Efficient Batteries For Cars

Don Croft
08 Mar 2008 09:56
Subject: Efficient Batteries for Cars

Someone sent me this YouTube interview and I’m posting it because it shows how the oil cartel suppressed these batteries in order to sabotage the market.

Free energy devices usually produce electricity, so it’s likely that lightweight, efficient batteries are going to be components for vehicles, including aircraft and boats, that will be propelled via free energy devices.

The more discussion there is of specific acts of sabotage like this one, the sooner we’ll get free energy tech, which is to say the sooner the CIA, on behalf of the oil cartel, will have to stop murdering or buying out the inventors in order to extort the rest to remain silent.

I noticed that on my airplane’s two cycle Rotax motor there are four magnets and three stators on the magneto in order not to lose any kinetic energy while producing electricity for the sparkplugs… This principle was introduced by the late Wilhelm Muller in Canada in the early 1980s and then quietly copied by a number of other inventors and companies, apparently including Bombardier, which is the Canadian snowmobile manufacturer that took over Rotax in Austria. Apparently, the American car manufacturers still make only those jerky, obsolete alternators Wink just like academics in America still teach 17th century science and Marxism Cool to the little PJ People.

I suspect that this principle is also used in the Japanese cars: the four wheels generate electricity while the car moves down the road. Bill Muller showed me one of his sample generators, made this way, that could be easily spun like a bicycle wheel. The newer approach uses a tiny fraction of the kinetic energy required to generate the same amount of electricity with an alternator of dynamo.


08 Mar 2008 17:09
Subject: Re: Efficient Batteries For Cars
Nicely put. It’s time for the mass release of free energy tech.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
08 Mar 2008 17:41
Subject: Re: Efficient Batteries For Cars
“Electrosorce Ltd.” was a battery company that made lightweight cells using co-extruded lead onto a fibreglass thread and then woven on a loom to make a bat of lead fabric that was used as cell plates eliminating the need of heavy lead/antimony grid plates. The cells can be found in black-and-deckers rechargable lawn mowers that worked great. chrysler entered a buisness agreement with them and when they got over extended on credit to build a large enough factory to supply chrysler with batteries chrysler backed out of the deal and electroscource went bankrupt. I personaly lost 4 grand watching my share investment go sour.