England visit on midsummer

Greetings, an up-date for gifting with photos from spring and summer.

First of all I’d like to show couple shots from my visit to England in the end of June. I managet to bring one Hhg there through the custom. In Finland they found it and asked what it is, so I told them it brings good luck which is true.

The destinated location for the device was Stonehenge, have not heard anyone gifting it before but I doubt it was the first device there. The timing was around the midsummer so the place was open. The ticket was too expensive and as I was doing a favour for all by placing an energy device to such a strong energy portal of Earth Grid, I just climbed over the fence. An interesting place I must say but there were highways on both sides so the charm was reduced. It is probable the highways are there for energetic purposes, to utilise the energy of that place. Too many people were around so I put my gift at a distance. Here the photos.


If you look closely, there can be seen a strange light phenomenom. It was discovered in the photo by my friend who had a feeling something’s in the picture and only then noticed the white light shooting out of the bush to the sky. I only can say, I felt strong energetic relief after gifting. With this hint I leave it unto you to find out where the orgonite is? [Image Can Not Be Found]; see it for yourselves:


The next shot is taken before gifting while on the actual site. The same whit light phenomenom appears in this photo too. For truth’s sake it was raining on that day but at least in that photo where the light shoots out directly from the spot I left my Hhg… well, clairvoyant folks may give their view if they so wish. I don’t want to speculat it all over.

God shave the queen, I was glad to ge back to Finland. After gifting Stonehenge got pretty harrassed. One sort of confirmation in itself.

Good work! I put about 150 TBs around the place in a horseshoe shape, and at a distance, as you can’t get inside the centre unless you book, and then you have lots of company. I did arrive early, 6-7am winter but was an hour or so later than intended and the staff were there not soon after. Need to put something in the middle but needs a psychic to have a look really so I never went back. And the roads don’t help either.

I didn’t like the feeling of the place, I went to school near there and only went once. I guess they used to sacrifice people there. I also did all the mounds around with a HHG.

A psychic said it was a major portal or some such thing for the dark side, hence my visit, but she was being worked by them unbeknown by her, I found later, so ignored that.

Only good point was finding some amazingly shaped beech trees, my favourite hardwood tree.


Great work Pekka and John. I am glad to know that this place has been thoroughly gifted. I visited the Stonehenge a couple of years ago because I was told it was a special site and I’d get wonderful experiences. It had a very bad energy and it puzzled me at the time that the guide kept commenting on its wonderful energy and wanted us to keep stopping and feeling it. I came out with an enormous and nasty headache and the sense that too many people had been killed there. I got the same experience when I visited the source of the Nile in Uganda. Again everyone had said what a wonderful place it was, and am sure its a vortex as well. Don’s report about it when he went there of being a site for human sacrifice confirmed what I’d feared, and its another place I’m glad has been restored to its pristine nature.

You go, guys!


Guys, your orgonite is having a good effect, no doubt, and Pekka probably earned a lot of etheric points by jumping that fence.

When Kelly’s back home from Iceland maybe he’ll take a look at the photos and tell us about the energy dynamic, there. Having several photos makes it easier for him to give a detailed analysis, by the way, so thanks for that. It will be nice to have his assessment because that may tell us whether or not it’s possible to reverse similar horrors with our orgonite without setting foot in them. Some spots are in restricted areas and we risk being shot by the secret police. Other gifters have tried to lay orgonite in the middle of that molested vortex but were watched too closely by the guards.

That reminds me of how the US Park Service has teams of specialists who prepare human sacrifice ritual sites and keep observers away from the areas while the rituals take place. They travel around to specific parks, including Yellowstone and one in Hawaii, and they look like any other Park Service cops and drones [Image Can Not Be Found]

A week after D Bradley mercifully (to children) removed Lawrence Rockeeller from our world at Devil’s Punchbowl, which is a Los Angeles County Park, we gifted the crap out of that ritual site and had our own, individual day-long initiations in the process. That evening, after the park employees all left, Los Angeles Police Department cops directed traffic in that very remote desert canyon spot and courteously assigned parking spaces to the droves of celebrants who started arriving around sunset for that night’s satanic ritual. The next morning, in Bradley’s parlor, I contacted Steeve DeBellefuille and we started Etheric Warriors. That was two years ago, this month.

These sites are very, very important gifting targets.

Thanks for the feedback, Judy. Who can account for what some folks say ‘feels good,’ eh? [Image Can Not Be Found]


talking of Stonehenge, I was given a card of a website of people who campaign to get public access for ceremonies etc https://www.infinitepossibility……/a>

On the card was 1+1= 11 --an Illuminati number, and I recall DB mentioning that

at the bottom was ‘our New World Order is Love’!