Eustace Mullins Has Died

I spent two and a half hours writing this and it all disappeared in a keystroke. This often happens when the subject matter touches an exposed nerve of the old satanic world order. I know–you’ll say, ‘Weellll, you Should Have Written It On Your Word Program, First!’ and that’s true but isn’t that like blaming the victim for not locking his door when a burglar has ransacked his house?

I’m going to write it all out again pretty soon but I’m deeply bummed out that he’s gone. Carol got the impression he was poisoned, again. Lots of folks are being killed this way, now–have you noticed? Those are the ones who don’t know about zappers and/or repelling psi/electronic assaults. I encouraged Dooney to coach Meria Heller, a popular talk show host in Canada who is under assault and asked me for advice and I encouraged Meria to have Dooney on her show to talk about fighting back effectively when teh NSA/CIA/MI6/Mossadomite psi/electronic hordes interfere with us personally. Meria is interested but wants to see what Dooney’s coaching is all about, first.

I think there’s no need for any of us to succumb to these criminals.


I wrote a post last week commenting on those freaky circular patterns, and commenting on the huge storm events we had here in northern cal… unusually heavy wet, slippery no fun snow… lots of property damage… i think i mentioned HAArp in the post… i hit submit, it disappeared and was never found again…. i think i’m getting it.

i never met this man you speak of, but i feel bad that you lost another friend to the very simple tasks at hand… i say simple because it is direct, straightforward, and worthy.

Anyway, take care