Election Of New Black Pope And The New European CFR

Hello everyone,

I was just told that the current chief general of the Jesuits, Kolvenbach, asked to be dismissed lately. This is something unheard of in the history of the jesuits, as they are appointed for lifetime. Supposedly, he had already announced stepping down from his office on January 2nd 2006.


Unfortunatelly, this also means that a new head of jesuits will be appointed/elected. My search on the internet resulted in different dates, mostly in January 2008.

http://www.time.com/time/world/article/ … 57,00.html

I personally think this election is worth a boost/blast or two.

Something that passed totally unnoticed by the mainstream media is the foundation of a European CFR in October 2007. It is mostly financed by George Soros.


I think this might also be another good blasting target.


I guess all those boosts from Dooney’s and EW’s chatrooms finally got to ole’ Klovy or maybe he just ran out of meat-sacks (clones) [Image Can Not Be Found]; I’m amazed that the what to think network actually calls him the black pope, although they don’t mention what the “black” adjective is reffering to. It will be fun to see how long this new guy lasts, although it may very well be that Klovenhoof (as Stevo likes to call him) is just retireing from the public light, maybe because he can’t hide his tail any more. I guess we’ll have some insights on this from the phychics durring the next chat sessions.

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