Etheric Warriors and Secrecy

Some of us have been bragging on the fact that we’re engaging in an open conspiracy and I think that some of my comments gave the impression that I’m opposed to anyone, here, hiding his or her identity.

Whenever I’m held to task about this by an individual I explain that my criticisms were directed at folks who have absolutely nothing to lose by giving at least their first names in posts but some of the nicer contributors haven’t held me to task and have risked quite a lot by having their last and even first names disclosed in posts.

You might know (because I repeat it a lot) that EW has sleepless enemies who comb all the postings for ammunition they can use to discredit all of us. They evidently work in shifts [Image Can Not Be Found] so it’s probably not accurate to say that they’re sleepless.

One of our more prodigious international gifters asked me to remove the mention of his last name in a post because of his job and I immediately censored it out of my post. Another intrepid gifter who posts here can’t even use her/his first or last name, for now, because an evidently professional, agency-directed Harpy in her/his community is hunting on EW for ammunition to discredit him/her in the eyes of the conservative Pajama People in the small community, on whom he/she relies for a livlihood.

Not to seem melodramatic, but this dirty harpy is probably included in the shiftwork [Image Can Not Be Found] . Hello, dear.

Another poster and devotee of orgonite’s transmuting ability, who probably shouldn’t mention his name here, is an official in a well known city.

I don’t hide anything but the corporate/occult sewer rats essentially destroyed my life and ego in 1994 and also took my children away, just for fun, so I don’t have anything to lose. I have a life, of course, which Carol and I have put together but we constructed it for waging war on these cowards [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol is also going for broke, having bested the corporate/occult worst in court when she rescued her adult kid from an FBI sting operation, years ago, and brought down the filthy county prosecutor in the process. I helped a bit–we gifted that coked out jackass’ private residence the night before the kangaroo court, so he showed up unbalanced and probably strung out, more than usual, on cocaine. He raved, red-faced at CArol and threatened her in front of the crowd even before the alleged trial started. Carol didn’t flinch. Don’t you wish you had a mate like her? That lawyer freak was thrown out of office soon after that by angry townsfolk, who finally got fed up with him. He’d ruined a whole lot of innocent lives to support his habit and when word got around that little logging town in Idaho that he had become unstable they picketted outside the courthouse, demanding his resignation. He resigned. The FBI’s darling [Image Can Not Be Found]

Remember when we rescued police chief Billie Phillips in Tennessee from an FBI sting operation? He had stood up in a police chief convention and said his police force would not enforce the then-new Patriot Acts. We all did that from the chatroom while Chief Billie and his Lieutenant gifted locally. The FBI simply went away after that–schmucks. Chief Billie is on the patriot lecture circuit and the Lt is now a police chief in another community. Happy ending.

You’ve probably been reading Carol Two Eagle’s postings. She’s a Lakota elder, a carrier of the sacred Pipe, who regul;arly throws down on dirty politicians in the North Dakota Capital Building. Auntie Carol is an example of someone who has nothing to lose by telling who she is. She’s also an incredible psychic, confidant of The Operators, and is living history. If you want to know something about grounding….

One of those politicians Auntie Carol exposed ranted, on his way out, that he and his ilk/associates were going to make sure she never made any money, so check out her incredible offerings when she gives me a website link for EW, okay? Let’s confound those masonic/NSA/CIA politicsal fools/tools and help Auntie Carol thrive. I ordered some hanpah (mocassins) from her and Georg is getting a pair, too. She’s one of those people who can put you in a pleasantly timeless state when tells what she knows. When I met her, years ago, I had a hunch that we’d be working together someday. Ndn elders are like our grandparents should have been [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m going to be less strident about the privacy issue and I"m sorry if I caused any hardship with my big mouth.