Edward Snowden's appearance on Joe Rogan Experience

Edward Snowden gave an impressive interview on Joe Rogan yesterday, certainly worth a watch, as so much of what he said is correct and relevant.
But it wasn’t conducted like a normal interview, with very few questions from Joe, and no real challenging of Edward’s statements.

Some good quotes:

  • You can’t awaken someone who is pretending to be asleep
  • There are no heroes, there are only heroic decisions. You are never further than one decision away from making a difference
  • But at the end of the day, you have to recognize if you’re trying to eliminate all risks from your life, what you’re actually doing is eliminating all possibility from your life
  • Everything that we do now lasts forever. Not because we want to remember, but because we are not allowed to forget

If the CIA had briefed him before appearing, they may have asked him to:

  • Stick to the official story about what happened on 9/11
  • Downplay the existence of the deep state
  • Downplay conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists

Edward Snowden by his own admission has been a career intelligence operative, and these views of his may just be ingrained from his years of work for the CIA, NSA, and others. It could just be coincidental that these views align with the CIA.

Joe Rogan has an ex (maybe not ex?) CIA operative Mike Baker on his show regularly:

Joe Rogan Experience #541 - Mike Baker

Joe Rogan Experience #907 - Mike Baker

Joe Rogan Experience #1001 - Mike Baker

Joe Rogan Experience #1115 - Mike Baker

Joe Rogan Experience #1226 - Mike Baker

Joe Rogan Experience #1327 - Mike Baker

This is a lot of air time for one person on the show, and Mike generally tows the company line when talking about the CIA.

It is of note that both Alex Jones and Joe Rogan seemed uncomfortable and perhaps untruthful when both of them said, unprompted, that they never worked for the CIA during Alex Jones’ latest appearance on the show.

Media is changing, it was traditionally talking heads on TV and printed newspapers. The CIA has been shown to have infiltrated these traditional forms of media. Joe Rogan’s show is the most popular of its kind, so it is logical that at some point, the CIA may try to influence the content.

Interesting that Snowden said he searched for aliens in CIA/NSA databases, and found nothing, but Steven Greer thinks this is because he didn’t have a high enough clearance:

@Snowden said he searched for evidence of Aliens in the data bases and found nothing. He speaks on this on the @joerogan show.

— Mannyboy1981 (@mayo__az) 17 November 2019

Point of Fact: Snowden did not have USAP clearance so his access - no matter how much he searched- would turn up nothing . A top secret clearance is common- clearance to the USAP level of compartmentation is rare.

— Dr. Steven Greer (@DrStevenGreer) 17 November 2019