Empiric proof. The power of simple orgonite

About three weeks ago Javi and I went to small party at a friends apartment. We imediately noticed a couple of death towers on the small hill right next to the property, about 400 meters away. Our hosts told us that there was a small campaign to remove the towers among the residents, spearheaded by a German guy, Hans, who’s wife was suffering from some kind of “chronic” disese. They also told us that this man had an instrument to measue EMR and had refered the extreemly high readings to the responsable authorities, to no avail. The next morning we climbed the small hill and planted a single TB in the vecinity. We emailed Hans and told him what we had done and if he could compare the readings before and after. He was out of town on vaccations at the time so we could not meet him yet. He returned our mail a few days ago, very exited, telling us that the EMR readings had gone down from 200-300 uW/m2 to 60uW/m2. Acording to the official charts about EMR safety he had obtained, the readings had come down from extreme radiation to medium-high. He also told us that before the orgonite was placed, he would measure readings of up to 1000uW/m2. We explained to him that its not the EMR itself that is noxious to human health but the DOR these transmitters produce. We didn’t get into the whole sewer rat thing and that specific frecuencies are chosen that produce the most DOR and that all of this is done on purpose, basically to dumb down and eventually kill people. You can’t hammer PJ folks with the whole truth of what is going on, or they will freak out or simply dismiss you as a nut. He’s going to lend us his notes, which he has taken over the past year on the EMR readings on his balcony, so we can photocopy them and post them here, I love German people, so neat and resourceful. Although orgonite basically operates transforming DOR into POR, some of its secondary effects can be measured through changes in EMR so this is strong empiric evidence of orgonite’s effectiveness, I don’t think scientific instruments suffer from placebo effect or collective hypnosis. I will post Hans’s notes as soon as I get my hands on them…

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