Eric Carlsen's Jupiter Update #2

Jupiter Update #2

On fairly calm waters we all , Jeff, myself, the Crofts and our friends from Canada and our mascot Neha

all went out on the Nehalennia, the Crofts new ocean gifting zodiac today to gift the

nuclear power plant on Hutchinson island near Ft.Pierce Florida.

Many water gifts were released around the plant and in a line on the intracoastal from

Stuart to Ft. Pierce.

All in all it was very successful and our confirmations came from a brief appearance of a

pod of dolphins close to the Hutchinson island bridge and the appearance of 3 sylphs overhead.

The typical surveliance was apparent from a few non descript spooks observing us at the boat launch and a once over helicopter filming from above as we took off from the dock.

After returning and having grown hungry we stopped for dinner at the Cracker Barrel restaurant along Rt 1 in Stuart. This is where the fun began and my camera became excited. As I mentioned in my last post I said that I was packing my camera for protection. Well it came in handy as I was able to take photographs of the following

agents which were tailing us from inside the restaurant.

One solo operative in a cowboy costume with a checkered shirt had been observing from his table.

I took his photo while he was leaving and he didn’t seem at all surprised.

I only wish I rememberd to ask his name. His picture is posted below.

A separate group of agents including 3 incompetant mkid field agents, a female psychic which would not let me photograph her and the man or draco in charge who appears to be of mixed specie. They are also made with the photographs below.

I hope this update is useful for when you are encounter field agents.

It’s good to know what to look for when spotting them.

Field agents will look rather surprised when taking their photographs, but they will not

engage you because they of course don’t exist. J

I hope if they do decide to get this close to me again that they at least give me their names for their next photo op.

Their pictures are posted below. The woman spook and one other mkid agent declined to be photographed, so you’ll have to wait until I see them again to snap their pictures, but at least I know what they look like, which in the world of exposing spies and secret agents is not so good for job security.

I might also post the picture of the spook driver in the pickup truck in the Cracker Barrel parking lot, either way I made him and will snap his picture if I see him again. J

The word on my car is that the electronic fuel pump on my car was fried when “they” decided to juice it on Saturday. The repair bill for a Chevy Blazer fuel pump is almost

$1000. Call it a little game of tit 4 tat, but spook photographs currently are going for a $1000. each. J .

The pics are viewable at or here if I can get them to open