Encounters - I wrote to Don Croft

I wrote to Don Croft which is always very interested in investigate and report all the various aspects of gitfing including the psycologically hunting incidents, hunches, and basically everything from the life. So he suggested that psychic maybe looking at these episodes.
In short, after I visualized a dodec and try to boost a dodec on the heart of a person that my mum employ to assist her, to my surprise I received an image of something like a muscle or maybe a skinned small animal, it did not had a precise shape, after few more attempts to tune in with a hearth feeling I saw the same image together with a crown. Few days later I decided to go gift the castle of Milan, since there are also a few antennas not gifted around there.

On the way to the castle I decided to stop to take some photos at the cetrally located San Fedele church. As I saw the man below perched on the steps of church I took a photo but he was quick in closing his eyelids.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

At the castle I visited the egyptian museum in the underground. After I decided to have my point and that I did not wanted to be seen in placing the orgonite, I took notice of this man and from then on it seemed he was always in sight wherever I headed. Eventually he went to talk to the librarian. Where I took the photo of him.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Eventually I found the first place to gift safe was inside a stone sarcophagus in the yard in a scrape archeo part of the courtyard, with cats living there, a crazy man talking to the wall or to himself was not to leave the site, even a cat noticed that I was waiting, the cat passed and came back both times peeked at man, open the mouth like saying something, and smelled the green bag on the floor bench that belonged to the man. A light rain came and still netiher of us would leave, the man face had become a little red. After the rain stopped the atmosphere was lighter, time to gift and go. I a short time I left 7 more tbs scattered in various placed that I already marked mentally. I left and some flock of birds passed over the castle. Legend! But is not over until is over, on the tram on the way home an old mad man a bit smelly, came on and from behind me made variuos jerks movement like stabs, after a while he went quite sat down stinking as he was and not looking at anyone.
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks, Silvio, and sorry for the delay. I showed the pics to Carol, just now, and her immediate impression is that the first photo shows an NSA sewer rat and the second one CIA.

Congratulations for attracting these felonious agencies’ active attention with your gifting in Milan!

Thanks for posting your fine, subjective impressions, too. I’ve struggled since the beginning to convince more people to do this, since it’s what has drawn people to my own writings from the beginning.

As always, nobody who reads this forum is required to believe anything and we actually discourage blind acceptance. Our aim is always to inspire people to do the work and acquire their own certainty and confirmations.