Ever more ocean gifting

about three weeks ago, don and carol got their boat back from the manufacturer with a clean maintainence check and a repair made. it was on a sunday and we had a five gallon bucket of tbs.

i wasn’t sure where we were going but once clear of the jupiter inlet we headed north into previously gifted territory laying down a line of goods closer in to shore than previously by a mile or so in about 40 feet of water.

carol and i were just casually tossing while don was getting to know the boat again after its hiatus on land. i really didn’t know why we were taking that particular route but a little later don turned in towards shore changing vectors entirely. a minute later we saw huge dark dolphins heading south right near us. carol saw four and i saw two of them. they did not pause to greet us but disappeared entirely, not to be seen again. they were really moving and carol sensed they were on some mission.

straight ahead from there,we spotted some floating contraption that was anchored down that carol said had hardware suspended from it underwater. the whole deal was about a hundred feet long so we gifted the crap out of it! busted before it hit the bottom… how’s that for preemptive work?

we spotted another of the same things a half mile away and paid homage to better science there too. so THAT’S why we came this way!

we finished up the bucket on the way to stuart inlet, another successful hunt.

the following saturday was a mission with a plan. we had to check out the origins of the underwater dor sources spotted south and east of the jupiter inlet, also in previously gifted waters.

this time however we were quiite a bit further out than the previous line of orgonite. we clearly saw two seperate dor sources showing up above the surface of the ocean. anyone can see dor smog. it’s that brownish haze that gathers above and around a harmful source in an otherwise clear area.

if you continue gazing at the source area you will also be able to see a yellowish/ orangish/ brownish dome shaped energy at the point of the source. further gazing will show you pulses and whirls of blackish energy that looks similar to a cloud of locusts or bats or squiggles. it’s very distinct once you see it and it reads immediately of very negative energy, which immediately brings out the killer instinct. you can head right towards it watching it get bigger as you close in.

we were heading to one of those that carol picked up on when i looked up at the clouds directly overhead our destination and was stunned by the realism of the HUGE evil-ass face glaring angrily at us. the wide-eyed crofts’ jaws dropped simultaneously as we laughed hard at how much they didn’t want us to go after that target. man, that face looked painted and very realistic!

when we got to the area in need of gifting the fishfinder showed a steep drop from 120’ to over 350’! this was a big shelf and it turned out the targets were in a line along the underwater cliff. it makes sense they were there, too, overlooking , as it were, the gulfstream abyss. the fishfinder showed every tower there and the fish and dolphins showed up easily around the structures. they just can’t hide this stuff anywhere. we knocked out fifteen or more of those things, gifting until we could find no more, which was also about the same time we ran out of tbs.

there’s one more bad energy signature a little more southward which we will get soon but that day we were done and headed in through the palm beach inlet.

this past saturday the crofts and i went on a mission to nail an underground base we have known about for a while but hadn’t gotten to until this day. it is situated under a point of land which is the north-west corner of the national seashore on jupiter island. structurally it is a maybe three-quarter mile circular dike or berm about twenty-five feet high inside of which dredge spoils are occasionally pumped. it looks like the friggin’ moon in there- barren with no footprints and very few animal signs, except on the edges sometimes.

we were prepared for all contingencies as we did not look at it previously as it is watched closely. don brougt his little foldable mo-ped in case we needed to approach from further away.

our first landing choice was a no-go as the current was too much and there were too many watchers about on the north side. we circled down and around to the west and spotted a perfect tiny landing beach. about this time a helicopter shows up and flies over to some other boats temporarily out of sight.carol said they were looking for us but couldn’t see us. i had my trusty old succorpunch, but carol or don may have disappeared us with some yogi trick.

i strapped on the bag of earthpipes, hammer and tbs while don beached the boat commando style and i jumped out and climbed the hill in my bare feet- oops. up on the berm i encountered the moonscape and immediately set off on the circular perimiter down inside setting pipes and throwing tbs. i did this under a full trot. it was exceptionally creepy feeling running on that surface…. it felt like i was going to fall through on any one of my steps. strange energy there. really strange.

on one end of the area was an exposed steel structure that housed a drain system but there were also deeper shadows down under there. i didn’t hesitate too long as i did not want to be spotted in there.

the place is definitely overgifted with nine or ten earthpipes and a dozen towerbusters, but it will no longer give off the heinous black energy it had previously. don and carol picked me up and we got the hell out of there gifting the intracoastal on the way back to stuart boatlanding. i have still to go back and check the difference of the energy signature over that place.

i do want to comment how much better the water looks that comes out of the stuart inlet now. last year we or i posted about the health crisis in the st. lucie river and the outbreak of a case of flesheating bacteria caught by a woman on a jet ski. the health officials were in a quandry as to where it came from and finally came up with some explanation. the local fishermen were bemoaning the poor quality of the water environment, demanding action and answers.

this year you will hear nothing from any of them because their river was given back to them (and everyone in it) by we who gifted it so diligently.i’ve got a few more moves to do way upstream along with a nuke/electric plant, which will complete that job. right now any water that flows out of there gets orgone charged. maybe i should write the stuart news about it and see who tries to take credit for our work. then i will tell them the truth while i have their attention.