Etheric Sunday Ratters

(Don Croft) #1

It’s probably helpful to know that the predator safaris that a few of the members of EW engage in every week are uncommon fare within the network. Most people won’t feel inclined to participate because, let’s face it–it’s quite aggressive and we intentionally interfere with specific predators out there whom we sense are engaged in harming individuals or humanity in general.

The energy we throw at them is pure healing energy and if we hated them we’d only be partially effective and only for a little while because expressing hatred has consequences. Some of us have been at this for four years, though, and we get better at it while improving our own individual spiritual condition and awareness so it’s obviously within the bounds of universal law.

I’m one who considers the organized predators out there to be like sewer rats, gnawing at humanity’s soft, exposed underbelly. Nobody denigrates terriers for taking pleasure in hunting and eliminating rats and our passing pleasure in our etherically-similar achievements can also be counted as innocent fun, I think, especially since it’s almost always performed as self-defense or to get our fellows out of danger.

Last year, I entertained the hope that regular, productive group efforts, like ours, would become common practice within the network and that many more psychics, like Carol, Dooney and Stevo, would just show up who are capable of calling the shots and reporting the progress in these expeditions and that turned out to be an unreasonable expectation.

I don’t angst over the failure of that development because I know that Dooney has trained scores of skilled energy tossers over that time and the demand for her professional coaching is steadily increasing, so more individuals are finally learning to fight back effectively on their own, at least. That’s a developmnent that excedes my original expectation in real terms, especially in the nature of unorganized, grassroot effort. The Sunday chats, here, are essentially organized, after all, even though organizaiton (mine) is limited and fairly unobtrusive.

As more and more gifters learn to defend themselves effectively they, too, are significantly weakening, by simple attrition, the over-arching, predatory organization that I’ve called ‘the occult/corporate world order.’

When they hit us or poison us individually, for example, we hit back, hard, and the trouble goes away for awhile because we’ve disabled some more predators. When any among us have have ideological or other programming constraints to fighting back when we’re under attack we can’t hit as hard, so the predators are only partly disabled and their trouble stays with us in that case.

An ideologically-restricted response is like only partly zapping a tapeworm in one’s colon: it takes more effort (several days of constant zapping in this case) to entirely destroy a tapeworm but an hour of zapping (like a newager’s love slap at a predator) lessens its ability to steal our sustenance and the tapeworm can’t seem to recover–it’s like we gave it slow, terminal cancer by ionizing it only slighly.

Those among us who enjoy the Sunday safaris will probably continue to rack up a big score in our efforts to disable the higher (sic) level predators in the hidden hierarchies and we’ve seen evidence that the more aggressive campaigns progressively dissolve their leadership, genocide agenda and cohesion and thereby make a lot of innocent people’s lives better.

It might be that gifting, alone, can eventually remove every trace of tyranny from the world but it may also be that if a few of us don’t assume responsibility for destroying the hierarchy in the shorter term millions and millions of innocents will perish and the cetaceans might leave our planet. The murder, at sea, of hundreds of dolphins a week ago, off Zanzibar. is a small taste of what the world order wishes to accomplish throughout the oceans, apparently and it’s a mistake not to reckon with that, I think.

Gifting, which we etheric ratters do more than our share of, is a healing exercise and even the most dogma-burdened newagers can get behind that effort; pursuing mass murderers is a curative exercise and only a few will ever feel inclined to participate in that activity. I think there will always be enough of us, though, and the dolphins, orcas and whales who occasionally and spontaneously join us in the etheric realm have been far more aggressive, at times, than the rest of us so I guess on can say that they’re providing the strongest confirmation that hunting blood-stained predators is a viable, respectable pursuit for now, nor do they ever seem concerned about ideologies or judgement. Sometimes, dolphins prefer to attempt to heal the predators instead of destroy them. The nice thing about our methods is that we don’t haver to second guess appropriate outcomes: we just send concentrated orgone at the targets and the outcome is determined by The Operators, every time. I feel sure that cetaceans are among that unseen, unfathomed, benevolent hierarchy.

We mainly just follow our instincts and spontaneity, trusting that these promptings are in accord with a more refined purpose than we can conceive in the moment. A pattern usually emerges for us, but only in the active process. That’s why I have no patience for too much planning or ‘programmed intention.’

I’ve noticed that dolphins will select and approach people in the wild regardless of whether or not we consider those individuals ‘worthy,’ and that, too, is a humbling realization.

Did you know that ‘proof’ and ‘evidence’ are not the same thing? We can’t prove that we’re effective at disabling predators but we see enough evidence that we become more and more confident, at least. When enough people learn to fight back there will be enough evidence in common experience that this will be proven, as electricity is ‘proven’ to run a motor or light a room, even though nobody has ever quantified or even understood the nature of electricity.

There’s so much empirical evidence that orgonite heals the environment, by now, that we’re approaching the ‘proof’ stage. Orgone is the emerging paradigm’s power source, in fact–that seems obvious by now to many of us.