Eric Carlson's Jupiter Update #1

Jupiter Update [Eric’s writing this and I’m posting it. ~Don]

Confirmations of Don and my gifting efforts have already yielded some interesting information.

Our early morning gifting of Jupiter Creek near Dons’s house alerted the DOR folks almost immediately. Within minutes of getting ashore a Florida official helicopter,

specially equipped with nsa DOR meter personal, which officially don’t exist of course

buzzed myself and Don.

In all my gifting, a special op helicopter has never responed so fast to my gifting of any waterways, so our little kayaking excursion made some dramatic effects in the surrounding DOR fields and whatever nefarious activities that aren’t really going on(not)

In the Jupiter area.

Fast forward to this morning and on a bagel run my 99 Chevy Blazer decided to quit

While traveling down Indian Town Rd in Jupiter.

I would have thought nothing of it except that my SUV has low miles on it and it got me all the way here from Boston without any hiccups, so after pulling off the road and while waiting for AAA to arrive I decided to peek around and look for anything that might be able to beam my car and cause it to quit.

Low and behold, I observed specially equipped lightpoles with antennas on them.

The light poles are located on both sides of Indian Town Rd and just down from the draw bridge that connects traffic to the other side of the intracoastal waterway.

This area would be considered a choke point for “them” since all traffic from the beach would have to pass over the waterway at this point.

My hunch is that the antennas were used to beam a signal at my car computer system to disable it.

This technology bty exists openly and is public knowledge that specific areas are outfitted to disable cars that are targeted by the ones who control the technology.

I’m in Florida for 2 weeks and will keep you all posted as to my gifting and any overt

Surveliance that I encounter. I have my camera with me and I’m taking pictures, so stay tuned to the Florida expedition of Eric Carlsen and the my gifting buddies, the Crofts.