at the time, and of course, I paused,
and the water flow from the shower was interrupted for a few seconds, but I
had the feeling all was well so I rinsed out the shampoo and got dressed
before looking around the house- all was well! Everyone was asleep but me-
way too much happy energy! (This was around 3A.M. MST) and I felt like
something had shifted in a really good and big way! Later on, around 10
A.M. I found I was going through a spontaneous liver/gall bladder cleanse!
Yes, definitely what you all have happening is absolutely fantastic!

Re:feedback from freesessions…

Original problem as stated unable to find work that i
like and can do consistently.

Well i stilll havent found it yet but im sure i will , becuase the fear or
lack of motivation has subsided (…)
So now im job searching again online, and i will try to bypass the labor
type opportunites and try other things,

All employers got orgonite from me and it was a good experience… Thank

Hello Steeve,
Yes, a confirmation: another big THUMP in the house and husband slept right
soundly through it! This morning he was incredibly mellow- as if a big lump
of fear had left him- amazing! There will probably be some more
confirmations to report!

re: feedback

Hello Steeve,
Yes, a confirmation: another big THUMP in the house and husband slept right
soundly through it! This morning he was incredibly mellow- as if a big lump
of fear had left him- amazing! There will probably be some more
confirmations to report!

Yes the EDR session you did for me is indeed shaking something loose. It’s subtle yet deep and potent. When I think about this work you are doing I get such an awesome feeling. I sense a vastness which my mind can’t comprehend. Like a bottomless well. Like a Love so Great that were it revealed to me in full I might explode in a brilliant flash of flameless light. Words fail to describe. My mouth hangs open, I forget to breath and I just shake my head in wonderment! Really!


Thank you for the session. Although to date I have not received specific resolution to my 3 issues, I feel that my mind is reordering itself to deal with scattered priorities. I appreciate the bonus audio you sent but I don’t feel comfortable listening to any audio for fear of worsening my tinnitus problem. I’ll keep you updated on any future developments.


Last night i felt LOVE in my heart chakra and i felt it spinning again!
Havent felt this ever since i messed with that DNA activation crap.Its like it was frozen.
You are truly making a difference,its amazing.
Thank you my friend,thank you.


Hi, thanks alot!

Very grateful for that. Please give me some time to give feedback. I can already feel a difference in the energies. Suppose time is of importance as well.


ok I am a little late to send out my report but things got quite turned around since my session and I wanted to wait and see were my bouncing life would stop bouncing…
Prior to the session Steeve and I talked a bit to pin down THE problem I wanted to work on. I am a single parent raising 2 teenager boys and my relation with the older one (15) was deteriorating since I felt he was following a dangerous path.
Man, did things turn over or what…
Hold on I will relate my experience as I felt it with PLUTO and all of Steeve’s little device and spirit
The session was Sunday April 22 and as it started I began to feel the familiar boost of energy towards the heart center
I say familiar because I did go and have a peak at someone else’s session the day before my own “treatment”
What it did to me is that I felt a strong, comforting heat irradiating from my heart center. Very strong and relaxing warmth irradiated and filled my body and my mind.
I just let it be. I know Steeve from a long time, and in this here frame of space/timeline we are from the same city. So I was completely trusting and worry free.
It felt good and strong. I am sensitive and aware of my body and being perceptions and this was good. Happy bouncy, deep relaxant love energy.
It was good. And it did clear up the relation with my oldest son as this was the request of treatment.
Not only is the relation very good with my son since then, but I lost my job too
Two days ago I was thanked with all due honor, weeping and 2 weeks salary. My function was abolished…
The nice part about it is: I am convinced that it is only in preparation of the great thing that is happening in my life
I was sad to loose relationships and a social condition that brought me a kind of 3d security illusion.
But that’s just it: Its like the illusion is dissipating and my true self is emerging.
What a boost did you guys, Steeve and Jacques made happen for me and many others as I read the testimonies.
This is strong powerful stuff you made emerge in this here time space reality we are gathered in.
I am more than glad to be here, connected with this and with you all.
I don’t know how it works, I didn’t ask any question (that’s odd for my scientific mind), I just trusted and tested as I did with orgone a few years back, and then harvest the gift.
And already the gifts are powerful, even the lost of my job appears very clearly to me as something of an important matter that is very positive even if I don’t see the whole picture.
Something inside has just begun since that session.
It is big.
But to harvest one need’s to sow seeds.

Hi Denis,

A Good friend told me that " any device, are not necessary once you tap into true power of spirit. An artifice is a fake until the person realizes that all true power comes from within ourselves."

Love is for all things. Power your and actions with THAT frequency and anything is possible.


Thanks for the report Denis Sending Love and Good Energy


Well, I wasn’t quite sure what you expected or how to be a part of the experiment, but I have noticed some things happening that could be directly attriblted to your experiment.

I didn’t listen to either of the recordings, though I did download recording 1. I didn’t actively DO anything regarding the experiment.

The last couple years… I have been very sensitive to the energy patterns of myself, others, the Earth, the Astral plan, etheric plane, etc etc… all levels… Well, the energy was always teeter-tottering… on the edge… as if ready to fall to one side. Most refer to this as Good/Evil. Well, I just noticed today… I don’t sense that anymore… It feels as if it fell to one side now. And, now everything is sliding down into this side… the “good” side. Though I don’t prefer the terms good and evil, as they are too ambiguous and generalized. For communcaition purposes they’ll do for now.

Also, I noticed that everything having to do with financial matters has shown progress, whereas before about a week ago, everything seemed hopelessly headed downhill. Maybe a simple shift in perceptional filters, maybe actual change in this causal reality plane.

I haven’t noticed anything health related, though I do feel more energy, but that could honestly be due to the fact that I have been eating only raw organic food lately, especially raw chocolate(amazing food).

My intuition has improved. Though, again, not sure if that’s directly related to the experiment or the fact that I have more pure raw energy from living as opposed to dead foods lately… or both.

I’ll let you know if I notice anything else changing or out of my “norm”.


Thanks for your report. The effects and subtle improvements you are reporting are in line with other testimonials received, indeed.
If the effects were random, I would hesitate to say it is due to our radionic efforts, but they are not random far from it it is very constant! Listening to the sessions gives an added benefit, but isn’t at all required for our approach to be effective, as you can attest

After the session that was done by Steeve, the evening following it, my girlfriend did not stop to ask me a lot of questions about orgonite, towerbusters, hhgs, the medical cartel, chembusters, dor etc… I found that really amazing because she did not ask me questions about all that since I’m an orgonite gifter, so since 2004 ! She was really understanding what I told her…

And things are on the right path (we have to get out of France for a french oversea country). I’ve been given back some money too

I’ll let you know how things goes…

Love Is The Only Solution


that one made my day!

“I cant believe Im 53 and just got turned onto rave and radionics and love it. And am growing so much from it. What a great birthday. today has been a day of rejoice for me. Im not so crazy after all. Its ok to believe in yourself and in love. And in healing and good health and rebuilding the future.”

Dear Steeve!

It’s been a while since the session and I must say that the energy I feel lately is very pristine. The seperation is going very well in my personal life…we are loving FRIENDS and this is beautiful and deepening during a seperation/divorce. Also I’ve been conducting some workshop sharings in the area of “sacred sexuality” and there is such a tremendous flow…(remember orgone originates in part from the word orgasm) and I feel it is being boosted by your activities…hmmm interesting.

The music too…altered my mind in a profound and positive way. Like there was inner work and attunements happening and I was able to see and feel the world in a more positive wise way.

Keep it up my friend…

I don’t think I got the chance to say THANK YOU

I receive thanks and kudos on a daily basis for the work I and Jacques do. Thinking about this, it occured to me I didn’t even take the time to thank you folks!

First, thanks to Don & Carol for establishing the grassroot movement, coming up with tactical orgonite deployment (gifting) as a national sport, having built and maintaining EW, etc. You rock!

Thanks to each and everyone of you who have enough trust and confidence in my integrity to allow me to work on your issues with Pluto. All of you! Thanks for allowing us the chance to help.

Thanks to Jacques, dear friend. You know full well that if it weren’t for you, I’d be burried in a coffin somewhere (at best) [Image Can Not Be Found] You gave me strenght and wisdow to make it through the toughest times! You did show me the way. Ever grateful for that. Too bad you’re not a female, would make things much simpler hihihihihihihihihi [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks to the Operators… For all of it. Even the stuff I don’t agree with.

Thanks to the Dark Side, and the world odor. For without you most of us would have no reason to be here and we wouldn’t have met each other!


With Love,

EDR research

Hello Steeve
Time for feed back
As you know, I had a healing crisis which lasted nearly a week; fever and pains in the abdominal region. That is now well over and I am at the other end of it. You know, you’re waiting for something to happen and you don’t know what to expect………BUT yesterday when I was walking the dog I started noticing the way I walked. It’s a very long time ago since I’ve enjoyed walking as much. Every step was a pleasure, every part of my body loved it, harmoniously in sync……I could have walked to China with no complaints. And then I noticed a lightness of spirit. Yes, guys this is the way I felt before the “incident” you treated me for! What a blessing.
“I asked for a sandwich and you gave me a picnic”
Thank you, a donation is overdue
Thank you so much “”"" for your testimonial. Shining exemple of what most everyone is reporting, at a level or another…

With Love,


For those of you who are participating in the EDR sessions please be advised that there may be hacking going on- when I just checked out the nodes I discovered some one had posted a reply that reads “this is a load of caca” which most certainly did NOT come from me.

As we proceed with the recovery of this creation’s cellular memory, we are proceeding with the unleashing of the previous reload’s individual consciousnesses…

The following folks are now done with:

The entire dark Hierarchy all the way down from the dark moon goddess Lilith up through Lucifer.

The entire white Hierarchy all the way up from the full moon goddess Selene down through the One.

Today is Nephthys’ (eve) feast and tomorrow shall be Seth’s (adam).

Then guess who’s next? Sure RA-YHWH

Our upcoming EDR live shows have been moved to http://www.operator11.com/shows/783

With Love,

5d EDR Operator

STeeve, for the sake of our readers, I hope you’ll concentrate on more down-to-earth reports and goals which can be verified and quantified, rather than discussing the status of devils and other questionable entities, though it wouldn’t hurt if you added a caveat that this is your subjective impression, as I always do when I post about tangling with other-than-human predators and parasites whom we believe are affiliated with the world odor’s hierarchies.

The readers of EW have come to expect substantial reports, which I find quite heartening. Anyone who wants feel-good, unsupportable claims can go to any number of other sites and forums, of course, but discerning folks are becoming disenchanted with displayed charisma and triggered endorphin releases, rather.

My wife says that Pluto is a phenomenally good radionics device and more, so please don’t sell your efforts short by resorting to a tired and tiring promotional paradigm, okay?

I want you to distinguish this effort from the large number of unsupportable claims made by newagers, channelers, ideologues and others. The only way to do that is to produce evidence, of course, and to do so consistently over time.

When we go after the world odor’s hierarchies in our chat sessions we mainly aim to stop specific attempts at mass murder. The nearly complete absence of these crimes , since we started doing this five years ago, feels like evidence, at least to us, that we’re getting it done.

If you’re looking for good targets: I just got the following in an email. Of course, the CIA and MI6 abduct millions of children, annually, many of whom end up being killed in satanic rituals. I suspect that Pluto might be useful in perhaps freeing this child. Whoever sent me the email sent photo attachments, which I don’t know how to stick to a URL but if you email me I’ll forward the photos. You might have already gotten them, of course. I’ve misplaced your email address, again–sorry about that!

The nice thing is that if we fail, we can’t be blamed for it. It’s a good thing to stick our necks out and try, at least.



This is the little girl that was stolen out of her parent’s hotel room in
Portugal. Please pass along and say a prayer that they find her safe .


Please read this message and pass it on!!!
As you are aware my niece, Madeleine, is still missing and I am asking
everyone I know to send this as a chain letter I.e. You send it to everyone
you know and ask them to do the same, as the story is only being covered in
Britain, Eire and Portugal. We don’t believe that she is in Portugal anymore
and need to get her picture and the story across < SPAN
class=ecapple-style-span>Europe as quickly as possible. Suggestions are

Phil McCann

Please Pass this email on to everyone in your address book and they reckon
it could cover 80% of the world’s inboxes in 2 weeks.
Madeleine’s Eye Holds Vital Clue

Updated: 18:00 , Saturday May 12, 2007

Madeleine McCann’s family believe a new picture of the missing four-year-old
could play a vital role in the search for her.
The photo of the youngster shows clearly the her distinctive right eye,
where the pupil runs into the blue-green iris.

The new poster of Madeleine

It is this distinguishing mark that will identify Madeleine to those on the
lookout for her, according to aunt and uncle John and Diane McCann.

The Glasgow couple aim to distribute the appeal poster, which features the
Crimestoppers telephone number, as far afield as they can.

Family friend Andrew Renwick told Sky News that support for the search had
been “overwhelming” and her family were extremely grateful.

Her right eye

Mrs McCann said: "The purpose of the poster is to highlight the distinction
in Madeleine’s eye.

“We want to make the most of it, because we know her hair could potentially
be cut or dyed.”

Mr McCann added: "The poster was designed by a friend of the family and I’ve
begun Emailing it to acquaintances in different parts of the world.

“I’m asking people to circulate it the best they can and make it be seen.”

Madeleine’s Eye Holds Vital Clue

The only thing With This Liltle Girl Don, I will say that all the Psychics(Media Stream) are on that case Already ….!?!?!?

And the Key To All this is in the last Sentence on your Post …!

“Madeleine’s Eye Holds Vital Clue”


Thx, Jacques–glad to know you are on this with Pluto. If you guys will keep your objectives goals solid and traceable, people are going to see how wonderful and useful Pluto is.

By the way, I’m apparently being blocked from contacting you and Steeve, again, also am unable to send private messages to anyone on the EW memberlist. I figure that stating this in a post will get the CIA/MI666 hacker freaks to back off a little bit .
so you can have an easier time repairing their damage.

Meanwhile, as before when the hackers were dogpiling us, I’ll send you both notes through Alex Emard, our mutual associate.