Etheric Air Corps' New Capability

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but the ‘Strategic Benefactor’ can carry a couple hundred pounds of orgonite and other stuff and still take off and land in a very, very short distance.

I bought this thing almost two years ago and it took this long for me to finally get the training to fly it. I spent a couple of weeks in Arizona (got home a week ago) and probably got another ten hours of instruction, which makes a total of about twenty. There are some who can learn to fly these in a day but I’m not one of those [Image Can Not Be Found]

I trained on a heavier, faster ‘trike’ belonging to the fellow I bought this trike from, so when I got in mine to solo I wasn’t prepared for the difference in response: mine is a floater and it requires a very, very subtle touch to fly it; the training trike was more rigid and responded more like an airplane. So, I felt like I was going to crash during my entire solo, which otherwise probably looked hilarious from the ground.

He took pity on me and sort of leaned on a friend of his to teach me to fly mine, so after that I made rapid progress and within three days I was impressing my original instructor with effortless and smooth spot landings. The second instructor successfully explained to me how this particular wing is like a living creature–flying this is more like riding a horse; very interactive and requirs subtlety.

When I got home the conditions were unfavorable for flying (still are) but after I installed a ballistic parachute (Carol’s request [Image Can Not Be Found] ) and did some other needed alterations I set out the Carolingian CB at mid morning and by noon the CB had punched a suitable hole in the overcast/fog conditions for me to do a little flying. I had a sense that the window was going to close pretty soon (it did right after I landed) so I got right up there and did a few touch-and-go exercises, then floated to a landing close to our hangar. This thing really feels like I’m flying a bird.

Last year I made up two very big 108s for the American/Mexican desert-reversal agenda. Ismail–Ixma on EW–in Mexico has been working on the desert on that end, by the way. We hope to meet him soon. Three years ago, when Dooney, Stevo, Carol and I went to Quartzite, Arizona, those three psychics all got the distinct impression that a 108 in two specific areas in the desert: Carson Sink near Fallon, Nevada, and the Mexican border area south of Tucson, stand a good chance of reversing the original Spanish-clergy human sacrifice rituals that we believe were conducted in the early 1500s to create that desert.

Even so, I can report that everywhere I looked in the desert in Arizona desert there is green grass growing among the cacti, now, so I think we’re about to see the tide turn. Even Tucscon has grass growing all around & we saw Sylphs in the sky. We don’t know of anyone flipping death towers, there, though lots of people in that area have orgonite cloudbusters and Carol and I, along with perhaps a few other quieter workers, had made several trips to the desert since 2001 to reverse it. Our success in Deat Valey is a matter of record, I think, though the NSA had erased the reports on EW. We did most of that during the time I was posting journal reports on another site, though. We how host these reports as a free PDF and voice document, called ‘The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft,’ in case you’re new, here. I think it’s now the only remaining public record of what was done with orgonite before 2006. I promote the good work of others whenever I’m able, so there’s lots of that in the reports.

By the way, I noticed that there’s more chemtrail jets than ever on the ground at the CIA’s huge, private airport outside of Tucson and all of them have red-painted tails [Image Can Not Be Found] which is probably because too many Pajama People noticed how odd it is that all-white, unmarked jets lay those ‘contrails’ at such low altitudes. ‘Mustn’t cause the PJ folks wake up,’ or that will cause the end of parasitic tyranny, of course [Image Can Not Be Found] . In 1999 I saw my first chemtrail jets on the ground and that was at Miami’s international airport. In those days the sewer rats evidently felt confident that nobody was going to speak up about seeing dozens of unmarked, white jets on the ground at a major airport. We used to see lots of chemtrail jets at the Kingman airport, south of Las Vegas, but those are now gone, replaced by DHL jets, which I think are legitimate parcel carriers.

So, with this weight-shift controlled, powered Rogallo wing I can take a 108 to the middle of a dry lake bed, unobserved by the sewer rats (I always take along a Succor Punch on gifting sorties) plant the 108–just below the ground with my cool bulb planter–then take off and nobody will see a trace of it. If I were to drive anyplace to do this, the sewer rats who inevitably track us, just out of sight, on the ground would be likely to just follow the tracks and remove teh 108. By the way, if you’re one of those benighted folks who think you need to bury your orgonite, just consider that every time you stop long enough to do that a sewer rat is likely to photograph you, then promptly remove your orgonite. If you’re going to bury orgonite, please be sure to look all around you to be sure that nobody sees you, okay? Hide a bit, too, so you can’t be seen from far away. Your Succor Punch can be relied on to block these felons from tracking you with their transceivers in your car, clothing, body, etc.

I got off the ground within about 70 feet down in Arizona; here in Idaho, last week, it took a little over a hundred but even though the air, here, is denser on account of the lower temperature it also was loaded with water vapor, that day, so performance was lower than usual.

Southern California’s desert, just across the Colorado River from greening Arizona, has no grass growing in it, as far as I could tell when driving north to Las Vegas. California is a tough nut to crack, though I think the rewards are more dramatic when one has expended the effort. We see glorious evidence of that in Los Angeles and the San Joaquin Valley, for instance.

With the trike I can now efficiently gift the Salton Sea and the mountain peaks and ridges in that area, which is where Wilhelm Reich somehow knew to put one of his cloudbusters (in the Chocolate Mountains) in 1953 to augment what his cloudbuster outside fo Tucson was doing. In that case, as you probably know, the grass started growing all over Southern Arizona before it started raining, there. All of that went away after he left, of course, but he had set the stage for what we’re all doing, now.

I have a little hunch that if I can get orgonite into teh Salton Sea and onto those mountains it might induce the jet stream to return to its natural course, which is from the west rather than from the south, which has been the prevailing course, evidently since the 1500s. We believe that Reich understood how to ‘heal’ the jet stream in the months he was in Arizona. I hope we’ll soon see.

There are more things to check on a trike during preflight inspections than in most other aircraft, which is to say that the feds who so cleverly sabotaged one of my other aircraft a few times may have more opportunities to sabotage this trike but, to me, that simply means that I have to be extra thorough with my preflight inspections, so their felonious behavior ultimately makes me a better pilot. I don’t feel like thanking them for that, though [Image Can Not Be Found]

My final instructor, who is exceptionally gifted as a teacher and pilot, took the shot of me sitting on the trike, wearing one of his comm helmets. He told me I look pretty goofy in that photo and I said, ‘Well, it’s who I am, after all.’ I’ll take a camera aloft shortly to get a more dramatic shot to post, here.
In a couple of days the sky muck is supposed to ease up, a bit. On that day I’ll put out the Carolingian an hour before flight.

I forgot to mention that when I got to Arizona the weather was also not cooperating and on the second day we were not going to get an opportunity for a lesson, so in the middle of the afternoon, when the wind had increased and the sky was darkly overcast, I hookd up the Carolingian to the battery and installed the pipes on the egg-shaped base and a nice hole started to open up overhead, the wind died down and the dark aspect of the surrounding clouds brightened. My instructor was so impressed that he took a panoramic series of photos all around and we had a terrific lesson. That night, it rained nicely and this is extremely unusual in Arizona in January.

I can bear witness that if one of us really wants to accomplish something he/she will prevail with enough persistence, no matter how many obstacles are thrown in our path. I’ve finally reached a reasonable level of competence and confidence with flying, now, and if it weren’t for the interference of the corporate order I’d probably have reached this point a couple of years ago. What matters to me, though, is that I’ve made it this far and am now ready for some serious, long range aerial ‘blessings.’ [Image Can Not Be Found] If I weren’t living at an airfield it probably would have taken a lot longer, so I’m grateful to my dear wife for finding us this house and hangar to rent, almost five years ago, when we both had committed to learning how to fly.

I’m now concentrating on helping to make it possible for at least one of our East African wadugu to learn to do this and to get a suitable microlight aircraft–maybe in a couple of years? Judging by what they’ve done for the environment, so far, I think the desert reversals and the revolution in the fortunes of all the East African countries will accelerate when one of them has the capability to gift the many major mountaintops and ridges. The Tanzanian gifters did Mt Kilimanjaro, as you know. I don’t think anyone else but people in that ancient tribe could have gotten past the soldiers all around that mountain [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ve been corresponding with Eliud, who is one of my Tanzanian heroes, and this has been a big part of my Kiswahili training [Image Can Not Be Found]


Yesterday I took the thing out and flew it three times; same today. The wing comes down in order for it to fit in the hangar, so it makes sense to leave it set up outside on cold days without much wind and fly several times.

I’d been incredibly antsy ever since I got back from Arizona and the first flight, last week, wasn’t entirely satisfying. It’s funny how something like this can affect one’s composure but two days of repetetive touch-and-go and a couple of little cross country flights has really settled me down. I remember losing many nights of sleep in the first couple of years I was flying, going over and over in my head what I might do in emergencies and trying to figure out why it was so hard for me to make smooth landings.

Cheetah put me over the top a couple of summers ago, after I had broken my main landing gear while landing in a rotor (downdraft) and his simple instructions, then, somehow enabled me to never again have a rough landing. it’s so much easier when there’s someone nearby who will shepherd a new pilot through these challenges but in those days I didn’t have anyone. Now there are several guys around here who fly with me and it really helps, in case you’re interested in taking up flying. Ultralight flyers are closer to actual flying, by the way. The bigger planes are driven more like cars, comparatively, and one is isolated from the environment. In the little planes you feel the temperature of the air and the unobstructed view is exhilarating. Lots and lots of people who fly big planes have said that these little ones are a lot more fun. Terry, who flew jets in the Air Force, then Skyraiders in Cambodia and Laos during that war (close to the ground and usually under intense fire), has more fun with his ultralight than he ever did with the other stuff, he told me.

My instructor in Arizona, last month, insisted that trike flying is a good transition to helicopters, too, since so much of trike flying is felt by the body.

Trikes are especially ‘organic’ and i’m seeing that it requires extra upper body strength if one is going to fly in any turbulence. The abdominal muscles also ge a workout so it’s kind of like sculling, that way.

I’ve been working on how to stay warm, so that I can fly for more than a half hour at a time in winter and I think I have it nailed. I spent a lot of money on some composite mittens and those are just right for the job, especially since there’s no need to use the fingers when flying one of these. The last thing to do in order to fly longer is to finish arranging the single seat, which I’ll do next week. It’s so nice to be past the anxiety stage with this thing! I’ll soon be ready to take it on the road for aerial missions. Carol said that she’l do some targetting intel for me. The Carolingian CB will help o ensure friendly skies, too. I made a base for it and hooked it to a solar panel but I’m now going to replace the Succor Punches. The ones we made all broke, just below the mobius coil so I’ll put the mobius coils close to the bottom, this time.

I think I’ll put two, 12v batteries in series, too, so it should go all night after having been charged all day. For some reason, this arrangement is sucking up an awful lot of power and I doubt it’s a short circuit… It will be fun to figure it out. Working with mobius coils is fascinating. when I had a very big crystal/mobius/grid arrangement under the floor of the Zapporium (our first home together; the camper I built on the back of an old Ford pickup) a nine volt battery powered the thing and it lasted twice as long as it did in a zapper. It was the same circuit as a zapper. I should reassemble that grid/crystal device under the bed n our motor home. James Hughes designed it for me in 1998, taught me to make the copper grid and sold me the crystals. I added some orgonite in pipes and also a crystal ball with a big mobius coil around it in 1999, before Carol and I got together. Nothing we’ve ever come up with has become obsolete, yet [Image Can Not Be Found]


Miguel is visiting us, again, and filmed this, today:

We’ve watched it three times and the counter still shows ‘zero’ nor does the video come up when I do a search for ‘strategic benefactor,’ which is its title [Image Can Not Be Found]

This is a weaker form of NSA/CIA censorship than existed in the early years of the internet, before enough people started taking note of this parasitic dynamic. These felons, who no doubt would prefer to just slaughter everyone who flings orgonite, are fighting a losing battle with rising human awareness and accountability [Image Can Not Be Found] and they can’t even censor their own YouTube facility overtly. I might lay odds that their next step may be to ‘ask for donations’ to keep Youtube going, as they recently started to do with their online, ‘free’ encyclopedia.

They can easily afford to keep YouTube running for as long as their City of London puppetmasters are still sucking the lifeblood from humanity and I don’t feel bad about using these felons, this way.

Anyone else can put non-offensive films on YouTube and it will immediately be available to the public, of course.

You can probably see how much fun trikes are to fly and how different they are to operate, from regular airplanes. Flying through turbulence gives you bigger shoulders, too [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks, Miguel! I edited the thing (three hours for less than four minutes in my case) with his almost constant supervision and I’m feeling a little despair about being able to do this on my own but I’ll persevere.


Exposure…exposure…exposure…exposure is the first essential step toward discarding parasitic tyranny. Cat got your tongue?


About the youtube view count, the count staying at zero for a while is normal… i don’t know why it is delayed, but then at some point 1-2 days after the video has been uploaded the count is set to the right number of views. It happens on all videos

I want to learn to fly one of those. I was always facinated with hang glinding. As a boy I would watch them launch off Mt. Swansi near Fairmount Hot Springs in BC . Can you recomend a model# so I can start hunting for my own machine? I like the design of yours cause it looks easy to change out the engine later with one of the newer type piston arrangements making for a lighter prime mover.

That thing is an elevator, takes-off in twenty feet then goes straight-up!

Here’s my idea for a bomb bay: Picture a six-pack of beer. Remove the can’s bottoms. Put muffin TB’s in cans, held-in place with a safety pin on the end of a string. Pull string, TB’s fall out. Six strings, six bomb packs. Modify to suit.


Andy, I haven’t measured, but depending on atmospheric conditions it seems to take from 70 to a hundred feet to get airborne.

Andy gifted from a helicopter, so is a ‘member’ of the Etheric Air Corps.

bmosley is a pilot and rented a plane to gift vast regions of Canada, years ago, so is also a member. I think there are five or six more of us.

Braikar, it’s tough for most people to consider the blatant censorship on sites like YouTube, so there’s a tendency to explain it away. I understand that, I think, but I appreciate the massive amount of gifting you’re doing, internationally.


If you’ll indulge me a bit, I may mention, again, the latter stage of the eleven-year history of censorship against this effort that agencies like the CIA, NSA, MI6 and Triads have exerted, including the complete destruction of EW, three times. The later two destructions were accompanied by extensive physical damage to the server facilities in Montreal, Canada, and Santiago, Chile. I had moved EW outside of the US after it became clear that it was just too hard to protect it, here. After all that we found Chuck in Virginia, who has kept our forum safe from these ravagers for over two years and a year ago, during their most recent assault against our forum, these ghouls even started a fire in the miiddle of the night at his server facility. Thankfully, he was there, repairing the software damage, so he was able to extinguish the fire. EW has its own dedicated server hardware now, by the way.

Hopefully, you can excuse me for having no patience when someone explains away things like covert and overt censorship and my apologies to Braikar, in this case, who I’m sure meant well.

The latest blatant hacker assault I’ve been dealing with is trying to get Marco in New Jersey successfully registered, again, so he can post hat I believe are some essentially important and new insights [Image Can Not Be Found] but we’re almost there. Actually, what he and I have been discussing in email relates directly to Benedict’s comments. I’m having to jump through hoops with this new hacker challenge. I’ve never failed to register anyone until now. I’m about to make a third attempt, tomorrow, after he sets up a new email account. He’s one of us who have been under economic assault since July, I found out yesterday. You’re going to enjoy his postings and he’s done a prodigious amount of gifting over the past ten years or so.

I’m not a flake, nor am I paranoid. I’m simply trying my best to get more and more people to verbally acknowledge and to stop ‘explaining away’ and excusing the online crimes of these parasitic agencies. They can’t control the internet, so why let them control our minds and behavior any more? They’re heavily vested in our silence and in our apologetics for their crimes, after all. Let’s pull that rug out from under them, okay?

‘Trouble’ is just another word for ‘fun.’

The Etheric Air Corps will expand into East Africa very soon, Mungu akijalia (God willing) and here are Benedict’s thoughts about the significance of mountaintop gifting:

In East Africa, it is always known that the mountains have got the sole power over very many regions.

Traditionally before the coming of the missionaries, the Africans had their own religion, and it was based on nature. They could pray facing the Mountain, in hope that the supernatural bieng used to exist and live in such places. Among the Luo community, that is where I belong, and the USA president also claim part of it [Image Can Not Be Found] it was believed that our creator lived in RAMOGI HILLS, and that is where he left from as he was going to heaven to make another home there. Because of this, the Luo people could pray facing Ramogi Hills, in hope that everything good would happen to them. During the dry spells, the Luo community pray around the hill, to both God and Ramogi, their ancestor to bring back the rain.

These are among such imporatant areas that we have not gifted, beecause of lack of means. I believe that with time, when I shall have acquired the flying skill, or before, and if the means are made availabe, I will be in a position to do such.


When Georg and I were in Uganda we went with Kizira Ibrahim, a worker of juju wmema (good magic) and an accomplished healer, to a small island in the Nile, just downstream from Bujagali Falls. He brought along a trance medium, who was a kindly, middle-aged woman in a lovely traditional dress (I held her baby grand daughter during the ritual), in order to contact the Guardian of the falls and entreat him to return. ‘Bujagali’ had evidently departed after Idi Amin’s people had desecrated the sacred area by dumping thousands of murdered people’s bodies into the falls. Mr. Kizira had also brought along some orgonite and the guardian entity returned after that. Carol confirmed it for me when I got home. She and the other psychics have noted that sometimes the guardians are elementals; sometimes they’re departed human souls; sometimes they’re unidentifiable for now. This is one of the several reasons I’m fond of using the term, ‘The Operators,’ to denote the benevolent entities of the unseen realms, many of whom are keen to help us, each and all, to succeed with our orgonite work [Image Can Not Be Found]

A few days before that, Georg, Dr. Batiibwe, Dr Kayiwa and I had gifted the falls, directly, and we all witnessed a sudden lift of the energy, there, coincidental to millions of bats flying up into the air from a small island in the center of the falls, themselves.

This sort of interaction with the unseen realms is not uncommon in Africa (nor with many of us in the West who do this orgonite work) and I think the entire world can reach that level of awareness, soon. It’s also common in much of the rest of the world. China was like that before the ‘Cultural Revolution’ (read: genocidal onslaught of atheism/materialism) and I think they’re returning to that awareness, now.

The curse of atheism/materialism is a recent phenomenon, after all; an unwanted gift to the globe from the City of London’s disinformation bureau of the early to middle 1800s, mainly through Lord Thomas Huxley’s stableboys, Darwin and Marx, and the East India Company’s Reverend Malthus, among other dim guiding lights. The cradle of materialism was Europe but the stronghold is America, where academics are immediately fired and then blackballed for saying that the physical universe is based on order instead of accident [Image Can Not Be Found] and are rewarded and promoted for spewing materialism and atheism. How bizarre is that? Why aren’t more people talking about it?

Carol feels that the veils of illusion are dropping away at an accelerating rate, now, so maybe I don’t need to be so concerned about these lying, institutionalized parasites, after all [Image Can Not Be Found]


Joseph Farrell writes a lot about the corporate world order’s use of magic since perhaps ‘paleoancient’ times and that this is nothing more or less than physics, which ties into the money system, economics, corporate-directed religions (there are a handful that are free of control, by the way) and the many uses of psychology.

I think he’s one of only a few reputable authors who are digging into the current Nazi agenda, too, and he’s calling it a ‘breakaway civilization,’ now. I don’t question that the ancient Vryal, who stuck their heads above the surface as the SS between 1933 and 1945, then submerged, again [Image Can Not Be Found] have more vitality and focus, now, than the City of London (Babylon’s progeny) does but it seems self-evident to me that the Chinese are now the alpha old civilization and can’t be overcome by the rest, combined. He does share evidence of China’s new role from time to time, though.

Having been deeply involved with quite a few very skilled and reputable psychics over the past years in our regular ‘sessions’ to undermine the parasitic hegemony of these ancient familes and secret organizations, though, and each of us being under more or less constant magical, psychological, economic and poison assault by all of them we have discerned that the ‘best’ attacks now come from the Triads and not the Vryal, though the Vryal were making a good show of it between 2003 and 2005 or so. After 2004 the psychics started seeing the Triads ordering the other sewer rat groups about, too–I think except for the Vryal, but we can find out.

In 2005 some of our Swiss and Austrian cohorts did some critical, surgical gifting of Vryal real estate and I believe that has severely undermined a lot of their occult power.

I do hope you’ll read a sampling of Farrell’s books about the current Nazi agenda, though, also Jim Marrs’ Rise of the Fourth Reich because this is a good shortcut to understand the nature of the mind control programs that have dominated the West’s media and academia since WWII, when hordes of Vryal scientists, secret police, military men, businessmen, etc., quietly moved into influential positions in the American, Russian, British (presumably including Israel and the Arab states) governments.

Apparently this new discussion of the undiminished Nazi International (in The Hitler Book, which is a free PDF download from here, it’s called by the German authors, the SS International) has alarmed the owners and operators of Hollywood because on 4/4/12 they’re releasing a movie, Iron Sky, about an attempt to takeover the world by the Nazis from their base on the moon. There’s always a lot of information in a film like that one but I think that the way the NSA/CIA ‘communicate’ through their propaganda organ (Hollywood) is evidence that the City of London overlords have become bloated, lazy and ineffective. I don’t think these sewer rat agencies have even realized that the internet is destroying their mind control ‘software’ infrastructure at an accelerating rate. The more charismatic disinformants they throw at us online, the more people are waking up to this ancient agenda, as you hopefully have noticed.

Carol and I feel that these are the best of all times to be alive on account of the wonderful, new challenges that we’re overcoming as a species and as individuals.

Miguel has been helping us improve our commercial websites and has kindly schooled me in the basics of video editing. A few days ago we used a couple of cameras to generate the tracks of the following vid:

In a couple of places I coordinated the views from the two cameras. I’ve seen several UFOs while flying, here but the purple craft in the video was not one of those. When Carol and I went to the Oregon coast for a little R&R a few weeks ago I went to a cool kite shop several times [Image Can Not Be Found] and, since I’m me, I also got a powered kite reel and will rig up some kite messengers for carrying objects aloft and releasing them. I’m sure that will be useful in our line of work but I don’t know how, yet. I still use the spudgun from time to time, too. I gifted all through Chaco Canyon (alleged Wingmakers archaeological source site location, pirated by the NSA) with that in 2003–shot them away from the highway while driving along so that the feds behind me would never find them.

Please excuse the slightly off color comment near the end of the clip but it’s sincerely stated, at least. I hope you’ll take up flying slow aircraft in order to extend your orgonite-tossing reach, as I have.


Thanks for the suggestion, by the way, Andy. I can comfortably carry a hundred TBs in a medium-size messenger bag (strap goes around my back and over a shoulder) in my lap in any of my current aircraft but the bigger challenge is to carry more than a half dozen aerial earthpipes. I think I can use your six-pack idea for that because the fins are very thin aluminum and can be wrapped around the pipe. The tension of the fins would probably not keep them in the vertical cans in rough conditions but I could install pins, as you say.

I intend to pepper the gargantuan underground base at the Tri-Cities in Washington State, soon, with earthpipes and I don’t want to have to take off ten times to do it. Carol and I drove around and dropped about 40 earthpipe plugs in fence posts & knocked a dozen or so earthipes in the ground, there, in 2003 but it wasn’t enough. Also, there were so many feds behind us at a discrete distance that it looked like a parade from where we were. There was no other traffic, heheh. They never got close enough to see what we were doing. They always showed up just as we were leaving a little area.

Hopefully, dear reader, when you’re out gifting you’re also prudent enough to not let these felons see where you put the stuff. Keep a Succor Punch running so that they have to clap eyeballs on you rather than peek from satellites and/or track the sundry bugs in your car, clothing, body, etc.

Andy is the first Air Irregular to gift from a helicopter, by the way.

Capt Azti picked a suitable, twin-engine turboprop plane for long range, low altitude ocean and desert (we’ll need to fly low in order to avoid hitting things) gifting, presumably along ley lines, and also suggested a metered dispenser of TBs in a pod attached under the wings or fuselage.

As soon as a rich person with a conscience or a group of them comes forward to capitalize this notion I’ll strongly suggest that the Cap will fly it and will let me be the co-pilot. There are other professional and sport pilots, here and abroad, who are Air Irregulars, too [Image Can Not Be Found]

I wonder if we might call our water-gifting craft the Unorganized International Coast Guard–not that we ought to name anything at all, of course. Dancan Omollo would be a commodore [Image Can Not Be Found] .


Farrell is a scholar, I forgot to mention, and his bibliographies are enormous. He won’t make claims that aren’t corroborated by several credible sources and he makes very few claims, by the way.

I can talk about my work with psychics, my experiences with ETs, the existence of unspoken secret societies like the Vryal, etc., because I’m not a scholar; I’m only telling my personal impressions, which are always subjective and never authoritative. If I were promoting this effort as a scholar, none of this would be useful. We need scholars and scholarship, of course, and it’s too bad that Western Universities over the past century or so have prostituted and horribly censured the process wherever they’ve been able.

When a real (as opposed to ‘institutionalized’) scholar is able to collect a lot of corroborated evidence he or she gains credibility. Whatever credibility I have is among a small number of people who have had similar experiences and may have deduced the same conclusions about them. Those are the ones I write for, mainly–we need to learn not to be stampeded by the PJ folks and the media hypnotists into assuming that our strange experiences and insights are ‘just imaginary.’ Imagination is critically important, which is why the corporate order so strongly discourages its use and programs the PJ folks to laugh at (in the past: murder or imprison) independent thinkers and observers.

Most of the rest of the folks who read me are at least entertained, which is also okay. People don’t seem to be threatened by what I say but that may be on account of my reminders about the subjective nature of it all. Carol and I are having a blast, meanwhile. I had typed, ‘having a ball,’ but then remembered my comment at the end of the video and changed it.



Universe willing, in a couple of years, I may be able to organize some of the cash, and the bird, for the Ocean/Desert ops. And yes, a GPS triggered/metered dispenser pod would mean we simply fly on autopilot right down the identified ley line tracks, and watch the system drop orgonite exactly as per whatever we program.

We also talked about making fractals of 108s in the desert (small 108s, making larger 108s, making very large 108s). Imagine if we could cover the entire Sahara and/or Atacama and/or Australian Interior in a Fractal 108 pattern…. It would surely blow the drought weather pattern away!

What would really be cool is to Green up Mongolia and strip the DOR from the old ancient bastards who hold that land in bondage…


I have a suggestion for another gifting pattern that you might find usefull.

Read this post:

You’re on target with all of that, Skipper. One of the benefits of getting advice from reputable psychics, especially the ones who are flinging orgonite, is that we can get maximum effect from the field orgonite by choosing the initial targets wisely. This is especially true for desert-gifting, I think, though our Africa Mashariki (East Africa) associates are getting regular rainfall by simply distributing orgonite to farmers and fishermen in the desertified regions in those countries. Raschid is getting similar, repeating results throughout Morocco and into Tunisia and I think he’s just been flipping the death towers and weather weaponry along the highways in those regions–I’m not sure of the details, yet. The African continent is particularly amenable to orgonite, though.

Is is still raining in Australia’s interior? We won’t know about the current status of Central Australia from the media, of course, since this happy development runs counter to the ‘Global Warming’ scam. If anyone in Central Australia (who looks around outside instead of just at the TV hypnotists) is reading this, please email me at [email protected]

Our psychics, since almost the beginning of our group work in 2002, have seen orders to the various tentacles of the world order coming from under the Gobi Desert so that project will be particularly fruitful. Capt. Azti and I developed the aerial earthpipe 2.5 years ago, here and those work wonderfully well on huge ratholes like the Dark Masters’ (aka ‘The Great White Brotherhood’) homebase.

I’ve neve felt anxious about finding capital investors to take this work to the next logical level but I’ve always had faith that it’s going to happen in a timely way. Meanwhile, more glory for us little guys, right? [Image Can Not Be Found] . These are the good old days, as far as Carol and I are concerned.

Christine might get some feedback from the fishermen on Lake Chad, which is now in the Sahara Desert. She travelled there with a load of orgonite a couple of years ago, then some enterprising fellows came to see her in Southern Sudan to get more and to learn how to make it. It still astonishes me how much gets done by our African wadugu with relatively little capital, most of which they now earn from orgonite sales.


I see that the visit counter on the YouTube film shows 33 after two days [Image Can Not Be Found] . 'Nuff said? My previous flying video had a couple hundred views in the first two days, if memory serves.

Exposure, exposure, exposure of the corporate order’s dirty psi tricks hurts them, especially if we discuss it publicly. It serves them whenever someone tries to explain away their hacking and other digital manipulations.


is being censored by YouTube so it won’t come up on a search, any more. It was out there until it got 58 alleged visits and as you can see you can still find it if you click on the URL.

Let’s see if we can get these NSA tapeworms to turn it loose again, okay? My other two videos on YouTube still show up ‘for the public.’

At least the Fourth Reich haven’t tried again to kill me, lately [Image Can Not Be Found] .